The Lessons of EDIN BO UR G- Fractal Lens:
Why so many ET's are behind the Gene / Bio Science - The DNA"phase shift" ( and Enki's karma) in Edinburgh.

(formerly published with : The FRACTAL FIELD: Redefining the FIELDS of Healing, Peacemaking, Genetic Self Organization, Bliss, Energy Science..- see New Hope Center in Edinbourg using Fractal Field Therapy - at link..)

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We add here a little bit of THE REST OF THE STORY - to our ET ORIGINS OF DNA + STAR WARS ON EARTH - ( suggested to be read after reviewing the central themes at ) - the below we learned in our recent conference and visit to...

(The lessons of..) Edinburgh.. EDIN BO UR G=(CNN Documentary:Scotland is the "Costa Del Sol" of World Proven Most Likely Places to see ALIENS! )

Edin: (as in 'Garden of')= a fractal capacitive field induced usually by shem dolmen whose paramagnetic piezoelectric is arranged in biologic recursion - whose field effect then electrically reduces cellular aging / promotes all seed germination and DNA growth. ( see , )

BO: the Bo-heme, Bo-gomite, Bo-lgaria, Bu-charresh, bloodline from ATUN / akhunaton / Moses/ Essene/ Benjaminic / Greek -Arcadia etc.. means PERFECT BRANCH (arc-aid) - like Scion, Scien-ce, Ion, John, Di-vine, fil/phil... literally 'a (fractal) chip off the old block'!

UR: Ancient Dragon / Drac bloodline (ibi-URu, UR-assa-el-m /Jerusalem etc..)

G: Place of Generation/ Genesis of..

First- a bit of the background: getting a sense of the ET interventionism in Earth DNA. Consider for example - the dialog: Nicki Molly NM ( technorealities at ) interviews Sterwart Swerdlow - compare to our discussion beginning with Swerdlow's Montauk derived ET history at
exerpt:THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION ...."The DNA of 22 alien species from this galaxy was blended to make him a unique ambassador to the Federation of Planets. ...-from SS. There was literally a program going on where they captured some personalities and placed them in families where they’d never be suspected and believe it. Some are coming to remember who they were. Many Nazis were placed into new bodies. I am meeting some. Not all in Jewish bodies, just a percentage. They’ve had this technology for a very long time and they use it for themselves. The Royal Family of Britain use it for themselves. They feign their deaths and go into their own descendants. They have amazing technology. Rigelians use it a lot. They clone a lot of bodies and capture soul personalities to put in. Any species can use it. This is Sirius A technology.

.......NM. Dr. R Boylan wrote of a secret space station positioned in orbit for thirty years and manned by Americans and Russians. There is also evidence of a US military interstellar spaceship called Starfleet International in the book Secrets of the Mojave by Branton. Do you have any information on these activities?

SS. Yes it has to do with the hybrid v the original reptilians. The hybrid is 50/50 reptilian and human. These are the shapeshifters e.g. the British royals. All the thirteen ruling families can do this, most from royalty. The Stewarts, Bruces etc. all the people allowed to go off world are blond blue eyed. The reason is blond, blue eyed are easily controlled by the reptilians. A neg. or AB neg. are the ones they choose. Most Pleiadian info is false, we have to be careful. The govt. uses it as disinformation.

NM. At age six you were onboard a small spacecraft and taken to a gigantic dark metallic space station platform floating in space. Earth was in view. Many kinds of spaceships were there and every type of being imaginable was inside it. Are two space stations positioned just beyond earth - one US/Russian and one for the Federation of Planets of this galaxy?

SS. Yes. The Federation of Planets is actually a support system for the refugees of the Lyrean civilization and the Lyreans were attacked and destroyed by the reptilians. This is when the Lyreans colonized all the other star systems and this is when the reptilians came after them.

NM. Do you know which aliens are involved with the US govt. space travel ? It is said that the Illuminati, global govt. controllers, The Bilderbergers and Freemasons are in league with beings from Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and in the Cancer constellation.

