Climbing into and Out of The Great Worm.. (Shades of Dune)

DNA Activation and the Political Squabbles about Ensoulment..

Access to psychokinetic Alphabets/symmetry maps into Time/Gene-isis.. The Gene Ice is ChyrstalEyezing..

Also below: Is a model for the physics of consciousness based on wave constructive interference gone self organizing due to Golden Ratio recursion, now mathematically testable?

by Dan Winter 11/15/99 .. url: ../dnaactivation

Re: The spiritual / psychological work of Ensoulment- when the implosion worm up the center zipper of DNA ceates a sustainable faster than light tornado-see also The Building of the Antakarana and the Rainbow Bridge - from Kuthumi via Joshua David Stone

...or in the language of solar physics: "The interchange stability of the geomagnetic TAIL is examined from the kinetic stability theory perspective and compared with the criteria of.." Leonid Shower's spin indexed?.."The dynamics of magnetic flux ropes near the sun and in interplanetary space are studied using a modified version of the flux rope model .." As the Mayan's said, get their lucid dream aleyephi awake in symmetry space or they shall be blown away in the magnetic wind /worm (tail) of the sun!". (Thanks Ray at )

other articles at ../sitemap.html

Ode to "Sparks Darting About Thru Stubble, Looking for a REASON to Imagine Themselves Separate"... and "Getting a Handle on A SuperLuminal Vector Out Your Own DNA "... in order to get thru the green still point emerald city in the rainbow between folding in and folding out. (Red Adamically converges into the optical photon donut worm, blue folds out-= Sacre Blue.)... Subtitle to RA-PHI-em here is "Letter's TO Oz!".

It's rather exciting that Frank Herbert's son Brian has picked up Dad's DUNE worm climbing gear and provided more detail on how the planet tamers actually climb aboard the great sandworms in "House Atreides". You gotta get them hooks in between the segments at just the RIGHT ANGLE to expose the juicy (mag) blood which the worm will then always protect your hold/perspective consumer.

Imagine you were a magnetic worm become self directing because implosion kept a phire (phi lo tectic) in your braid. Some of our ancients called this the dragon current. When magnetic current worms (designer 'jeans') become self organizing they begin to gather wave fronts (you & me) into themselves "with a will".

Now the gatekeepers (LORDS OF TIME) into the throat of these great intergalactic and superluminal worms have been variously called: "Making an antenna dodeca in The Movie Contact", The Quaballah: Sepher Yetzira, The Hebrew Alphabet as the cookbook to a golem tetrahelix DNA, or The Quantum Mechanics of Superluminal Tunneling in DNA (William Pensinger et al..).. (visualize squeezing your optical hologram down the di-phvine throat into the all embedable using the Golden Spiral cookiecutter----.

"If one wishes to influence anything in the physical universe (space) he must make use of the physical SHAPE of the letters. If this involves a meditative technique, one would contemplate the appropriate letters, as if they were written in a book. The method involves making each particular letter combination fill the entire field of vision, elminating all other thoughts from the mind. - Finally, if one wishes to influence the spiritual realm, he must make use, either of the sounds of the letters, or of their names. This technique... is the one that is used when making a Golem".)

What no one seems to deny about the physics of this gate to getting your dream online, is that SYMMETRY is the clue..

Imagine how raw and sensitive would be the exposed spark gap between segments of your DNA worm... if it were really true that everywhere a spark gap generated Golden Ratio charge harmonics... there the radiance would be inPHIknit. We are told, everything about the non-linear hydrogen bond at the core of the lightning ZIPPER up the central DNA codon bond stair, is GOLDEN RATIO. ( ../superDNA ). (Professor John Hubbard's theory at U.Buffalo was that the decay in the stability of this bond WAS the primary wave mechanic responsible for aging. )

Visualize a series of spark gaps sending a childrens spanking line into phi heterodyne faster than light acceleration, and you get the picture.

