The DNA Animation Tour

new 9/22/98


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Consider 1.) how braid or context dependancy (mechanical alignment of the active sites) may be the musical programmer of what gets to touch RNA and therefore what replicates.

2.) that long phonon or sonic pony tails of coherent long waves enveloping from the ecstatic heart may be the what does the braiding (Glen Rein's study of the effect of EKG coherence on DNA wrapping, pub at ISSEM... pursuant to my article "Braiding DNA: Is Emotion the Weaver?"



please click here to see the actual geometry of the BRAID itself, Gif Animation 900k, how the carrier wave within DNA which is the ultraviolet length double helix itself can nest..

thread to rope.. top fat rope,

waves within waves waving..

when the braid is recursive.. it is self embedded..

that ratio of carrier wave to envelope becomes power of golden mean,

then the carrier wave and the envelopes inertia add and multiply....

both wave length and velocity.. which squirt guns the

magnetism down the zipper thru the speed of light...

into time..

which creates soul force// lucid dream..

ability to navigate...