SS. The reptilians and Draconians and their allies from the Draco star system are with the Illuminati. The technology is from Sirius A. There are no reptilians in the Sirius system. They are from Draco and Orion. The Sirians are their allies. Tall humanoid, seven ft, white skin, very blue eyes, no hair, long pointy nose and large pointed ears. The Illuminati are descendants of the reptilians. In the Pleiades there are seven stars and sixteen different civilizations....
NM. On the alien space station you were taken to, many different species communicated with you by telepathy. A reptilian defector from its council, said its species invaded earth thousands of years ago and live underground. He said another ship is destined to arrive and invade earth. It is said reptilians have the DNA of a 2 legged earth saurian and they claim earth as their original home. Which species have connections with earth or human genes?

SS. No such thing. All life was either made here or brought from elsewhere. Nothing is natural to the earth. The earth was originally very hostile to life, not the way it is now. Adam and Eve is an allegorical story about how life was made here. Reptilians are androgynous. so the Adam and Eve story was about how the reptilian body was broken into male and female components. Every single human on earth is considered to be an alien. No life was originally from here. Neanderthals were a prototype human, created and wiped out. Replaced by Cro Magnon, also destroyed and replaced by Homo Sapiens. Archeology shows they were replaced immediately. No connection between the two.

NM. You said the alien space station, a small dark haired human represented the Federation of Planets, in this galaxy and that earth would be asked to join if successful in repelling the reptilian invasion force. What type of weapons do the reptilian aliens have? SS. The only problem with HAARP and particle beams is that the Illuminati control them. So if anyone tried to help us they wouldn’t be able to get past these weapons (going around the Illuminati.) Aliens have different forms of laser weapons and nuclear fusion weapons. Or sonic weapons that can crack your skull. One takes all the liquid out of your body.

NM. This representative said each species you encountered contributed to your DNA. Because of this each group would accept you, and that you had training for this in many galaxies and alternate universes. Can you recall the type of training?

SS. The Federation of Worlds is like the United Nations. The reptilian structure is an empire. The training I got had a lot to do with hyperspace- an underlying energy that pervades all things. It’s a mental language consisting of color, tone and symbols. Everyone can access this as its a part of everyone’s mind pattern.

NM. Your genetically diverse body contains chemicals needed by the grays to upgrade their degenerating genetics. Your body was presented to them as a token of hope and peace. They were apparently once human too, and needed to correct their genetic errors and become independent of reptilians and recreate the old civilization. Should we help the grays, a dying species, breeding hybrids from humans?

SS. Let me explain about the grays. They are an artificial race. If you put a picture of a gray next to a picture of a human fetus, they are identical. Grays are human fetuses grown to larger proportions, which is why they don’t have a good hormonal system, digestive system or sexual organs. They are not even a real people, just an artificial creation.

NM. You’ve got several segments of alternate selves that must come together before the heart of your mission begins. Do you feel an enormous power within to change the world?

SS. Not any more. I will educate and tell them what I know, but its up to them.

NM. In your recurring nightmares as a teenager, grays and uniformed men tormented you, painfully removing all they could from your body with their probes and tubes. Which dimension was this in and do nightmares continue in any other dimension?

SS. It happens in this dimension, the physical earth and it also happens in many alternate realities i.e. the abductions. There are many alternate realities that work in conjunction with each other towards the same goal. There is a hierarchy of control that seeks to dominate. You could call them Luciferian forces. My dreams are still nightmares very often. They seek to change our DNA into reptilian DNA. They are human and reptilian and are at odds with each. Both trying to dominate and they fight. The hybrids have reptilian mind pattern. So when Jupiter becomes a second sun, earth will be more conductive to a reptilian environment. They require a lot more toxic atmosphere, hotter dryer, less vegetation. They eat live animals. Reptilians already control earth. The Illuminati are creating a new type of empire elsewhere in the universe, with earth as its capital. The headquarters of the colonies. Strategically located.

NM. At age 17, you met your off world children in a spaceship - hybrids of yourself and the grays, in the presence of a tall blond and humans dressed in military uniforms. Did you find out how many hybrid children you have produced beyond earth now and where they went?

SS. I may have dozens of children, but they were used for experiments. I have a high sperm count and they used it to create children. I don’t see them but I have seven of my own, I do see. You can consider them to be hybrids.
NM. You mentioned that Montauk researchers physically took a body from a bedroom or other locations, bending time and space, so that no time passed for the victim or those around him, sending anyone to local present, to different locations on earth. Or even send someone off world or to the past or future.