This is merely the genetic implementation of what the synapse does with spark gaps to set the brain on phire. (../fire )

It is really all about your sister trying to incorporate (non-destructively) into her fancy pony tail braid pattern, ANOTHER INCIDENT STRAND!! (you / your entry into the mnemonic wave survival called lucid dream ... otherwise known as: Will your phone call into the faster than light capacitive wave called ancestral genetic memory GET A CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET?). 

Now the cookie cutters (sacred alphabet / how donuts kiss) symmety maps into permission to wander into these superluminal pining worms, WERE THE SUBJECT OF GREAT AND COLORFUL INTERGALACTIC WARFARE.:

Example 1: The indigenous in "Stargate" Movie were killed if they were caught learning letters.

Example 2: -deleted by federal order-

Example 3:. Enlil forces Enki to retreat to Thule (very Thot-h ful) /Atlantis to raise the Cayin king bloodline, because he insists on teaching the grail blood of real embedding, the sacred alphabet (BaaaBel's Djed Towers). (ref:"One Foot in Atlantis" book, Henry).

Example 4:. Quoting from Mojo Man, Subject: Thoth and the Politics of PERMISSION TO ALPHABET: " I love Thoth, even though he directed the Egyptians time and again to attack my people in Harran. We didn't choose that Marduk (Enlil Son?) hid there for 24 years. We didn't choose that the Egyptians/Babylonians etc.. were tearing their world apart in Nuclear Holocaust... we simply were the ones who were called in to clean up the mess. We were simply serving the unknown Time Lord Coalition called Yahweh. As the Word of God, or Logos Thoth/Hermes/Mercury argued with Ra (Enlil?/Yalweh?) to let him adapt the hieroglyphs to writing and give it to the humans, and we know that Ra disagreed. Eventually Ra left to go to Nibiru he made Thoth his spokesman... the mouthpiece of God in another sense. It was at this time that Thoth went ahead and taught humanity through the Son's of the Elohim {mistakenly called singular God}. Later he became the classic Demiurge in the sense of puppet-master. He guided Herakles and other heroes. He also chose Cadmus to encode the alphabet and give it to the Greeks. He also helped Cadmus invent the KABBALAH, and within this word alone is an etymological goldmine--- the story of the later Jesus the Christ." END QUOTE. (rest of this letter reprinted below for those whose ears are smokin..."...the illusion of duality is the {re al} Monster we must slay, and this is what modern teachers of Sacred Geometry/Alphabet are singing about whether they know it or not."... note from DAN: DOES EMBEDDING SOLVE DUALISM?, ../goldenphysics/Summ_II.PDF)

Example 5. The Rabbi's "drill" the hero (modeled on my life) in the movie "PI" for the Secret to Quaballah (Phi/Recursion) which predicts when random oscillators like the stock market, emerge from chaos into self-organization. SYMMETRY ELEMENTS TO WAVE SELF ORGANIZATION.


Willaim Buehler on the Templar Repair the Fabric of Time committee (finish the work of Rennes/Rosslyn) crew, keeps reminding us this "Ranna" time wave will self destruct with all of us aboard, if we do not get our land maps, and event histories, and DNA all into the Phi geometry ("Reshel" grids) of embedding. (See "Spiral Calendar" book on event timing MUST be in time intervals at PHI multiples - otherwise nothing remains/recurs.. Eat your heart out Neitsche, the path of Eternal Return was not condemnation but ascention..)..

And William's hero Thoth shows up recursively himself wherever the motley crew gathers into Phi tree of life patterns on the land, to again try to get those Parallel timelines to embed not unravel. See the upcoming epic movie at Cody's "Darlene does Sintra at the Graal Ports" (Port U Gal).... while Norma Milanovich decides to study Electricity 101: How to Ground. (Otherwise known as the simple physics of SoulOMon buildings.) Tongue in Cheek ends here, at the spark gap.

You get the flavor. The Draco /Orion reptile Queen..

