Photo Gallery - Onward with the PsychoSynthesis Illuminaries Internationally- ALL Aboard Venice to the Greek Isles... April 08.. (scroll down for the picture gallery)

with Dan Winter, Valerie Sandelin- with Michael Rice and Maia on Greek Islands Cruise from Venice-

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for the FILM - of the Conference on the Cruise.. go here:

Most of the beautiful pictures here are thanks to Michael Rice: AND his new

This Fabulous Photo Tour is largely thanks to Michael Rice:

Here is Michael's daughter - getting ready for our departure.. from Venice...

Maia in Venice Piazza..

The Famous "Trulli" Fractal Capacitive Cone Architecture- near Bari, Eastern Mediterranean Italian Coast..

The TRULLI - Cones -
The PRINCIPLE - LIFE FORCE in Architecture-
here: Limestone Materials (Highly Paramagnetic - of Organic Origin)
Layered like a FRACTAL - to acheive both insulation and capacitive constructive charge compression

The LIFE FORCE in these structures is palpable.

Here we boat ashore to the Santorini Volcanic Cauldera Cone.. (Above our MSC Musica Cruise ship)


Here- Dan speaking in the conference - La Scala Theater (1500 seats) aboard the cruis ship - MSC Musica