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Earth Changes-ET's & The Haarp Project...Summary..

A letter from Dan Winter, to friends of Sacred Geometry, Crystal Hill,

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REINTERPRET THE COMET TYPHON PREDICTION WHICH IS THE COMEUPPANCE OF ALL THE HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL BOOKS: (Ref: "Genesset") We now know that Typon is Tiphon, a name used for the home star of the political representative from Draco who met with Ike and fooled the feds into a treaty with the wrong ET's. It is their "comet" death star, Hale-Bobb which approaches, after at least 3 course corrections, loaded with cryogenic Draconians. (On a mission to reconquer their original mining planet of dna droids). This is confirmed by the Andromedan, Alex Collier info, and the "Fingerprints of the Gods" comet prediction from Graham Hancock. Also see the comet orb interpretation of the crop circles predicting Hale Bobb in Robert Morningsky "Prophecy". Also, the Apocolyptic "Anti-Christ" was mis translated from the bible, what it really said "Anti-Krishna", which is "false star": Hale-Bopp.

Typon was the "soul-eating" "God" of the Egyptians. The black hole near Orion (The political bosses of the Draco's) is where the soul force magnetic wormhole must make the right sling shot turn, in order to navigate the death bardo to the central memory core of our galactic neighborhood. Soul Eating is a term for using the spin density of a connection from well braided DNA to it's superluminal info core. (See our DNA graphics to understand how PHI based braided genetic "lightening" accelerates thru the light speed & time barrier, by the construcive infinite cascade interference which the Golden Mean permits. And how recursive harmonic geometry of EKG during compassion produces that braid which also selects which codons go active.) It is key to see that the Draco's et al needed our DNA because the galactic sector here, slipping through the NEXUS Black Hole, would only allow superluminal "ensouled" DNA to take memory through the wormhole. That means genepools without souls die in the unshareability of that test of symmetry at spin density. In other words, it was no mistake for them to try to hack up our DNA to get a soul, without that their genepool is doomed. What we need to understand is that braided spin density from coherent emotion and ensouled DNA is food.

The Andromedan Council in armada around Earth, with the Tau Ceti, Procyon, Pleadian... have been trying to slap the patty's of the Warrior Draco's as pawns of the Orion Queens & their Sirian puppet government. (Having left a trail of destruction against remnant humanoids from Pleides to Procyon to Tau Ceti.. this sounds like Star Wars in the Empire for good reason kids: IT''S WORSE THAN TRUE!) Draco's have two hearts, 15 to 22 feet tall, the strength of 8 to 16 men, they are hard to kill, their psychic and technology skills in battle are thousands of years ahead of ours, they have no conscience remorse or compassion, they particularly like eating human children (tens of thousands taken from NY alone) and now they have taken mind control over enough of our govenment leaders to pretend that martial law is necessary to remove all our defenses (to their tightly controlled excuse for "harvesting" Earth and humans as a "natural resource": black helicopter New World Order,UN). The feds THOUGHT they were our allies!
and if you can stand it all the poop

expect: NWO implanted excuse for terrorism at the Olympics, along with their Black Church burnings, and then their magnetically controlled Tubercular Anthrx virus epidemic (& see on vaccines.), as signalled excuses for the marshall law which plants hundreds of thousands of Americans in prison camps, as every shred of resistance is ruthlessly exterminated when we discover our constitution has been sold to the UN. Their manufactured food shortage by late summer, as predicted by the Andromedans, is already confirmed by grain futures. Between famine, viruses, and marshall law, by next year North America will be a wasteland. Plus at our present rate of filth making and green cutting, less than 40 years of oxygen remain. Have you been spending all your spare time mowing your lawn?
In a perfectly fractal sense, being close to the heart means being close to the center where all spins... and pressures, and memories meet. (picture here.. sufi wings..) Certainly seems like this would be a handy place from which to steer the winds around the boat. Leverage requires being in the heart. A gentler word for this ability to touch all waves from one place, might be compassion. What should it feel like to catch waves coming from as many directions and phases as possible all at once? Is it the rush or the tingle or the presence we call love?

