THE WIND ON WHICH LOVE TRAVELS Dan Winter Sacred Geometry - Seminars. 2002

"Sacred Geometry of Love: The Holy Grail of Magnetism" with Dan Winter. Read more at (Implosion Group's)

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Dan may be the leading teacher of Sacred Geometry and the Scientific Nature of Consciousness on our planet. His inventions include the "HeartLink" which may be the first real attempt biofeedback has made to make love visible. He teaches about MAGNETISM as the 'Wind on Which Love Travels". He uses multiple computers, projector and hi resolution sacred geomeetry animations, and offers volunteers the opportunity to see whether their heart is making music visibly - and literally whether they are on the same EKG 'wavelength' as someone they love. Dan is a former Systems Analyst with IBM, animator, inventor, and multimedia teacher extra-ordinaire. His essential message is that the symmetry for magnetism INSIDE you, is not only a measureable electrical recipe for implosion - the FIRE within, it is THE source for waves and for you to become self-steering, and self empowered.

"Fire in the Genes from Sacred Geometry - The Fusion of Geomancy and Science"

The Sacred Geometry of the Great Grail - The Cup of Bliss.

"See the new 'LoveMusic HeartTuner' - see your heart link to others as feedback makes visible your heart harmonics." ( pics at )

Including - Intro to Practical Dowsing - Labyrinth Building/Making and How the Magnetic Lines Thru Your House Shape Your Health and Your BLISS

Including - MAKING Sacred Space (Where the Waves Stand Because they Share: The True Physics Principle of PEACE)

and Food and Movement for BLISS - Experience

- Tasting the Fusion of Soul Group Experience.


* Sacred Geometry & The Heart of the Grail Introduction - Using a Unified Field to Understand How Embedding Allows the Shaman to Lead the Tornado Around Like a Puppy. Including: How to Make Friends With MAGNETISM, and In So Doing - Understand it is THAT Which You are FEELING. (Dowsing in PRINCIPLE is to REALIZE that Magnetism IS Feeling.)- DRUID History and Dowsing. The Western Analog to Feng Shui?

* Experience of the HEARTLINK. Sacred Geometry of Embedding Made Experiential by Looking at Real HeartBeats RealTime. Discussion of the Meaning of COHERENCE as a LASER shining in your Heart. Introduction to MEASURING EMBEDDING or NESTING using HeartLINK. Keywords: EMBEDABILITY, Heart-Rate-Variability, FRACTALITY in the HEART. (Where Magnetism comes home inside).

* Detailed Pictorial OverView of Sacred Geometry. Origin of Platonic Nesting Animated. Introduction to STAR MOTHER, and to "DONUT THEORY". Overview of Hex in FLOWER OF LIFE versus PENT in the Fractal Slide Show. Awash in Visuals. Animations of How DNA Braid Responds and Embeds to hearts in Bliss. Then we apply this 'embedding' idea to STAR MAPS, Map Dowsing, and Understanding Earth Grids.

* Understanding Sound Healing - Using Spectrum Analysis of Sound / Language. Intro to BioSonic , BioAcoustics. History of how we measured TREES and LAND responding electrically to HUMAN EMOTION: How and WHY.

* Science of Implosion Physics - In Water, in the Heart, in a New Model of Gravity Based on Fractality of Charge Compression - Using Spectrum Analysis. SIX NEW RESEARCH PROJECTS UNDER WAY TO CHANGE THE WAY WE VIEW HOW WAVES BECOME SELF AWARE.

* .FEELING MAGNETISM - The PURE PRINCIPLE BEHIND PRACTICAL DOWSING, Including more discussion of LABYRINTH USES, & using the Sacred Geometry of STAR MAPS ON THE LAND. "URIELS' MACHINE, and the AMENIT PRINCIPLE. How Soul Groups use them as a LENS to Enter Stars - The collective bliss coccon.

* . From EARTH GRIDS to INSIDE OURSELVES: The DEEP BIOLOGY OF BLISS PROCESS. Intro to Sacro Cranial as a Music Wave in Phase with the Heart. Intro to the PLUMBERS UNSTANDING OF KUNDALINI. Discussion of the Effect of Bliss experience on Weather, Climate, Ecosystem. and Gravity. The Ultraviolet Blue Fire of Bliss versus Cancer and Aids. Bliss as the Immortality of DNA by Compression of Charge.