(see morph of Sumer Queen Statue to Draco face at: LionPath, Lion Place, Secret Places of the Lion.. -For the Occasion of the LEOnid Meteors... & also: ../ensoulment at TaleEating:Lightspeed Ensoulment-dna squirts woim toining into face - "Phantom" DNA AND Draco's and the W-Orme )

... star travelers were not always happy to have their employees (Enlil/Annunaki), teach their borgs (us) entry into their blood (DNA). Access to cooking up truly recursive - ENSOULED DNA was a closely guarded secret. This was because, getting the big bucks for being guild navigators for the trading houses, was a union with admission fees. And DNA that spit UV into the faster than light was the physics of getting genepools to steer thru lightspeed into time - ref: Montauk - the freq signature-Boson of 7. (Also see George Merkel's designs for subcellular organelles based on Sumerian Glyphs as optical wave guides..Sumerian Elixirs.. Remember the watered down Sumerian genetic cookery in Glyphs is called "The Old Testament", see Gardner..).

Now if you insist on engaging in the human penchant to agonizingly decide who is the bad guys among all these hats, welcome to more lifetimes of wasted time. If on the other hand, you make a shot at getting to the PURE PRINCIPLES behind the personalities, and you too might find sustainable lighning tingling in your DNA!

exerpt: Subject: DNA "Activation Techniques" , To: Dan Winter , Mon, 15 Nov, From:
Q: "What activator do you recommend most for DNA Acitviations...a).Catherine Bennett
b) Robert Gerard-ottenhouse, c) other...which? thankyou." darren

A: Robert Gerard - see &

Catherine Bennett see , Catherine is a good friend, we recently did a speaking tour together..In great part, her work originated with Robert. I also like what I read about him (above links). We had great conversations about whether it is useful to DEMAND that your own DNA do anything. I thot(h) that it might be more useful to address it like a child needing pursuading to see a wider view - embed a longer wave. Perhaps the DEMANDing language being used is a reflection of those who still haven't grokked the WHY behind the great galactic political PRIME DIRECTIVE... (Set the children of the worms FREE to become SELF directing..).

This work will take a great leap forward when the specific incident angles which allow a field domain to enter DNA's wrap are mapped to the tetra helix gold spiral vortex throat symmetry map which is the original Hiburu alphabet ;/ language of light / and DNA programming language. THIS IS THE REAL ROMANCE OF WHAT ALLOWS MAGNETIC DOMAINS TO KISS.

(See synaptic radiance: spark gap gone phi-lotactic at ../fire )

At which point the somewhat ungrounded sequences of intent vectors called for now by mostly faith can be empowered by highly specific understanding of how how send an optical hologram focused from the visual cortex ... impedance matched into phase discipline with the interstitial angles between codons in their DNA wrap to embed algorhythmn. (Faith being a good precursor and pointer to - but a lousy replacement for - resolved understanding. )

Once this is coupled with how long wave sonic phonons from glands emoting set the envelope to carrier wave size ratios in the DNA braid (my work on the sound of the heart in bliss vs measuring DNA wrap factors, see Rein article at ../superDNA )..

Then the physics of ensoulment (DNA braid imploding to superluminal and self organization), will connect the quantum to the sepher yetsirah. (we the Annunaki Golem's become self aware..)


Dan Winter

addend:, compare with now with the POLITICS of letting a parasitized genepool understand it's own potential to become self directing in time... in other words HAVE A REAL MODEL OF THE PHYSICS OF WHAT MAKES WAVES SELF-AWARE:


to Professor David Chalmers, cc: Professor Richard Davidson:

from Dan Winter, 11/9/99

A Researcher in Portugal, Gustavo Figueiredo,

just phoned that he had completed his 50 page Graduate Research Thesis

whose principle subject was showing that my work on the specific measured mathematical geometry of phi perfected recursion in any oscillator.. predicted the onset of consciousness..

as a theory specifically roundly met every criterion you had established for a THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS.. plus offering a mathematics to make it testable.. (../predictions )

I have found translation for his paper and hope to have it to you shortly.