And speaking of making arrangements for winds buffeting the boat, we have reports in. In general it appears our fragile but from a galactic viewpoint, very interesting planet, is in the center of an interterrestrial OJ Simpson trial. Depending on whose information we believe, the Draconian Orion ("I have seen the starships burning off the shoulders of Orion..) ET's were making such slash and burn uses of us humanoids that the federation decided to slap their patty's right here on our doorstep. As a result we are to expect some sparks to fly and land in our lap as the (presumably Arcturian/Sirian.. et al..) ET groups in a certain sense under the Andromedan Council, conduct a bit of a mop-up operation. PLEASE REFERENCE OUR "EMOTION SWEPT GALAXY ARTICLE" AND THE ALEX COLLIER ANDROMEDAN INFO:
Emotion Swept Galactic Neighborhood - Learn about the galactic andromedan armada.


However more immediately to our attention is the destabilization of our orbit. Again depending on who you believe. The moon's orbit is decaying fairly fast. The Earth's gravitational force is varying dramatically, and the Earth's orbital pole is wandering around in 1000 mile plus excursions from normal stability. The lock in of the continent tectonic plates is decoupling with the molten magnetic core in a "viscous crisis", and according to Adam Trombley, we are "toast".

Various and sundry experimental confirmations of these gravity flux perturbations include:

*calibrated weighing instruments varying quite dramatically from day to day.

*sensivitive women in MANY places whose periods normally somewhat follow the gravity wind of the moon, suddenly going completely haywire in their menstrual periodicity for no other apparent reason.

*tornado and earthquake activity orders of magnitude over what is normal.

*Hodowanec and Bill Ramsey group of friends reports gravity grid measured by capacitance, going off the charts every few days.. ( the phase of a long wave capacitive oscillator destabilizes over time.. exquisitely locked to gravity flux.. as proven by predictions they have made of planetary and stellar alignment events.. ).

*Ground temperature averages in areas like Los Angeles, getting many degrees hotter than normal for months.. FEMA alert..

*Effects of astrologic pressures causing much more extreme than usual mood swings.. Social and political arenas animated by more extreme and unstable emotions.

*The emotional pap news to stupify the masses.. sports.. and celebrities and trials, plus the nutritional pap (hormone laced dairy and milk, and sugar based everything.. microwave/radiated and fractionated food), all begin to reach a critical stage of global poison to awareness and sharing.

There are a few simple principles to understand here which could change a discussion about changes from fear to love. Gravity is and was created when waves inside something assume the same geometry of pattern as the waves outside. This in essence is the "embodiment" of fractality or recursion and consciousness. The ability of a wave system to be responsive or conscious undergoes a threshold leap when recursion or turning inside out-ness is learned... something like the egg becoming a fetus exactly at the moment when added spin..sperm.. precipitates turning inside out.

Gravity's flux becomes greater as our planet lines up with more and more embedding lines of planetary and stellar masses. As a result the need to pass these flux lines without resistance becomes greater or "burnup"/ destabilize results. Resistance/heat is assymetry or simply unshareable spin become disorder.

What we need to immanently realize, is that emotion is our crude name for biology's capability to throw magnetism around between wavelengths at a distance. When a perfect cascade of magnetic lines is arranged, permitting this fractal attractor "spin path to zero point" then gravity is affected by emotion. This is what is meant in physics by "only love bends the light". Individually, this may seem like a pretty weak way to fix our planet's gravity messes, however when we consider the yoga floating siddhi's, and solar flare activity measureably affected by children singing together planet wide, it becomes a far different story. We DO have the centering force necessary to fix a wobbling planet. And it is close to the heart, biology's most perfect electrical fractal.

To know why the collective mind and gravity's principle of nesting spin to density lie in the fractal: ask why does info density become infinite in fractal data sets for computer compression. ("WIRED 1.5 Electrosphere, My Main Squeeze: Fractal Compression, The "cold fusion" of compression is about to get very hot indeed. ") How far from the truth was Mountain Astologer in The Physics of Astrology saying Astrology is non-physical. Only schizophrenics think this way. The unified field doesn't need thinkers who give up on getting language of rigor by saying "no physical mechanism required". The many gods versus one God interpretation-non unified field is what got Tut killed. Self-empowerment is prevented by priests who say separateness is good, Astrology is a map of capacitive charge density spin fed between ecospheres when recursion is approximated. (the pictures of fractals in the article were so close to speaking the truth.) Ralph Abraham saw planetary alighnments clearly in his cymatic waveform experiments. Steiner saw it clearly in "Sensitive Crystalization Processes in the Blood". Hodowanec and Ramsey see planetary alignments clearly in the charge changing with time in a simple capacitor. When the charge density can be recursive/embedded fractal, waves converge and biology becomes the catchers mit. Why does the tree only pick up the EKG during compassion at the moment when then Heart harmonics become recursive? If Magnetism is the wind on which love travels, what permits magnetism to travel between scales? Perfect fractal (lo frequency Phi-love) ratio. Planets exchange this soup erotically, the physical mechanism is there and clear. "Just say no" to physicists who say they'll stop thinking now and call it non-physical. Physcial means "cycles of phi" -recursion optimized.