* Intro to Ritual Sacred Dance . Why is symmetry the key to attention generation in MOVEMENT? First a brief and experiential intro to several international forms of Sacred Movement or Sacred Gymnastic. Then we arrange ourselves in a fractal geometry sitting comfortably in a pent array around candles and crystals - for the Final Raising of the Light Cone - Alchemy of our Taste of Soul Pod Together.

THE WIND ON WHICH LOVE TRAVELS- Dan Winter Seminars. 2002

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Dan Winter is a respected academic, accomplished keyboard artist and master animator of three-dimensional Sacred Geometry ideas and patterns. The hi-resolution projection and sheer scale of his exhilarating musical and visual presentations, coupled with his lively lectures and sonic music samples taken from biological events, make for an unforgettable experience.
As well as learning about sacred geometry, magnetism, vibration, earth grids and how your peak emotions can be mathematically measured, you will witness real emotions sweeping across a giant screen in real time. Dan's essential message is that the magnetism existing within each and every one of us can be used to ignite our collective fire.

SACRED GEOMETRY is a blueprint of creation - it is an interface between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifest, the finite and the infinite. All actions obey distinct mathematical laws, and Sacred Geometry describes these laws through a language of numbers, angles, shapes, forms and ratios. It is a universal language of pure mathematical truths based on the inner workings of nature that has played an integral role in the art, architecture and philosophy of numerous cultures for thousands of years.
Learn how to think of the world as waves and sacred proportions through multimedia and animations as we dynamically measure your emotions.



is made up of two evening lectures, followed by a weekend workshop and a advanced workshop on Monday and Tuesday. All programs are optional, but booking early is essential.

Thursday Evening
Using music as the focus, Dan Winter will use this introductory evening to teach you how to think of the world as waves and sacred proportions designed to be manipulated by love and compassion. Throughout this exhilarating event, Dan will cover:
* The power of 'magnetism' and 'vibration' in music.
* Cutting-edge three-dimensional computer animation and modelling, and the use of digital video editing as a means for creative spiritual communication.
* Fractals of music.
* Kundalini and the deep biology of the 'Bliss' process.


Friday Evening
By combining his extraordinary theories on 'Geometry and Magnetism' with extensive multimedia skills and enormous visual talent, Dan invites you to experience the 'Heartlink'. Learn how emotions can literally be measured mathematically then experience your heart's biofeedback in real time on a giant computer screen. Be prepared to witness a fractal slide show like no other, with animation demonstrating how DNA braid and your heart unite to create a state of bliss.
This evening will also include discussion on:

* 'The Wind on Which Love Travels' - the link between geometry and magnetism, earth energy and feng shui.
* How DNA and your heart combine to create bliss.
* The collective power of the heart.
* How peak emotions can be tracked online, added to a database and registered as a signature for compassion.
* Dan's 'Heart Beat Earth Project'.

Two-day Weekend Program

Hear how scientific language can be applied to geomancy, labyrinth practice and feng shui, and how Sacred Geometry was integral to Druid history and the everyday lives of ancient peoples.
Dan will also further explore his theories on practical dowsing, earth grids, labyrinth building and magnetism by geometry and magnetism with practical demonstrations an in-depth discussion. After showing how the magnetic lines that run through your home and working environment can shape your health and your state of bliss, Dan will demonstrate how to make your own 'Sacred Space'.

Over an intensive two-day period, Dan will literally change your physical wellbeing by introducing you to 'Sacred Movement'. Here you will experience several types of sacred movement, including sacred circle dance, sufi dance, Gurdjieff Sacred Gymnastics and posture-induced ecstasy.


Part II of Dan's workshop deals with more in-depth experiences of you to combine Heart(Tuner) EKG harmonics with actual use of voice harmonic analysis for healing. He demonstrates , and the "I-den-i-PHI" sound software, linking specific missing frequency replacement to healing. Also the work with Marysol measuring the musical key of your heart emergin measureably in your VOICE when you speak from your Heart! ( ). Also included is the work with Marysol showing how a rainbow spectra of real sunlight is measured to replace a missing voice or heart harmonic, in the synthesia of real healing process. Prepare yourself for real unified field -harmonic - thinking, as you look at the latest biofeedback measuring tools work with HearLink / HeartTuner. Entrain BREATH, EKG , VOICE and LIGHT to see the grail of perfect embedding 'chirp' between frequencies and between worlds.


Two-day Advanced Program - Monday and Tuesday
Following up on the core themes of the two introductory evenings, this advanced program will begin with a slow ritual dance to sacred music. Dan will delve even further into his incredible knowledge-base to reveal how the passion of the human heart is the switch-point in interstellar DNA politics. He will also discuss the true power of bliss and how the experience of bliss can influence climate, the environment, gravity and human relations.

