Below: Hygiene for Bliss- Book for young people: Implosion Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality by Dan Winter

--updates: Advanced Hygiene for Bliss: How to Switch on KUNDALINI with Dan Winter Feb 21,2016 Course- +.Review of the fundamentals , 2. Advanced and more esoteric practices for raising the kundalini - role of sexual energy- plumbing of the tailbone - etc (& my story): - as Plasma Accelerator, - as Immortality Machine, - as Bliss Cocoon, - as Solar Plasma Squirt Gun, - as Bioactive Field Generator, - as 'Shem':Black Hole Access Device.., - As Plasma Wormhole (Version of this recording with the side column chat text- from learnitlive- click here)


Science of Bliss: The hygiene, the practice, the yoga..the 'Shareable Thoughts'
- with Dan Winter (Book PDF Download below)
- film/course- Film- 150 minutes - -from Course Series from:


1. Implosion Group Announces -Publication of Dan Winter's Original Book

Conscious Kids-Spiritual Path in Simple Science for the Young and Young at Heart,

New Edition - Revised / Updated - Oct 27,07: >
Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality> Complete PDF Download: consciouskidsfull.pdf (14.5meg)

Bliss, Ecstacy, & Immortality Explained -Science & Indigo Kids.., (complete book pdf download below) , return to main index:

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NEW-Conscious Kids-Introduction for YOUNG PEOPLE-to Science of BLISS + Peak Experience

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grandattractor EartHeartBook

Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality

Conscious Kids - Spiritual Path in Simple Science for the Young and Young at Heart - Bliss, Ecstacy, & Immortality Explained

Dan Winter's newest Book - Simplified Language - about DNA & Bliss Making Gravity and Immortal Soul..- Lavishly Illustrated..

200+ pages ..

New Edition - Revised / Updated - Oct 27,07: >
Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality> Complete PDF Download: consciouskidsfull.pdf (14.5meg)


Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality Table of Contents

P 3. Introduction- Science now knows - BLISS- is the only way to health AND immortality!
P 4. Why it is Healthy to want Ecstacy
P 7. Politics of Bliss
P 8. Rave Parties and Musical Recipe for BLISS without Drugs
P 10. Real Meaning of SELF - emPOWERment.
P 12. Religion minus Miracle or Personality Worship- is really about BLISS
P 13. How does CREATION Invite YOU to DO it?
P 14. Secret of ATOMS and CREATION out of DONUTS.
P 19. Secret of LETTERS and ALPHABETS and WRITING.
P 29. Secret of DNA and SPIRALS and FIRE IN THE BLOOD.
P 35. Secret of EMOTION takes SHAPE in DNA- in your BLOOD.
P 42. Secret of BRAIDING DNA - WEAVING CHARGE in your BLOOD - How to Eat Spin!
P 43-44. True Secret SCIENCE behind LORD OF THE RING! Blood that makes Dreams come REAL!
P 48. True Secret Origin of the Bible: The REAL 'Bible Code' in 3D!
P 51. Secret of GRAVITY - It is MORTAL (FATAL) to be stuck below the Speed of Light!
P 52. Secret of IMPLOSION - The Only Way Out of Here!
P 54. Secret of the GOLDEN MEAN.
P 56. Why do you FALL in Love? - the Gravity of the Situation.
P 57. Secret of LOVE - The Divine or Perfectly BRANCHED TOUCH!
P 60. Secret of the SEVENTH SEAL - the SEVENTH SIGN - the SEVENTH SPIN & the RAINBOW!
P 64. Not so Secret Secret of DYING SUCCESSFULLY based in SCIENCE
P 66. Projective Geometry and Etheric Formative Forces from -Waldorf Science -Steiner
P 67. Secret of VISUALIZATION : Creative IMAGINATION Science.
P 68. Secret of FRACTALS and being 'Self Similar': The Inside the LOOKS Like the Outside!
P 72. The Electrical Secret of LIFE and LIFE FORCE: The Ability to ATTRACT CHARGE (Implode).
P 80. Secret of the KA in Mer-KA-bah: Your FIRE (Phi-re) SHIP at Death and Dream's Door.
P 81. Secret Origin of ROYAL Blood - EMOTION - Programming DNA in your Blood: .
P 84. Secret of INDIGO CHILDREN: Holy BLUE! When Your Blood GLOWS -Indigo.
P 86. Secret of NEPHILIM: The Fallen Ones - When Does DNA Stop SHINING?
P 91. Secret of MAGIC: Shape the CHARGE and Form LIFE.
P 95. Secret of RAPTURE: Compression in the Solar Wind- Test by FIRE.
P 104. Secret of Ending PARASITES: Only the Shareable Survive the FIRE of Compression.
P 106. Secret of HOW LIFE SPREADS: Billiard Balls that TOUCH Perfectly.
P 110. Biology versus the SPIRIT of IMMORTALITY.
P 114. Secret of the Extra Terrestrial Origin of DNA: Assa-Uru and the Dinosaur.
P 116. Secret of SMELL / "Olfaction": Infra-red Notch and Smell the Blood.
P 118. Secret of the HEART OF GOLD: Love's Music Measured in the Heart.
P 120. Secret of Dowsing: Can you FEEL Magnetism- Do or Die?
P 124. Secret of LABYRINTHS.
P 131. Secret of Tornado Steering: Alphabet Swallowing and Tornado Entry.
P 133. Paying Your DEBT to GRAVITY.
P 142. Secret of MICROWAVES: They are the Bliss Radio of Glands-Don't Mess with Microwaves.
P 145. Secret LIFE OF TREES.
P 157. Secret of POLARITY - Plus and Minus - Yin and Yang - Converge Diverge- Centrifuge-CentriPEDE?
P 162. WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR ? - in the Galactic Scheme of Things.
P 165. True Secret of Djedai Knighthood.
P 169. Practical Exercises- SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT - Breath - versus TIME TRAVEL.
P 174. Design Your DIET - Design Your MOVEMENT - Design Your PLACE -- ALL FOR BLISS!
P 181. The CONSCIOUS KITCHEN - Ideas for LIFE FORCE in Food Preparation.
P 185. Valerie's Youthful Spiritual Quest - Bliss Experience Real Life Story -