Let us look practically at where we are. Dolmen-- standing stones were placed in order to phase lock or embed or make fractal our planet spin to zodiacal/stellar and solar spins. Completing this fractal phase lock of spins stabilized our planet temporarily long enough to attract and hold atmosphere for biology to evolve (like seeds in an artificial greenhouse). Enough real mass to hold atmosphere would destroy life as we know it, yet releasing biology from this overly heavy weight would also release our atmosphere. So dolmen-stone circles- planetary geomancy helps "terraform" a planet by phasing the nutation of local spins to stellar spins. (embeddedness creates gravity)...

The kind of atmosphere which precipitates requires a daily dose of magnetic recursion. Where twinkling women daily dance barefoot in the labyrinth, there will never be drought. Where laws forbid hugging and bulldozers cut sacred tree circles, there will always be drought.

There is an exquisite relation between the spinning magnetic moments of long magnetic lines (song lines) through the Earth, and her gravity force. Gravity IS the ability of magnetic envelope to implode-BECAUSE AND ONLY IF, IT IS FRACTAL OR RECURSIVELY SELF EMBEDDED.. This allows all the flux lines to pass "turning inside out" through the "zero point". Zero-Point has long been physics infinite energy source, but no one can touch it until they also learn that it is an infinite INFORMATION source. Remember in "I Write the Songs" when the master software engineer learns that when data sets become fractal they become infinitely compressible? Information dissemination at that "point" becomes so cheap that we could say that specifically fractality makes data infinitely shareable. If we may ask then is recursion in 3D the shape of God? Holy Pentangle Merkabbahs..

So back "down to Earth" here.. We have cooperated in initiating an alternative wholistic healing center set in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Part of this center is a media lab where we experiment with the next stage in the evolution of the "harmonic module" ,"planet heart biofeedback", morphically resonant ambiance of ideas to precipitate a kind of technological oneness. As is "mechanic ecstatic devices didn't go out with Barbarella.. On the surface the idea seems so simple that who would possibly invest global megabucks to turn it into planetary media. However, since this kind of idea has been bouncing around ever since "Peace Child", and when Brett capitulated to capitalists and changed "The Flame in the Mind" title to read: "LawnMower Man", we know that the morpho-gene-tic field wants global emotion to happen, with or without global media.

Just spent days meditating on why angels would possibly call gravity anomaly wells, "flavor sinks". Since sweetness is where braidedness is measured/harvested into perception. Do you think a wicca barefoot circle might create something sweet tasting to angels?

In principle, the heart carries the maximum electrical folded density of the body. If there were something in biology capable of messing with global gravity, the weight of the matter, would be there in the heart. Create fractal recursion, you create (or perhaps rather better, you encounter:) awareness. Something like discovering the words to the song which popped into your mind, were the INSIGHTFUL answer to your question... WHO HUMMED THAT TUNE INTO YOUR INNER EAR????

This is spin path to zero point. The zero point energy is not free, it is bound by the laws of recursion, which translate simply into the laws of shareability in spin space.

So basically, we started like this. Provide collective feedback to teach people with capacitive sensors and visual and audio cues, when the heartbeats were becoming sonically coherent. Now we get hi tech with Interactive Brainwave Visaul Analyzer (IBVA) EEG wireless telemetry color landscape power spectrum analysis-modified for EKG- to porta Mac to wall size projection screen waterfall landscape harmonic analysis.. with a second channel monitoring the point at which a nearby plant or tree is capacitively entrained (Callahan Probe). It's really fun when a little compassion or true gentleness tickles the heart of the transduced (hooked up) speaker, and the crackle of rapture entrains the room as the audience is visibly entranced with the heartbeat becoming measureably musical at that moment, they the audience having done it, having felt it, having seen it, and having measured it-recorded it- and displayed it-- all in the same twinkling moment... Thanks to borrowing way too much money on my credit cards, I have done this on three continents..