Dan uses certain key re-mythologized planetary histories in providing what becomes a rather 'galaxy wide context' for Earth's DNA. He describes human genetic material as a charge compression device to 'implode' biological memories into the gravity making stuff of starmaking and solar shamanism. It is a heady brew, but if you would like a big picture for human evolution spiced with lots of revolutionary science - it is a refreshing alternative to what Dan calls 'historians with their head in the sand who ignore the ET origins of human cultures, thinking DNA was invented on Earth'. From Dan's perspective, Earth history since Sumeria can be much better understood as a recent skirmish in the "Orion Wars" between the interventionist and part machine intelligences versus the humanoid non-interventionist DNA respecting interplanetary governments. The key issue being, giving genetic based cultures like humans enough freedom at the DNA level to become self-organizing (and as Dan says "implosive"), and thus able to fabricate 'centering force' / gravity from the biological skill to assemble magnetism from the inside out. He says igniting DNA using the braiding of charge - into BLISS - is the only possible solution to mortality in DNA. In the end, this becomes a rich desription of how the skill to bend magnetism from glands learning perfect compassion, is identical with the physics of how perfect compression based on something you will learn about called 'fractal self-similarity', turns condensing capacitance into the inertai we call mass, around the centering force of charge implosion we call gravity. If any of this 'heavy' stuff, tickles the phi-rings around you heart you may wish to do a little prep work around some of the central mythologies Dan uses to teach the star meaning of human DNA... including:

-Zachariah Sitchen & the Sumerian Annunaki,

-Lawrence Gardner "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" & other books in the Holy Grail series,

-"Tutankhamon Prophecies"- Maurice Cotterell - Fractal Solar physics of Star Inhabiting.

- ET history of DNA articles at Implosion Group sponsored Dan Winter web: (& bibliography there).

Prepare yourself for some radical but exhilirating thinking about igniting DNA using BLISS as the cookbook for immune system and gravity making. Imagine jettisoning religious baggage about God outside you, and make the di-Phi-ne branching inside out embedding your blood's magnetism into steering tornadoes and stars from the heart of compassion. Far out stuff, but after a few minutes of breathtaking animations, and watchting HeartTuner (HeartLink) MEASURE the moment of fire in your heart - you too might decide to tell your children with conviction they CAN grow up and inherit the stars! Besides, by comparison, sending the centering force of your heart turned into a coherent LASER makes other 'computer games' seem like just the prequel to the real star movies.



American-born Dan Winter hails from an academic background, with his diverse range of interests including psychophysiology, the origin of languages, industrial metallurgy, crystallography, quantum physics and music.
Dan is an accomplished keyboard artist and is widely considered to be a master animator of three-dimensional sacred geometry ideas and patterns. In the early 1990s he founded the San Graal School of Sacred Geometry and the Biodome Healing Centre in Waynesville, in North Carolina.
Inspired by the spiritual teachings of Bentov, Buckminster Fuller, Young, Dr Albert Axe and Gurdjieff, Dan regularly lectures around the world on the evolution of consciousness, sacred geometry and coherent emotion. His work is taken very seriously in academic circles and his theories have formed the basis of notable research in the US.
By drawing on science, mythology and popular culture, Dan is constantly formulating new ideas about the deep connectedness of all things and how the profound nature of our 'oneness' can be approached from architecture, art, math or biology, electronics and computers or myth.
Dan is currently developing a breakthrough theory on gravity and consults on multimedia and virtual-reality computer animation projects. He also travels widely and takes his teachings to many parts of the world.

more... About Dan Winter

"Dan Winter's background includes: graduate studies in psychophysiology and biofeedback, specifically the relationship of our heart's harmonics to love. He spends most of his time traveling globally teaching Sacred Geometry. His current teachings teach the nature of Embedability and Compassion - symmetry of the Heart's turning. A short biographical shetch of Dan Winter shows that he is  a respected physicist, psychophysiologist, author, musician, computer wizard, and polygraphic researcher. Graduating with honors in psychology from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the Origin of Languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analysts with IBM, industrial metallurgist and Crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab. Dan is an accomplished keyboard artist, and was once a church organist and choir Director, all before reaching high school. Dan's work in recent years has focussed on demonstrating through a stunning array of computer graphics, the way in which the musical waveforms associated with emotions (called sentics) turn out to embed pure geometry. Among his many projects, Dan is developing a new breakthrough theory on gravity. His theory may provide clues on how to arrange magnetic long waves to repair the gravity fabric and retain Atmosphere. Currently Dan is a consultant on multimedia and virtual reality computer animation projects and travels and lectures around the world. "