SS. This is simple really because every point in time and space has a unique vibratory rate. If you can match that rate, you can instantaneously be there. So they can be anywhere without any time passing. NM. Also scientists can map the various points in time and space to travel easily between them, placing receivers at common destination points, fixing signals to make connections easier.

SS. Those are called stargates. When they map points in time and space, they can send an anchor, a device which is a stargate which connects the two points. You can go anywhere in the universe at an instant, bodily. Teleportation disassembles and reassembles and is transmitted electronically. This is something else. A stargate takes two points in space and brings them together.

NM. Is this why they are making time portals on the gridline sensitive areas using hyperdimensional physics covertly? Is control of this coming from Montauk with their reptilian/gray alien partners?

SS. Yes. The dimensional doorways are not being controlled by Montauk now, but by Area 51. But there are new centers in eastern Utah and western Colorado, next to each other. They are connected to other places by tunnel. They are actually connected to the Mars underground. But they can do it from anywhere, they just need the vibratory rate. At Pine Gap they keep blood samples of everyone on the planet and what they do is radionically treat the samples all in one spot to affect everyone on the planet. They can get into souls and control everyone, because they have their blood. It is connected to Ayer’s Rock a remnant of Lemuria. There is a vast underground that connects Pine Gap to all these places and they are bringing blood samples, bombarding them with diseases to get rid of them.

NM. Do you think the present manipulation of the world gridlines is a continuation and repeat opening of old time tunnels and dimensional doorways from very ancient more technological times?

SS. They are designed to alter the genetics of the earth’s inhabitants on the morphogenetic grid. Just like humans have energy centers, earth has chakras. If they enter into a certain part of the grid, it will filter out to the rest of the population. They are using crop circles. Brookhaven National Labs are doing these by satellite. It’s hyperspace language. They are from the Illuminati to alter DNA. It travels along the ley lines and radiates energy into the surface of the earth and every living thing on it is affected. They are opening up reptilian genetics to open control programs that are genetically programmed into people. People have been programmed for thousands of years. It’s to open reptilian in all people. They would be more easily controlled, due to being on the same wavelength.

NM. What are your thoughts on the manipulation of human consciousness in its relation to space/time by the present covert operation of the US govt. in collaboration with their alien scientific superiors?

SS. To create a unified robot like race for intergalactic domination. If you’ve seen the Borg on Star Trek, that’s what they have in mind for your future. All people under one control. Reptilians do not change over millions of years. Time is meaningless to them. They have all the time in creation to do this. It looks like they are pretty much there. They will stage events for the outcome they desire. If you learn to control your own mind pattern, then noone else can control you, so you are your own savior. Everyone is connected to God Mind. So therefore you have every power in you. You have to learn this.
(end exerpt of Stewart Swerdlow interview by Nicki Molloy)

All this variously labelled Drac / Annunaki interventionism needs to be understood in context with a long term genetic evolution perspective.

This leads us to our example of WHY the ET Drac's use EDIN BO UR G... ( - The local EDIN-BO-UR-G city council sets up the which is ALL - BIOENGINEERING- You'd think they would care about the physics of DNA getting soul??- They are fools!) They are trying to use ANcient magnetic maps of charge compression on the land- (El gate 'Ruta' is the HORSE map-below pic etc. ) - to ignite the tragically non-implosive/ non gravity making / Nephalim / fallen DNA they suffer from. `

Compare to what a parasite IS genetically: no DNA implosion - no electrical self direction by charge suction - as removed by Implosion- in the above medical discussion. Following this logic ultimately - you can see WHY: If you have no bliss / no compassion (no perfected charge compression in EKG/DNA) - this is what MAKES you a parasite!

We reprint here from Buehler (William Buehler - -also Shamir archives) the EL GATE map of the (Ancient Dragon / phase shifting / potentially DNA igniting!) charge compression at Edinburgh:

also see Buehler's - Rosslyn Scottish Templar Chapel: Deep Mystery?