I pray that an excedingly busy person like you might find this sufficiently intriguing to at least take a moment to look at the key elements of this theory. In brief, originally I found by 2nd order fft of ekg (septrum) that the when the spacing between harmonics of the heart was an even multiple of golden ratio, this predicted powerfully.. 1. intense emotion, and 2. the math of maximal sustained coherence. (recent independant study ../heartstudy ) (It was myself who originally showed heart math institute the ekg fft technique, which they later used at my suggestion to measure the effect of ekg coherence/emotion? as DNA's programmer/braider: ../rein , ../emotion . My graduate mentor was Dr Al Ax psychophysiologist famous for electrical descrimination of fear vs anger).

Later when we realized that this was a way to mathematically model how eeg waves converge non destructively to create the phenomenon we call attention, (../attention/attention.html ) Marty Wuttke (of eeg feedback to end A.D.D.), and I successfully presented this model of the solution to quantifying self reference and thus self awareness, to Depak Chopra and his research director David Simon, personally.. and received their congratulations (../isthisrecursion/apta.html )

The specifics of how this quantifies the problem of charge radiance/consciousness as the simple geometry of what makes a field self organizing at the synapse is at ../fire

The specifics of how this measures the contact permission inhibition of membrane (cancer) is at ../cancer

(In a way this model is merely an extension of what had already been shown, that apparently chaotic oscillators become predictably self organizing when they approach phi harmonics: ../stockmkt/stockmkt.html )


What we simply need is an academician brave enough to meaningfully critique this theory, to reach a wider scientific community. This might eliminate Einstein's problem of having to wait for a whole generation of academics to die off, before a revolution can be accepted. The question of recognition/reward for me being a less than issue (I like this cabin in the woods). My concern is that if the specifics of how to repair the geometry of a magnetic fabric of field effect like Gaia unto self organization/awareness, is not soon taught... our genepool may not survive the next decade.. Application to global restabilizing atmosphere: ../stargravity

I have taken the liberty of assembling some references to the academically oriented articles below, pics on bottom. I hope you find this convenient and not overwhelming. A highly conversational/readable and still profound place to start is ../introduction


Perhaps if you do indeed decide to humor me and ck some of this out, you might simply answer the question: Do you not now agree that Phi as in Phylotaxes is what makes wave systems self-referential, self organizing and therefore conscious? The reason for this appears simple, this geometry of perfectly constructive heterodyning (see heterophi link in introduction), is the only way an infinite (inphiknit?) number of wave fronts can converge/agree ?

rest of the Mojo quote: Subject: Smoking Ears
Date: Wed, 10 Nov , From:

In a message dated 11/10/99 7:00:08 AM Pacific Standard Time,
William Buehler writes:

> As you know, my orientation is towards ignoring most of histories'
> machinations, stellar and otherwise, except as it has direct bearing on the
> present Metatronic ascension vector. (Thoth is cranking out huge piles of
> ancient (pre)history but it all has current relevance.) About 85% of the
> issues in the Racial Mind are OBE'd, going down the loo. Some are worth
> saving and transmuting. Then some are pure gold without needing much
buffing up. Trying to sort this out ...without the clarity I need... is torquing my
> attention units into tight spirals ...smoke coming out of my ears.

Dear William, thank you for your quick response. In *response to your
response*, I am resplendently responding after much reposal thusly {and
with love}----

