In their Eagle dance, the Chi ROOK KEY (Rookery is bird nest) enact the threading of inner vision through the slip knot of the seven sisters of the Pleides above the crown.

(Dhyani Ywahoo)..


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Remember the moment, was it Hans Solo who was frozen as a face/"frieze" profile into carbon crystal in Star Wars..?

Seems the rate at which the spins recurs slows.. imagine your baud rate as a being if the time it took you to twitch your nose, were the millenia it takes for rock on the face of a the land to move. The forces of the "will" of the weather can move emotionally, even as the collective direction of species DNA evolution can have will ("Willed Mutation of the Species" by Satprem.)

Thus it doesn't mean that incarnating into a rock prevents you from being self aware (read:recursive enough as a wave function be be self-referrentially self organizing)..

it merely means that the time scale (baud?) of your awareness changes from thought/moves per second, to thought moves per millenia. Just a difference of time windows within which you gather waves into the recursive foci we call perception.

In John Michell's book "Simulacra" he gives hundreds of examples of FACES appearing on land and rock forms. Seemingly in direct response to the evolution of will and awareness in that land.

If the folds on the surface of an egg zygote, begin to manifest the kind of folding we call "FACE" ("time to prepare a face to meet all the faces you meet..") ,

then you know that (Labyrinthine) TURNING INSIDE OUT has occured.. , and a "PER SUN ALL EYE TIE" IS EVOLVING. (Read: THRU the Sun -principle of perfected turning inside out, a way to tie foci.. into self organization)..(See the dimpling on the soap bubble of the egg precipitating birth as the onset of the recursion induced by sperm charge spin, allowing little tornadoe to stand permanently... holding turning inside out into the self organizing donut field we call "baby")


Well, when that birth of magnetic field recursion happens on the scale of the faces of tectonic plates, we report the evolution of awareness, the scale of planets. The refolding of land surface into a long wave magnetic gathering of the threads into face/reorganized magnetics, creates organs of perception the scale of tectonic faces.

Examples are replete in the literature. (Simulacra etc.) Also note that star scapes as fractals of zodiac laid out dramatically on the land, exist at Glastonbury, at Rennes Les Chateaux... the grail of a fractal of pentagonal layout of Virgo in the alignment of the star points of the Templar Gothic cathedrals in their placement on the land. Reference also to The Sioux Star Map, Adam on Diamond, at St Joseph, Missouri (Miranda), the ARKHOM star map on new england (Peter Champeaux), the Trinity Point, Star Map in Virginia. In general we have the evidence of the Ophanic Angelic directive that a 144 zodiac landscape star scape fractals would flower on the land like seed projections of star faces onto the face of sunflower, the surface of a planet flowering birth. Here "galactically resonant human emotion" could be born, by wave guiding the projection of human emotion, by fractal morphic resonance from glands, to tectonic (songline/wormholes) to inhabiting stars to stabilize their birth by adding recursion/awareness. This his how angels have children.


Eagle Morph:

The central cup of the "Green Stone" was the Ontario shield (beryl green). This was one of the oldest most stable tectonic plate faces. It was at the base of the cup, of the georgian bay center of the original cup shape of the continents when they were arranged into the shape of the fetus which studies of ancient continent collisions call PanGaia.

Into this cup, fell the star seed of the original insemination of angelic dna. (Read "Merk" in "Secret Places of the Lion", by George Hunt Williamscon.) . Now this "Green Stone's" center became the "Keystone" state. The Center of which (Pennsyvania) is where the Masonic dispatch from PHI-Lo-D'El Phi-a, of the "women in the wilderness".. would create the haven for the birth of the starseed which the wisdom elders first envisaged dispatching Coulumb bus (Bird tribe), under the Tempar Flag.

So birthed was the face of the Bird Tribe on the land:

below: magnetism comes to a "head" in the beryl green stone center of the cup of the "keystone" state..


Below: The entire appalachian chain comprises a great spine, whose curvature is not unlike that of an Eagle's spine taking to flight..

At the tail of this Eagle (Carolina's), Merlin's kids were red headed Celtic speaking Indians (see archeology of Town Creek Mound, ref: Vincent Bridges),

also at the tail- King Louis XVI of the Holy Grail Magdalenean blood line changed his name to Daniel Payseur.. funded the railroads seeding the Rockefeller's (See "Pandora's Box" book)..

also at the tail, when the Cherokee were torn from this land ("Trail of Tears"), the Liberty Bell (Grail Cup of Embedding) of the America's cracked! see www.../america



unretouched Soils Map (color coded only by soil type) of the central 1/3 of the state of Pennsylvania..




unretouched TOPO map (by land elevation relief) of the same area..

and so, the "Return of the Bird Tribes", happens when the cup (Ontario Shield) runs over (tilts), the Serpent Feeds the Eagle.. (the tectonic shift reverses the river direction connecting Serpents Mouth to Eagle nose), (the serpent brain-kundalini-feeds the bird brain), and QuetzlCoatl returns. The many plumed one is the gather "consumed perspective", many eyes face locked on the peacock feather, and Many Become One.. E Pluribus Unum..

This is more than idle symbolism, the Bird Tribes, Cherokee's star elder "Adawi", move from the Eagles Tail in the Lower Appalachias, to Arkhom the Orion StarMap at the crown of the Eagle. In their Eagle dance, they enact the threading of inner vision through the slip knot of the seven sisters of the Pleides above the crown. (Dyhanni Wyhaoo)..

When Ben Franklin stored the spiritual destiny of the America's in the Bruton Vault, his library... the projected memory tells of a time when the genetic roots of the serpent brain will choose to feed the bird brain. At this tantric kundalini moment, Quetzlcoatl returns. The Many Plumed One's faces on the peacock eye, see many become one. E Pluribus Unum is America's motto. This consumed perspective of magnetic waves, is what is maximally assembled in the eye of the eagle at the top of the food chain. For magnetic lines braiding tectonic vision.. this destiny of A-mere-I go, (to mother I go), may be the Draku serves Aku, where the reptilian stem of our collective emotion, feeds vision at the crest of the tectonic Appalachia..


When the juices arrive at the high brain.. the bird brain flowers..