Andrew Hennessy, , ,
- meeting with us kindly at Roslyn - explaining that he had no particular objection to the fact -( as with so much of the Rosslyn environment - where the former director of the Roslyn Chapel trust is the man who cloned DOLLY THE SHEEP NEXT DOOR-) that his small birth town - near there -was almost in it's entirety - a genetic experiment by the Draco's. He had verified that with his Mother and Father's almost identical birth dates and details. Having met both impressive and scary Drac's personally - he believes very strongly that the high Draco's (we sometimes call Ciakar / winged Drac, or ARKON - perhaps the winged Seraphim - Ophanic / Ptera / Quetzlcoatel idea- Enki's mothers line/ Paa Taal/PTah ?) - who administer the forced reincarnation of souls here trying to graduate- do so IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY OUR GOVERNMENTS MIGHT ADMINISTER A PRISON HOSPITAL. He claims to have personally met those who remember causing interstellar war being condemned to incarnate on Earth for 're-education'.

This view of a repeated choice to genetic engineer a slave species to parasite - on hundreds of planets - by the Drac empire - (of which the Sumerian genetic engineering of Adam and Eve- is only a recent example) - is ENTIRELY consistent with Michael Tsarion - (Celtic shaman historian) - reporting that the reason the Enlil / Amun / Yalweh clampdown on the evolution and growth of his 'crop' of humans (Jewish 'chosen') - was so vicious - was precisely because the previous experiments (Lemuria etc) and lifewaves of genetic crop experiments had all rebelled and escaped. You should listen to him tell this story in detail.

The point - I choose to emphasize here - is that if you listen to many of these sincere sources of real ET DNA origins - info, a really COHERENT picture begins to emerge. It was amazing how Andrew- with his VERY sophisticated and personally interfaced (his Scottish Atlantis / Scottish UFO group has the BEST UFO pics- they inFEST the area).. view of the Drac ET interventionism - was able to seriously consider WHY those same ET's really KNEW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THE PHYSICS OF WHAT PUTS A "SOUL" IN DNA: The ability to absorb charge in BLISS in such a way as to recursively braid the DNA fusion core to the point of charge implosion - this ignites a superluminal wormhole / tornado / soul thru the DNA zipper core - where the resultant holy communion of charge - is "DNA RADIO"... and measureably GRAVITY MAKING - see: - THIS EMPOWERMENT is the ultimate WAY OUT (lucid dreaming / shamanic star navigating / KA /BO launching / star inhabiting / Sun God making / Death surviving ) - to the Drac / fallen parasiting on our DNA. Remember always- the goal is not always so much as to SHOOT THE PARASITE - but rather - to learn it's lessons. ( Ensouling DNA: , ).

The big picture is actually rather simple. There is a reason Thoth and his 'Nine'- showed up behind Joyce on stage in Edinburgh... (thanks so much Michael for seeing this clairvoyantly) - You are invited to first read how the ANNUNAKI NINE became the Egyptian Ennead / Hopi Peshmehten / Orion Stargate . and doorway thru death - of Palenque's and Dante's NINE - the educator NINE committee who instructed Star War's writer at Phylis Shlemmer's etc- all literally the ATUN / Tom of Enki's family karma - do READ the story at .

It was richly ironic when Andrew turned to us and exclaimed ... - when we asked him what Enki's (Thoth / DAVID / dwd /twt / Hermes/ Sumerian Ningishidda) karma would look like now?? and he said that EDINBURGH IS THE PERFECT PICTURE OF ENKI'S KARMA!

Please imagine the scene ( An addend to my 'Return of Enki' book)... These fallen DNA- Drac's (black sheep of the family UR / Assa-sera-phi-m)- of which the Annunaki were a local / Sirian branch - running from the Orion war- star systems blowing up - chased by the Drac core culture. They knew that the very DNA inside Enki was illegal ( his Pta- paa-taal - Rigelian blue blood / khem / winged mother..secret marriage to Sirian Antu was not approved by Drac committee.. see "Dune" &- 'Empire Strikes Back').. The ruthless Drac families had been gene splicing up crops of local planet genepools across the stars for millenia - to eat. (The GREYS are an earlier example of our rapidly developing fate- after fallen Drac genetic intervention the race becomes soulless and home planet dead of atmosphere). All the while - their Drac DNA was getting closer and closer to complete electrical collapse (no implosion / no bliss). So the very thing that made their DNA economically viable - the ability to use it for gravity making ('Guild Star Navigators' got the big salary in Gold Powder commerce) / immortality / and implosively charge attracting in general - was precisely what they were losing. Enki represented the last gasp of the losing humanoid POLIS (politics names the bio-charge field coherence).. to put a bullet in the metallic galactic machine culture - who were destroying and desertifying planets wholesale.