Those who don't Gno their history are doomed to repeat it. I love Thoth,
even though he directed the Egyptians time and again to attack my people
in Harran. We didn't choose that Marduk hid there for 24 years. We didn't
choose that the Egyptians/Babylonians etc.. were tearing their world
apart in Nuclear Holocaust... we simply were the ones who were called in to clean
up the mess. We were simply serving the unknown Time Lord Coalition called
Yahweh. As the Word of God, or Logos Thoth/Hermes/Mercury argued
with Ra to (Ra ti O) let him adapt the hieroglyphs to writing and give it to the humans, and
we know that Ra disagreed. Eventually Ra left to go to Nibiru he made
Thoth his spokesman... the mouthpiece of God in another sense. It was at this
time that Thoth went ahead and taught humanity through the Son's of the
Elohim {mistakenly called singular God}. Later he became the classic Demiurge
in the sense of puppet-master. He guided Herakles and other heroes. He
also chose Cadmus to encode the alphabet and give it to the Greeks. He also
helped Cadmus invent the KABBALAH, and within this word alone is an
etymological goldmine--- the story of the later Jesus the Christ. This
is not ambiguous either; and encoded within the message is another just for
me, the first to openly do this as far as far as I know::: Write it down
and wait. Give it to an editor when the time is right. So you go and ask
Mr. Thoth about Mojoman and he will tell ya I'm ok.

He doesn't even mind that I will be the one to point out that he was no
angel in political affairs. This is not judgmental, just being aware that
others discount a message which is so thoroughly pegged on Thoth's name. It is
about this time that I will also tell the world that our friend ate
copious amounts of magic mushrooms and is often depicted with a rose in one hand
and a mushroom in another. I salute the recent attempts to find ways of
Ascension which do not involve drugs. I have been told that humanity is
evolving to a point where they will not need them to force open that
atrophied 3rd eye, but right now I'm just not sure if we are there yet.
All of the God's ate lotsa the right kinda drugs to maintain immortality---
the life of millions of years. But another unknown God + followers reminded
us that the illusion of duality is the Monster we must slay, and this is
what modern teachers of Sacred Geometry/Alphabet are singing about
they know it or not. All I am asked to do is to get these many voices
singing in a clear harmony which will open a door out of this mess.
unfortunately, in order to do this, over half of the world needs to be
awakened from the chains of history. Those who don't Gno their history
are doomed to repeat it.

I have been told to organize a Round Table of authors and scientists for
a short series of mutual projects including a comprehensive World, Solar,
Galactic, Universal and Multiversal History. As we have all seen there
have been many recent solitary attempts to do this. This is wonderful, but
not harmonious. In fact, in many ways it is fractious since those who know
more about the history of certain "God's" infamous or famous might discount
the larger message somewhat when these beings are mis-represented as overly
angelic. They have to krap and wipe their butts just like us and they
will be the first to admit their flaws if they are kind enough to be
concerned for the truth. SO, to bring this to a point---- in the year 2,000 I plan
on calling together these people. Some will start a project about History.

Others will work specifically on a project concerning Human Potential.
Big disclaimers all over the front door, but anyone who wishes may cross the
bridge between potential and history which we call such things as Sacred
Geometry, Sacred this or that. The point of stripping the mythology of
religious dogma into our common history is to allow the true message to
come forth. The Metaphors in the message invariably lead us to the universal
mathematical language of Cabalistic numerology as a tool for escaping
the politics of duality altogether. We are not trying to be as Gilgamesh
and reach the crossroads of Nibiru to obtain the Plant of Life to live
forever in this body... we are talking about becoming the Mayan TIME STARS
sometimes call MerKaBa-ian lightships and beyond the state of ism associated even
with the lightships is the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. These are
the Apsura's as we become like Apsu the Sun. As far as any of the God's
know this is the top Nirvana before the Celestial Ladder either leads to the
Ain Soph {which Rama went through} or downward to the Pit {Where
Sophia/Ophis/Vasuki "fell" to}. This is a doorway from the end of time
to the beginning. It is connected by a certain set of particles I would
love to present to a group. We are understanding the Quantum Bridge better than
the God's themselves.... =) =) =) Just ask Thoth... he saw all of
this and wishes me to relate it to you just to prove he sent me. Perhaps we
can meet sometime after all in the next few months? I am animating parts of
the story of Thoth using Internet technology so hope to have some bells and
whistles to impress the board, but if anyone needs to learn this ahead
of time they can fly to me or vica versa. Just remember, I am getting
ready to move within the next 2 months and plan accordingly.