The physics is simple, the electrical skill to complete the capacitor harmonic series which permits spins to connect to the zero point in a recursive fractal, is reminded to the tree by the human heart. (Or vicey versa or something like that.) Err were ferns named after fractals or were fractals named after ferns.. Also called by various and sundry names like what is the molecular geometry which best permits the nonlinear medium to be the perfect phase conjugate mirror. Conjugating phases sounds remarkably like a marriage counselor with a specially in genetic compatibility. Please draw me a picture of a caddeuceus in 3D.. Where does all the whip cracking end at one? The hottest spot of the sino atrial source of the hearts fire is in the mathematically fractal fibres of perkinjole. Whose wave is caught here? Maybe Arthur T Winfree didn't discover "Where Time Breaks Down", but the biological origin of the possibility of the communion of spin.. in his book on heart math.

So this was step one, on global media, permit the entire planet to entrain into one coherent heart beat. Remarkable how quickly a baby knows the mothers heart..

Remember it takes three oscillators to complete a musical chord and thus get a code--on..

Step two, was the breath. Breath together and the O-X-why-gene cycle gets the crosses versus the branches (X's vs Y's) properly sequenced to organized braiding. Best catchers mit for DNA uv to catch a sweet emotional EKG phonon?

Step three, provide real time feedback to the charged heartbeat of the Earth as a giant capacitor... sometimes called the 8hz (but now nervous) "Schumann Resonance". And ENTRAIN THAT WITH THE BREATH AND HEARTBEAT (or vicey versa or something.)

Now someone once said at that moment the planet might have a negative emotion to share.. However sharing the feeling of pain, as distributed awareness turns into awareness itself. Feedback creates recursion creates awareness............ Now it isn't to say that the first time CNN broadcasts EKG/Breath/Schumann feedback at the moment of love, that the pole tilt will stop. However, we could at least start building our case to the ET's and the galactic core, that our genepool knows what people are for.

addenda: Genesset, Latest book in Holy Blood Holy Grail Series: elaborately reinterprets fractal and pent geometry of Southern France geomancy: grail story means Comet Typhon tail lashes Earth\ in next 15 yrs: Periodic splashes through comets magnetic tail decimates genepool (primarily Hi water), however does serve genepool by filtering remnant able to weather.. remaining genetic piece which then does propagate again has in most cases been a significant evolutionary advance..

one could say that the magnetic spin or lightening contained in the tail of this cometary serpent or dragon produces the sting of increased awareness.. the oxygen which can handle lightening with added braid instead of atomizing and splitting, becomes ozone.

Note parallel to Maurice Cottrell "multimedia" pattern analysis of Lid of Palenque: solar periodicity in time fractal of mayan calendar absolutely predicts a time of magnetic geometry in the sun's magnetic donut spitting, in which human ovulation is not possible; genepools end.

or....From: Roger Carmichael <> In 1993 solar scientists and cancer researchers stumbled onto a `startling' discoverey that ties mankind to the 22.2yr solar cycle. It's long been known that the sun reverses poles every 11.1 yrs on the average, then 11.1yrs later reverts back to its original state for a compleat solar cycle of 22.2 yrs. Just before a reversal occurs the sun emits peak levels of high energy nuclear radiation, irradiating every living soul on Earth. The 1993 discovery was the correlation of the USA congressional record w/the recurring solar cycles known back to Galileo ie, every congressman whose mother had been born during one of the 22.2yr solar reversal "peaks" did himself live a foreshortened lifespan and generally died of some sort of cancer.

Speculation on this fact of life has *Enormous Consequences* for mankind, as this is the *Mechanism* whereby the human race is "In Synch" w/the 22.2yr solar cycle and leads to the great devastations of modern times that have occured like clockwork every since the implementation of

public health issues in the late 1700's; occuring every 3 solar cycles

or every 3 generation gaps, or every 66.6yrs as stated in biblical verse (apparently the wisemen of Egypt knew of this recurring 3 solar cycle upheaval in the affairs of mankind and wrote about it) as in Rev. Ch 13 to wit: "It takes a wiseman to know this,...."