They get here, and as Tsarion points out - the Sumerian genetic experiment to make Adam and Eve- was NOT the first disastrous attempt. Previous slave made gene groups had rebelled out of the Drac 'Matrix' (Hebrew alphabet's tetra cube / genetic control software). HOWEVER there was one slight difference in that attempt (the Sumerian genetic intervention later mistranslated into our 'Bible'). (We attempt a little species wide re-birthing therapy here.. conception for the species was rape). When Enki raped the Cro-Magnon for the egg - to put with his sperm into his half sister's Draco womb - to make the takADAMa (ADAM: donkey/borg from orion).. he chose the Cro-Mag's precisely BECAUSE HE SAW THAT SPECIES UNIQUELY EXHIBITING COMPASSION FOR OTHER ANIMALS!?

What this tells us if we read behind the lines- was that the reason this RHesus Monkey (the OPPOSITE of the UK's RH-neg 'heartless' blood) was so dominant over the recessive (Queen eLIZ) DNA (poor lizzies always having to inbreed) - was that in the PASSIONATE MONKEY the implosive / ensouling / compassion-compression triggering phase conjugate DNA RADIO (CAUSE of COMPASSION) was still working!! (little bit of soul here - what Michael/Yalweh and his Drac / Grey's always look for when selecting only lucid dreamers and indigenous DNA to abduct ).

So the reason, later our shaman (the OTHER Michael) - saw that Thoth and his 'Nine' literally had their BACKS UP TO THE WALL in Edinburgh- points to their central role in the KARMA OF ENKI. (The REASON Edin-bo-ur-g exists). Enki and his son Ningishiddha (Thoth / Hermes / Quetzlcoatel- later the ATUN line naming AkunATUN and his subsequent alias MOSES)- had taken on some pretty serious galaxy karma when they so cavalierly hacked up our local Cro Magnon blood ( as Innana Returns confesses):

1. The genetics of Enki /Atun himself were highly illegal in the vicious Drac culture (his Blue Blood KHEM Rigelian / Archon 'reverend' mother- was not granted a permit to mate with Sirian Antu- such potent DNA could threaten the Drac starships of war).

2. It was stricly illegal in the Annunaki's own star navigating codes - to interfere grossly with indigenous DNA - their ancestral wisdom was clear (as reported in Sumerian) - star navigating impulse (they barely understood the concept of ensoulment) would suffer.

3. (By using his own sperm) The potency of the Drac Annunaki bloodline in Enki himself would fractionate / weaken: The Sumerian Annunaki rule was crystal clear: their (Annunaki) women could RECEIVE alien blood sperm but NEVER could the Annunaki males give sperm to Alien (this would fractionate the dreaming implosive branch charge of the DNA - good mystery to study here for you advocates of Matriliny: WHY is egg making more fractal than sperm making: Incarnating your charge in an egg {humpty's dump} is more likely to keep immortality memory but LESS likely to experience extreme individuation- very much like the difference between female vs male kundalini. REMEMBER the splitting of the Drac Seraphim bloodline from Androgyne into sexes was a primary CAUSE of the original conflict and fall from Seraphim Dragon to Nephalim DRAC! ).

4. Altho Enki (Atun/EA/Merk..) got special permission from Dad 'Antu' back on Sirius A- against the vote of his murderous half brother Enlil/Yalweh/Michael/Amun - to do the gene hacking to make Adam and Eve -(because of the Gold Powder addiction / mining slave emergency) - they were NOT told he would use his own sperm. So shocked were they at his ability to ignore the rules, they demanded a later specimen (Enoch) be returned to URion for inspection / indoctrination (see hURtak=drac of orion.."Don't look in my beady eyes, just OBEY MY HIERARCHY").