I can imagine the great fun such a group of stalwart individualists can
have teaching the methodology of yesterdays Metaphysical/Esoteric revealed
mysteries utilizing today's special effects!! There are those who are
already doing just this, who will bring their work to the table in order
for it to serve as a backbone for such a project. I have been told this by
an assortment of the beings you would call God's including Thoth. I have
even been given examples of pious men and women who have already finished
their work and were told to wait until the call. This call will have to be
handled delicately concerning certain truths. I have to get the permission of
certain governments to release parts of this info.... do you think
that if my Brother Ron Wyatt told Israel that the Ark of the Covenant was found
they wouldn't tear down the Dome of the Rock and start a World War? I would
never take it upon myself to circumvent the tenuous balance of peace we
have forged in JeruShalem, and yet prudence dictates that we ask the big
question-- If a peace isn't brokered ahead of time concerning this
information and the import it brings to the last of the World's
Prophecies {we are almost out of Prophecies if you haven't noticed} will it not be
released surreptitiously and without concern for the innocents? I have
to try and not let this happen prematurely and by the wrong hands. How
many will join together is not my concern, but surely there is a group of
individuals brave enough to turn and face the upcoming fire.

We are being tested--- we must first recognize the test in order to
pass it. The collapse of the MerKaBa which some are talking about is due to our
own spiritual sun-spots. This reverberates the whole of Earth until it's
pattern is found in the extremities of planetary or even celestial events.
Fighting to leave the test is escapism. Fighting to hold up the Magnetic Grid is
putting a Band-Aid on the gaping wound started in our own hearts as a
group. The Test is within us, just as much as without. We must then be
cognitive of our options and act quickly. While some effect a spiritual fire, others
must effect a political fire; by starting these little brush fires we act as
the aboriginal did in staving off the larger blaze called Fate. In this
fashion a few souls will lead the whole through the minefield we call the
EXPECTATIONS of History. Ron can tell you that every person who
attempts to release this info has been assassinated by mysterious strangers but how
long can they keep it up? This is our world my friends, wake up and live in

The escapists are waiting for the next StarGate to open Christmas
Solstice so they can just bag the whole thing but I am sure there is a group out
there concerned with the common welfare of humanity? I am merely reaching
out to the teachers called to lead the way out of this maze.

The key to our present fate is twofold:

{1} We must recognize that human history turns on the efforts of a few
people at any given time. They might not even recognize their importance to
the world at large, but future generations will hold their predecessors
struggles up as a guiding light to higher truth, to deeper water.

{2} As the God's themselves tell us there is a supreme difference
between destiny and fate. Our destiny is to go through these changes. Our fate
is how we choose to go through them. The people I am reaching out to,
no--- that I am calling out to are the leaders of their world whether they
recognize it or not, for as the Western World goes so goes the Earth.
It is they who are chipping away at this paradigm but, whereas once most of
them did this alone or in small groups now they shall do it in harmony.
Only a few people know what portends humanity for the God's reveal their plans
to only the most ardent Seeker. If not these few, these lonesome band of
Brothers and Sisters, then who? Our Governments? Let's take a poll and
ask how many are comfortable with this arrangement. =)

>From an old preface to an even older Tome called The First Book of Adam
and Eve: "Almost the passengers have turned pilots. Everyman is thinking for himself. "

