"The Secret of Biologic Architecture: FRACTAL Symmetry CONCENTRATES LIFE FORCE!"

Can LIFE Force and GROWTH Force be CONCENTRATED by GEOMETRY (Electric Field Symmetry)?

from Dan Winter -
Celebrating our International University Symposium on BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE - Mexico City Oct 12-14, 07
in Association with the BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE Team.- goldenmean.info/architecture

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¿What is Biological Architecture? Download the article Research and Science behind Biological Architecture.

  1. "Learn how to create life force in your space"

    Concentrating life force requires 'the rose':

“Only when science defines the ('Fractal' & Electrical) symmetry of what makes life - can architects BUILD LIFE”. Dan Winter

We know from studies like Professor Bill Tiller - that focused human attention measureably concentrates an electric field. ('Charge Compression'). His book: "Conscious Acts of Creation" see review at goldenmean.info/makingwaves

It is clear from pure physics that the best way to acheive this constructive compression of charge which is the measureable result of human attention - is FRACTALITY (Simply imagine a rose shape among biologic electric fields- and you have the picture). Fractal geometry is the ONLY physics of perfect compression - and THEREFORE the only geometry of perfect de-compression: charge distribution becomes perfected. This rose petal like efficiency of distributed CHARGE is the 'phase conjugate' biologic field effect we now know DEFINES ALL OF LIFE! ( references: goldenmean.info/fractalfield , goldenmean.info/perception , goldenmean.info/phaseconjugation )

It takes very little stretch of the imagination to understand that the same ROSE PETAL like 'fractal' charge field - will CONCENTRATE and PRODUCE attention / life force and vitality. Physics has been very stupid to not realize that growth force and life force, vitality, and attention itself - CAN BE CONCENTRATED and FOCUSED by ELECTRIC FIELD SYMMETRY. This is the essential insight behind biologic architecture.

All of life has gone to a great deal of trouble to 'get fractal or get dead'. We see for example that in fractal or recursive charge environments ('orgone') that seed germination weights improve 30% in replicable experiment. Once we see the electric principle - that all DNA must have fractal enviornments electrically - in order to thrive - we then MUST apply this to architecture.

Dan Winter
  1. What does the fractal electrical charge field mean and it's design application in architecture?
  2. The principles behind biological architecture:
    • Wave symmetry and distribution
    • The fractal and charge field in architecture that creates health in spaces.
    • The architectural structures that create cancer cells and disease.
    • Dr. Irving Dardik's criteria of the waves of the heart related to spaces.
    • The different architectural structures that produce different emotional states.
    • The principles of harmonic inclusivity.
  3. Defining the fractal field in the service of Biology and fractality in its symmetrical forms.
  4. Electrical measurements of the Life Force and the sustainable spaces.
  5. The use of color in biological architecture.
  6. The use of Electromagnetic Maps.
  7. Commercial aspects of Biological Architecture.


You will learn and understand a deep new vocabulary:

Life Force
Wave Environment
Sacred Geometry

•  Understanding the geometrical patterns, fractality and mathematical proportions that create life in order to build and design with.

•  What is a “Biological Capacitor” how it works, and how it's designed.

•  The essence of the patterns of symmetry.

•  Application of these principles in designing and remodeling houses, offices and buildings.

•  Understanding and creating “Implosion Points”, (a specific place where a number of waves converge)

•  How to create an environment that facilitates our concentration and our focus?

•  Learn how life has the ability to attract and auto-organize electromagnetic charge fields. “The more harmonic inclusiveness, the more fractality. The more fractality, the more life.” Dan Winter

•  Understanding the “fractal field” in architecture, agriculture and urban design.

•  Learn how to build and design spaces that generate Life Force.

•  Learn about the structures and patterns that help reduce A.D.D.

•  Learn to design working places where you reduce absenteeism to almost zero, such as the Nederlandsche Bank.

•  Understanding the use of the electrical symmetry of biology.

•  Designing places that are “ electrically healthy ” for the human biology.

•  Make layouts that reduce Elektrosmog.

•  How to include patterns of paramagnetic stones in buildings, such as Dolmens, Geometrical layouts, labyrinths.

•  Work with the “Heart tuner” and “Bliss tuner”, biofeedback tools that have been developed to measure the Force of Life, freshness and health of people related to the places they live and work.

"A new approach to the Interior Design "

 Through the “Science of Implosion and Sustainable Geometry” and a friendly way of living, we can create a world of peace, health and clarity as our everyday life. You will explore the universal principles and ancient knowledge and will listen to the concept “Force of Life” that comes from Occidental knowledge, and how this is very important and relevant to our modern times.

“Learn the secrets that made Le Corbusier and Gaudi's architecture famous”


Who Can Benefit Directly:

•  Landscape architects

•  Architects

•  Horticulturists

•  Urban Planners

•  Building Developers, Owners and Managers

•  Environmental Scientists, Academics and Researchers

•  Policy Makers and EPA representatives


"The application of architecture with the newest theories"

Dan Winter - USA

Regarded as one of the most dynamic thinkers of our time, American-born Dan Winter is an internationally respected academic, physicist, author, accomplished keyboard artist, master animator, inventor and one of the foremost authorities on Sacred Geometry and the Scientific Nature of Consciousness.

Dan places himself on the cutting edge of science and uses his teachings to inspire others to take a fresh look at their belief systems, environment, health and the development of their consciousness.

By drawing on science, mythology and popular culture, Dan is constantly formulating breakthrough ideas about the deep connectedness of all things and how the profound nature of our "oneness" can be approached via sacred geometry, architecture, art, maths, biology, computers, electronics and myth. His theories have formed the basis of notable research in the US and around the world.

The hi-resolution projection and sheer scale of Dan's visual presentations, combined with his lively lectures, extraordinary knowledge and sonic music samples taken from biological events, make for an unforgettable and unique experience.


Arq.Ka Consultants en www.arqka.com

Michael Rice: www.holisticarchitecture.com

Dan Winter: http://www.goldenmean.info/architecture/mexico.html

Oliver Percebal : www.coherent-architecture.co.uk

Overview of the Curriculum for the University - International Conference BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE:

Oct 12-14: Mexico City- Biologic ARCHITECTURE- University Conference with Dan Winter + Michael Rice more info- psicogeometria.com Arturo and Ninon-see flyer:

Oct 12-14, 2007 - with Daniel Winter - Science and the Architecture of LIFE FORCE- www.goldenmean.info
and with Michael Rice - Holistic Architect- (Ireland)- www.holisticarchitecture.com
- Programs Sponsored in Mexico by www.psicogeometria.com - Arturo and Ninon

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