5. The previous leM-UR-ion Lemurian genetic experiment by the Drac's had completely rebelled and exited their Matrix enslavement. So - strict rules of the type Enki ignored - were in place about new unauthorized genetic branching.

All of this means that trying to sneak some really psycho-kinetic DNA into the EA's EArth slave colony - was a VERY politically explosive hot-potato from the perspective of his off planet Draco masters. They had already seen what happens when a lucid dreaming humanoid gets messing with the controls of a Draco starship- and for that NO amount of techno borg electronic hardwired culture (read it and weep George Bush) has any defense. ( George - is soon going to need to increase his Nazi inspired control of groups (like Monroe) teaching "Lucid Dream / Remote Viewing". While CNN today reports record 45% of Americans now blame George Bush for 9/11).

.. and another TIMELY note... Some may have studied how TIME (rotation embedding) must be fractal to create mind, self organization, synchronicity, and 'time lords'. ( , also book: 'Spiral Calendar') . MANY sources confirm that event histories AND genepools on Earth must refit their timelines into implosive fractality - if they are to have ANY hope of emerging from chaos.

- Useful ET / Sumerian example of this: The Atu-Waa describes necessary {implosive climax?} reboot of TIME - central to the ET war here on Earth.. (See Amitakh Stanford who says it ONLY works if you DESERTIFY first! - her Vulturites vs Reptoids- AKU vs DRAKU?) Without the struggle thru the crysallis imploding 'worm'hole worms never become butterflies. Compare this to the "time ‘black box’ controlling the KOALA time lock near Golden, Colorado. KOALA is the counter-. balance of Montauk, . ('Koala') Also described at Templar Agenda of the Repair of the (Fractal??) FABRIC OF TIME.- William Buehler - -also Shamir archives.. NOTE - how the PRIMARY source of info for 'Koala' , The William Buehler Templar info , and the SPIRITUAL ORIGINS OF SCOTLAND (AkunATUN Daughter "Scotta" originates SCOTLAND) - are ALL from - Maia and Simeon communicating they say with THOTH - ( see buehler link above +also the REAL STORY of the NINE) .

The 'Atu-Waa' and 'Koala' stories above - merely serve to underline how parasite DNA (=fallen Drac) finds an unpassable line in the sand - when fractal implosion (like the solar 'orgasm' / solar wind maxima Catholics call the rapture - checking for compressibility) sorts for which blood can enter the BLISSFUL world of ensouled communion. (Imagine the woes of the oxygen avoiding - reincarnated Nephalim/Dracs who shapeshifted into US Senators bodies {similar to media's Murdoch / and Raylynn's Russbacher} to vote for HAARP to try to isolate themselves from the Solar wind that dooms their lo grade DNA). Notice that the Atu-Waa story agrees with my intuition that we will not need to wait for 2012, that the 2007-2008 is in fact the turning point. Genepools that have not enabled compression - will in fact turn to toast around that time. (Everything not fractal feels the HEAT from the compression which boots up DNA). I would agree with all the predictions that the majority of Earth's DNA will not survive the next few years- emphasizing the need to depart from cities and coastlines - looking for caves, shelter, community and self sufficiency now.

A note here to all the poor kids deluded by Jose Arguelles. Again - the only reason to study Maya was to learn the symmetry of Solar fusion. And the only reason to learn Solar physics is to learn about the fusion (both centered in Hydrogen symmetry) that BLISS creates in blood. So - without the hygiene (Jose has been a sad example of addiction) - live enzyme happy DNA diet, yoga, and fractal charge environment - no amount of Mayan art or letters to the pope telling THAT parasite his calendar is a mistake, are going to help. Getting phase locked to fractal fusion in time (rotation defines time and mass creation - fractality in both define consciousness + life itself : birth of 'time lord') - is a physics hopelessly beyond poor Jose. Access to ground (for electricians, psychologists and TIME LORDS) is access to (charge rotation) fractality by perfect embedding (phase lock). You would be well to study Maurice Cotterell "Tutankhamon Prophecies"- for intro to real solar physics + the fractal calendrics of biological fertilization.