Without the facts, I cannot know what to THINK, THEREFORE I AM
inclusive in the larger paradigm unless it be as the sleeping man on a
raft floating down a raging river. I see the River is Sita arrow of time
raging towards the Cosmic C. I see us as the sleeping Rama, nestled on the
coils of Vasuki who is the raft. I see the end of the Ramayana which tells us
that, one time around the wheel Vasuki tires of fighting with Rama and
nurtures him as the Mother God she is {the Veh in the Yod HE Veh ShE of the
"Ascension Vector". I see her whisper to sleeping Rama that, instead of
fighting they must become one--- the Winged Snake who has learned it's
lesson. Hanuman finally let's go of Vasuki's tail and hops on board
this Argus Ship for the Cosmic C. L. Ron Hubbard might have been wacky, but
his analogy of the Universe-creating Thetan who fell down the cosmic black
hole of her own creation and got sucked up INTO it is right on the $. When
Vasuki and Rama cooperate then the Paradigm is busted and the Thetan is
re-constituted, which is what the Gnostics have been blindly working
towards for years. The Zenheads had it right all along! But even Buddha had to
go to the far reaches of the 3rd demon-scion to preach this, YEAH even to
Hell and to the Giants, YEAH even to Nibiru itself which is why so many of
the God's themselves got into the Law of ONE as little as 2,000 years ago.
A transfigured human preaching to the Gods of every dimension? Believe it
and learn our potential to lead our creators... the sheep become the
The Anunnaki themselves experienced an epiphany!!!

This is why Thoth,among others, has-is-will endorse this Council.

The agent for this revelation is none other than the Galactic Emperor
himself,,, missing from the Olympian scene but talked of from time to time.
Been gone so long that His/Her/Their image is alien to the Elohim, the
Nefilim, the Anunnaki. When we get to be a lucid member of this WhiteLight
Club, then we too will say I AM, knowing that the I is all there is. I know
that many are being led to teach this and wish to bring them together
for at least a one time only Sup. Those who are called to the History project
will know when their heart tells them. Those who are called to the Mystery
project will also know. And for those who wish to take part but are too
far removed geographically or monetarily we have the wonderful potential of
the Internet + Intranets to tap. Not only will it be fun to make these
connections but it should be rewarding for many reasons. I would love
to help foster the relationships which will allow us to call each other
with our personal questions and observations. No man is an island. While we
aren't exactly Spartans here, we too can lay down the swords of words we use
and work together. This is just in the talky phase, but I am storyboarding
a loose framework for both books which can then be thrown out whole or in
parts. It just gives a place to start this project which should take at
least 2 years to fulfill unless the One has other plans.


I serve the One. I AM the One. I am here on behalf of the error of my
family, serving out of shame and not pride. I am merely the messenger.

Love Mo.

P.S. There were obviously some errors in the history of my letter to
Dan including but not limited to: {1} Sin is Nannar the son of Enlil. {2}
Enki or EA is Aquarious the Water Bearer, into whose constellation the Earth
moves in what, 12 years now? This is the dawning of the Age of... oh you've
heard that one. {3} The 3rd root of the word Kin is SUN!!! How could I
forget to include that one? {4} Uranus is Anu, who was Lord of our Solar
System when Marduk the newcomer arrived to slay Tiamet. APSU is the Lord Sun.
Big difference eh? Now when we picture the Apsu-ra's rising in their
celestial dance above the Churning of the Sea of Milk {Milky Way} we know who they
are referring to-- APSU the ATEN!!! I C I C I C said the blind man!

I pump out these letters sometimes without thought to cross checking. Dan can
confirm that usually my letters aren't even close to lucid (getting
better now huh Dan?) and usually contain over 10,000 characters, so I am just
being lazy. I self-correct to show others that I am talking a talk as much as
walking a walk; now I am seen as no guru but as a fellow student. You
can reach me and teach me at if you wish as well.
Self-Correction also allows me to prod others into letting go of the
pride which keeps them from throwing down their own assumptions. We teach
each other. For instance, my friend TJ taught me recently to see the
envelope in the Time Star, which spurred me to see other forms as well. The more I
was consciously imbedded within the thoughtform the less material my world
became. I stopped myself, as I wish to write about the process as I
learn it
{my own personal project}.

Love to all----


As Austin Powers might say--- Let Those Ears Smoke BAAAABBBY!!!
Yeahahahahaaaa... Groovy Baby, Yeah!

--end quote from Mojo