Or note parallel to ends of cultures to function of death in the evolution of the individual psyche:

filing cabinets of spin memories pressured into sort for only shareable (spin dense) memory. (Life relived in movie recap 2 seconds before death). Voluntary choice to spin sort your memories into only the shareable (pure principle) eliminates nned for death. Obvious motif: apply this to culture: genepools which offer braidedness.. skill to add awareness to planets taste sweet/braided to galactic core and are worth harvesting. Or in the final fractal analysis of death:



(* In principle only one electron is needed, it just gets around.)

the folded or marred surface is just the symmetry foldability.. memory brane..

sixth or n dimension in just the number of spins surperposable in the pressure geometry.. no spin axes are superposeable past 3 unless all ratios are golden mean.. (dodeca nest merkabbah mark of pressure) love's embed.. (only this harmonic series permits spin-awareness propagation)

hence survival into nestedness requires the skill of compassion in the heart.. whose valentine picture is the image of recursion.. spin or awareness density is information density..

...externality of sense has no meaning if sense is the foci of the wave focus, hardly external.. if you create enough wave recursion to occupy the room instead of your body's pressure envelope, then it's magnetic foci become your eyes.. still quite internal to the new larger body you are breathing (quetlcoatl's peacock feathers eyes/..)

Kortron (Walter at Orvotron) & others say sooner than Genesset for hi water : specifically Jan 1997

both agree hi wind and hi water..

In attached article on Haarp project by the feds to mess with Ionosphere for military reasons

using gigawatts of hi frquencies, note the relationship to atmospheric heating and ice melt. Also, a friend points out this Alaska Mountain magnetic corridor blocked by Haarp, is the prime entrance to Earth of the particular Reticuli (greys) ET's which the feds have been scrapping with since they misinterpreted intentions (abductions) ref: Cooper papers et al.

Thanks to Gordon Michael Scallion for sharing his dream yesterday on the phone,

reconfirming Earth and Moon Orbital wobble, Eurasia 1000mi tectonic split to

Australia, pacific and west coast land temperature rise, interesting vision of Mars moon Io in orbital decay with fragments affecting Earth in a few years, drastic Alaska and Polar ice melt now well underway with water rise immanent.

The primary messgae to Gordon's inner voice, rang most deeply with my own inner navigator:


Interpretation: The best of the twinkling eyes must be served with REAL info. The PRINCIPLES of how awareness creates by finding the symmetry shareability in which spin/memory become shareable.

Hi ground, but shelter from hi wind.. good water.. far from urban geomancy which Earth perceives as a bleeding scab which wont heal and needs sloughing ... or as in the best sewage treatment: immersion.


append herewith:

Haarp project article first draft, I wrote for Jeane Manning's book, and to offer to Earth Island and other friends:

co founder: Earth Grid Emergency Network..

Re Haarp Project..

I much appreciated your patience as I tried to explain very cross disciplinary concepts in our phone conversation yesterday. I hope that written expression will facilitate clarity with friends to whom you may wish to pass this along..

The key concept to understand how undermining to our planet this project would be is the see the principle that charge recursion, or fractal embeddedness in spin systems is what creates gravity in the first place.

Most ancient telluric/dolmenic structures were elaborately designed to bend microwaves and RF high frequency fields. (Phil Callahan:"Tuning in to Nature".) We have also learned that these hi frequencies are the blood stream of insect antennae and navigation (also Callahan), and we now know that specific cellular microwave emissions operate in exquisitely the same bandwidth. (Bob Dratch et al.) A particular form of nestedness in these hi frequencies stabilizes gravity and the tectonic grid.

To understand this, one must see that fractal recursion of maximized possible embeddedness is what created gravity in the first place! Gravity is a fractal attractor of wave spins which occurs when spin density goes toward infinite at the center of a fractal. Hence to get the flow of gravity (or a particular harmonic series in the winds of "charge'), going IN but not out of an atom, nature arranges that the platonic symmetry of the electron shells will be fractal or self-similar to the platonic symmetry of the nucleus. To visualize this, think of data sets becoming infinitely compressible only when they are fractal. This makes the spin geometry infinitely sharable at the central inversion or turn inside out point.

For the geometric mind, think of the d and f electron subshell as 2 pair 5 and 7 symmetry groups.. (10 & 14 electrons respectively).. The platonic symmetries associated with 5 and 7 symmetry axes are dodeca and icosa. These could be called climax symmetries because they complete the maze (tetra-octa-cube-dodeca-icosa, theosophy's "greater maze", our "Star Mother" kits..) . The point is that the reason dodeca and icosa are climax symmetries for the atomic table is because they present the only truly fractal 3 d wave form.. Stellate dodeca to icosa, stellate icosa to dodeca.. nest infinitely. All ratios are Golden Mean. This 3D nest completes the electron shells of noble or stable or complete and MAXIMALLY DENSE atoms like Gold. The electron shell array becomes a 3D fractal to the arrangements of nuclear subatomic particles (Moon et al Univ of Chicago, Chemistry.)