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 Implosion's Grand Attractor
new 3HR Hi Resolution, PAL DVD Film!

Dan Winter's complete Animated Narrated Tour - Computer Visuals (first 90min) - then: Bliss Hygiene Intro (Newly Filmed in Byron Bay -) PLUS 1 hr: STAR ORIGINS of HighGenes Story COMPLETE...

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 NEW Dates & Places 2004: Part One-4 Day, & Part Two -Advanced-Residential Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion- Practitioner Trainings:
For All Course Information / Reservations / Venue Info:
contact- Implosion Group - Dan Winter Curriculum- special email address click here to email :
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Alternatively online info (& registration for Part Two advanced) also at:

new- online version color printable 200+ page Course Manual: Implosion's Grand Attractor !

Jan 22-25: Byron Bay, Australia: Part One 4 day- Beautiful conference Center overlooking Byron

Feb 19-22: Perth: Part One. 4 -day Course - Beautiful Conference/Wholistic Center (with healing pool) outside Perth- Special Hands on Earth Grid Presentation. Thurs eve.-Sun. Hosted with Nadine at Healing Center- also with Malcolm.

Feb 27-29: Johannesburg, South Africa: 2 day Conference- Steiner Center..

Mar 4-7: Zurich. Lebenskraft ('Life Force') International at Zurich Conference Center Messe). Featuring Gold Egg - Measuring Life Force

Mar 18-21: Amsterdam: Part One 4 Day - Thurs eve Mar18, 7-10 pm, Fri19 Sun 21 10 am - 5

Mar 25-28: Lindau, Germany (near Austria,90 min -Munich): Part One -4 Day Intensive - added theme- Science and the Shaman

April 16-17 & 18, 2004: Lisbon- 2nd International Conference-Emotional Intelligence / Education and Health..

April 22-25: Turin, Italy - Part One -4 Day Intensive - Beautiful Rural Italian Setting with Translation: New! - Italian Website- COMPLETE BOOK AVAILABLE BEAUTIFULLY TRANSLATED in Italian.

April 29- May 2: Oslo, Norway: (retreat center outside Oslo)Part One - 4 Day Intensive . includes Sacro Cranial Community and Peace University interest groups.

May 13-16. Chennai (Madras) India: Part One -4 Day Intensive - Active Flower of Life Conference Center - National Indian Audience.

June 3 - 6 Trimuri, St.Tropez (South France) Conference Center: Part One- 4 day - French Translation.-French Info

June 24-27 Stockholm, Sweden, Part One 4 day.Sponsor: Sirius Center..

Aug 15 - 18: Trimuri, St.Tropez (South France) Conference Center: - Part Two - 4 Day - Advanced / Residential in lush Tropical Retreat Center.

Oct 1-4: Calgary Alberta- 4 Day Intensive- Celebrating the Americas- Straw Bale Sacred Space..

Below: Cancum Tulum : Mexico Tour group reaches Pyramid Top..

Below: The course group in Cuzco, Peru

Below: the Retreat center conference outside Sao Paolo, Brazil

Below: the group in action- Kaitai, New Zealand