Dan Winter's background is as multi-faceted as his viewpoint. Graduating with honors from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Axe's protégé. Widely traveled, Dan has sojourned to study at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, the Gizah pyramids, Israel, the Andes and at Findhorn.
Dan is an accomplished keyboard artist, and was once a church organist and choir director, all before reaching high school. He delights in playing computer keyboard music using sonic samples taken from biological events -- heart sounds, whale and dolphin songs, etc. His creative side emerges as playfulness with ideas which can be shared at different levels.
In the 1980's, he founded an alternative newspaper entitled the "Network of Light". He established a learning center experiment in collective bio-harmony called "Crystal Hill Farm." At Crystal Hill, Dan's extensive network grew as he hosted conferences with a prolific list of presenters on varied topics from sacred geometry to sustainable ecosystems. He maintained an elaborate computer/music/video facility where his computer animated videos on sacred geometry and "new age" physics evolved. While directing Crystal Hill, Dan was Vice-President and Technical Director of S-S Electric, Inc. in Buffalo, which markets his engineered 3 Phase Conversion motor technology around the country.
By the early nineties, Dan relocated in the Blue Ridge Mountains and founded the San Graal School of Sacred Geometry and the Biodome Healing Center located in Waynesville, North Carolina. He has helped inspire many projects, including the group Planet heart biofeedback; the "Timeless Architecture" conference series with Henry MacLean; The Reviving Ancient Wisdoms Conference and Compendium with The Fifth Way Mystery School.
Through the years, Dan has lectured on the evolution of consciousness, sacred geometry and coherent emotion at many national and international conferences. His theories in coherent emotion inspired the notable research at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo and the Heart Math Institute in California in the mid-nineties. Results published by Dr. Glen Rein provided conclusive evidence supporting Dan's heart entrainment theories. The effect of coherent ordering of the Heart harmonics during the feeling of compassion was measured replicably effecting the braiding/ the programming of DNA.
The "Heart Beat Earth Project" for global coherence is a dream which Dan believes can "teach self awareness" using the internet as a tool. Through the use of a biofeedback devise connected to a home computer, the heartbeat at the moment of compassion registers a specific frequency signature that possesses very special properties. This frequency, or wave, can add and multiply itself infinitely and non-destructively, and can be experienced outside oneself. His experiments with humans sending love to trees have shown that the trees respond at a distance by entraining and aligning in phase to the heart, capacitively, at moments of peak emotion. This indeed tends to confirm that our choices to FEEL coherently may be our best leverage on fabricating ecoystems, perhaps ultimately surpassing the strength of bulldozers in shaping our world!
As thousands of hearts are connected, a database records and displays heartbeats registering the signature for compassion (via the Internet). By focusing our collective intention through compassion around the planet, the evidence suggests many possibilities, such as atmospheric repair and stabilization. This concept demonstrates the collective power of how hearts entrained with the feeling of compassion can reshape our world, a truly empowering phenomenon and perhaps a turning point in our conscious evolution. Dan is seeking investment capital for developing the "Heartbeat Earth Project" and a suite of interactive biofeedback computer games for children using this principle.

Dan draws on many sources, including science, mythology, popular culture, and even channeled information, looking for ideas about the deep connectedness of all things and how the profound nature of our oneness can be approached from architecture or art, math or biology, electronics/computers or myth. With a powerful sense of the bridges between worlds, Dan has a talent for both poetry and rigor in his language and his twinkling eyes energy.
Among his many projects, Dan is developing a new breakthrough theory on gravity. He believes recursive nesting in field geometries is what creates the implosion "magnetic monopole" wind centering force we call gravity, and thus provides the clue on how to arrange magnetic long waves to repair gravity fabric and restore atmosphere retention. This also suggests how ONLY LOVE BENDS THE LIGHT, AND THERFORE ONLY LOVE CREATES. The fractal attractor of the heart's electricity accompanying the learned and teachable skill of choosing compassion, ay indeed be the centering force which ultimately makes even star birth's self-referrent and therefore self-aware!
Currently, Dan is a consultant on multimedia and virtual reality computer animation projects and travels and lectures around the world. He has produced over 50 videotapes on numerous subjects.


You can read more about Dan's research at The Implosion Group's : , Dan Winter can be reached at