Now all this may seem an excursion if you wanted to know what shape in charge to build if you wish to stabilize a gravity grid around a planet. However if we did do it right, tectonics and atmosphere would also be stabilized. You see that nature build gravity into the atom by arranging charge into fractal symmetry. Now we may ask, how did the ancients build gravitational stability into sacred sites? They arrange paramagnetic dolment. Stone conductors of magnetism and microwave were elaborately arranged into symmetry to make a fractal to embed the charge spin of star systems. Putting this thought in another way, we see that long wave magnetic spin systems must become fractal or emebedded to stellar and zodiacal geometries, in order that planetary spin may be properly fed or phase locked in "nutation" to gravity from external spin/charge sources. Essentially, the Arcturians have informed us that planets are "tamed" geomantically, that is to say gentled to admit less smelly gravitational emissions, by spin locking their charge to the local zodiac, by the placement of fractal magnetic conductor dolmen. In this way atmosphere may be attracted to stablize around a planet without a G force unfriendly to biology. Fractality of charge creates gravity.

A proof of this principle exists in the Greg Hodowanec/ Bill Ramsey experiments, predicting major stellar events by simply monitoring how the charge between the plates of a capacitor is modulated by subtle change in G force.

Another proof is in our work Spectrum Analyzing the EKG heart electricity at the moment of compassion. The harmonic series becomes long wave coherent and recursive at the moment of compassion, and at the moment when the effects on DNA's braid angle by the Heart become most measureable. (My work on EKG coherence was replicated by Institute of Heart Math, and Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty there pursued my suggestion to measure the effect of heart coherence on DNA conformation.)

The most exiting piece of this puzzle, was measuring the effect of EKG charge coherence on a plant and a tree at a distance. The moment when the tree measureably picks up the capacitive charge harmonics of the human heart is when the resonance wavelengths in the heart become most fractal or emebedded geometrically. This is natures way of tossing information eficiently between worlds of vastly different scales. Fractality is natures only real bridge between worlds of scale.

In living cells, the long phonon waves which glands massage magnetically act as "envelopes" to send ultraviolet and RF fields between the lower and upper spine. This is called emotional control of the "blue fire" of ecstacy. In the planet the long wave magnetic fields or grid lines, envelope the higher frequency coherence RF and Ultraviolet and microwave bloodstreams which are symbiotic to biology. For example, olfaction is mediated in the infrared(Callahan), insects use the microwave, dolphins and bats navigate with ultrasonic and echolocation. The point is that a very subtle information bloodstream is delicately balanced by the high frquency radio components in the atmosphere, and the long wave magnetic grid whose fractal embeddedness keeps atmosphere stably gravitaionally nestled about a planet.

Particularly now with the planets orbital pole doing radical excursions out of tilt, with the lunar orbit destabilizing, and with the ability to hold atmosphere/ozone weakening particularly at the poles, the planet is very sensitive to bouncing the atmosphere in and out for scientists "probes". Mars lost her atmosphere, we are losing ours. Let us understand why microwave coherence around long wave magnetic domains create microclimates (Gary Skillen et al), before we decide we can afford to aggravate the Earth with poisonous gigawatts of power to poke away at her atmosphere. The long term question of the survival of genepools depends on the skill of learning to retain atmospheres. This Haarp technology is a very poor start at demonstrating our genepool will have the skill to terraform planets.

We don't even teach why emotional distrubances occur around gravity energy devices. We don't yet teach the braidng of magnetic fields from human coherent ecstatic process, as the food for the Earth's fractal gravity charge field. Until we really understand the symbiosis of the human magnetic field, and magnetism in general as the wind on which love travels, we will anger the spin of more planets than just ours if we continue to plan the Haarp project. The Anasazi Indians dies when they destroyed the fabric of their microclimate by cutting too many trees. Trees are capacitive fractals, measureably acting as antennaes to the Earth's Schumann grid. Cloud form where fractals form. Haarp stands to mean a huge tear in the fractal of magnetic Alaska. The Earth will feel this change in charge as as tearing wound that will not heal. Only Scientists with a thinly disguised self-destructive bent would choose to rip the fragile atmosphere which stands between us and genetic destruction.