HeartTuner versus HeartMath's FreezeFramer:

A 'Coherent' Comparison

- This article is greatly expanded in scope at:(Dec 03) History of (EKG) Heart Harmonic Research-

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for info about Heart Tuner and availability - see Heart Coherence Team, heartcoherence.com

Dan Winter's paper Using the Cepstrum Mathematics to Measure Coherence , Dan's International Seminar Schedule: Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion.

So many users of HeartTuner - have asked for a detailed comparison with HeartMath's Freeze Framer - it is appropriate to have a simple chart:

 Feature  Freeze Framer  HeartTuner Pro
 Measures Time (Milliseconds) Between Beats to display Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  Yes  Yes
 Graphs Time History of Rate Change (HRV wave)  Yes  Yes

 Graphs HRV in classic 3 Bar Graph

(1 of which they call 'The Zone')

 Yes  Yes
 Measures Ability to Breath at One Frequency - by noting rate change curve - (which HeartMath calls 'Coherence' and associates with relaxation)  Yes  Yes
 Measures OVERALL Heart Coherence.  No  Yes
 Measures and graphs the complete ECG wave. (Electrocardiogram)  No  Yes
 Measures 2 Persons at Once for Dynamic Comparison Feedback  No  Yes (HeartTuner displays 2 channels of COHERENCE - but 1 at a time for HRV display / switchable)

 Spectral Response (window)

Freeze Framer measures light penetration at skin to see a 'soft' curve approximating blood volume. HeartTuner measures real ECG Electrocardiogram.

 0 to .5 hertz  0 to 60 hertz
 Coherence response visible when your Heart feels a burst of love for example.  No  Yes
 Ability to Measure when 2 Hearts Get on the Same Wavelength (Empathy / Compassion / Tantra etc.)  No  Yes
 Available Sensors  - 1 Channel Lo Freq.Heart HRV only.

 -2 Channel Full Heart ECG including precise full wave HRV & Higher Frequencies.

-2 Channel Full EEG Brainwave plus Coherence

- Charge / Inductor / Life Force & Electrosmog Array.

 Ability to Input Any External Source for Complete Harmonic Analysis.  No  Yes
 Utilizes Dan Winter's Pioneering New Cepstrum Mathematics to Measure INTERNAL Coherence. (Never before measured)  No  Yes (both ECG and EEG)
 Measures & Plays Back Musical Key of HeartBeat  No  Yes (1 or 2 at once)
 Cost  $295 US  1280 Euro (Euro is close to Dollar). Includes 2 sets ECG, 1 of EEG Electrodes. Install CD Includes 5 Training Videos. (HeartTuner costs less than most 2 channel brainwave systems, yet delivers ECG, EEG, plus LifeForce measures- as well as first ever INTERNAL coherence measure.)
 Advisory Support from the Inventor of ECG Power Spectra to Teach Emotional Coherence (Dan Winter)  No  Yes
 Full export of raw data, power spectra & coherence data spreadsheet arrays for research analysis.  No  Yes
 Used by the Military  Yes  No
 Responds quickly showing the result of a smile or laugh - or a feeling of love.  No (In general sees no event shorter than about 8 seconds).  Yes - Cepstrum Coherence peak updated every second - responds to a 2 second simple smile very nicely.

To understand the difference between the HeartMath 'Freeze Framer' and the Heart Coherence Team - "Heart Tuner", it is helpful to understand the background. (Brought to you by Implosion Group).

The background begins with a short history of Dan Winter's (whose work inspired HeartTuner) interesting role in the history of HeartMath Institute. Dan was living for a short time near Santa Cruz California - working with at that time Jim Hickman, Henry Dakin, Mike Murphy, Elizabeth Rauscher, Gregory Bateson, and many of the early "Physics of Consciousness" crowd. While Sufi Dancing with the famous Sufi Sam - groups in Ben Lomond, and Felton, California - Dan became a frequent guest at Christopher Hill's "University of the Tree's" there. (That organization eventually became HeartMath.) Dan studied Aura vision and subjective sciences there, and later Christopher Hill's offered to publish one of Dan's early books "One Crystal's Dance". (Now exerpted beautifully in the beginning of his 2nd book "Alphabet of the EarthHeart" -300 p Acrobat download). Dan later stayed in touch with the developments there during their interest in more psychotronic devices.. notably Robert Beasly - (now in New Zealand) work on vibration theory.

During the interim, (while Dan was developing his career as an electrical inventor in Western New York) a famous merging happened between the folks at University of the Trees versus the down home folks from back in North Carolina - with Doc Lew Childre and Rollin McCraty. Ended up that the whole crowd from North Carolina moved in to the small community in then rural California. Interesting things happened - a realization hit that selling spirulina and psychotronic devices was not sustainable, - a major falling out which essentially ejected Christopher Hills himself from the community he founded, and - (relevant to this tale).. the boys from North Carolina managed to get a music CD about Heart Zones .. based on some romantic idea about Heart Music.. actually into the charts.

Once the small group actually began to get some income, the search was on for a little science to back up the romantic notion that HeartMath - that is Heart Mathematics could actually analyze feelings of love in the Heart.

Now we switch back to the story of Dan Winter - he was busily engaged to follow his dream that indeed musical analysis would be the breakthru in the study of emotion. His graduate work with Professor Al Ax - involved the first electrical descrimination of fear versus anger in external psychophysiological variables (like GSR etc.). He was studying the Sentic work and realized that frequency signatures of ECG and EEG might well revolutionize the study of emotion.

A leading area physician Dr. Bruce Middendorf convinced him to do serious research, and had a study protocol accepted for him at Millard Fillmore (teaching) Hospital in Buffalo New York. Dan Winter brought in his early Mac based spectrum analyzer to the polygraphic ("Dent Neurological") Sleep Research Lab there. With the help of generous Engineer consultant Scott Woodward from University of Buffalo Hydrodynamics Lab, they got THIS chart in their first day at the lab:


In the now famous story, professional healer Foster Perry ("When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird") was lying on the bed connected to the multichannel polygraph. A film crew from China came thru, and then Foster said: "I'm sending love to the children in China" - and at that moment the beautiful 'squiggle' cascade (arrow) showed up in the lo frequency harmonic analysis of his EKG. (ECG). Dan credits Scott Woodward for having the sense to look in the 0-20 hertz bandwidth so well known for EEG (Alpha/Theta etc.) and Schumann resonance phenomena.

To Dan's credit, also on that first day - about 25 years ago, he sat down with his little calculator and figured out that the distance in hertz between the adjacent harmonics there in the heart power spectra at that moment for some reason landed as near as he could measure on about .79 hz., approximating the square root of .618 (Golden Ratio). (He now teaches that this cascade of non-destructive collapse acceleration based on PHI called PHIRICAIS - is the basis for all non-linear energy, and self-awareness itself.)

Well this famous story picture became the coeur of Dan's firsts book "Alphabet of the Heart" (download). In that book - Dan Winter predicted that EKG harmonic based Coherent Emotion would be proven as the programmer of DNA. Later Glen Rein did the research at HeartMath Institute at Dan's suggestion to show that Heart Coherence measureable effected the braiding (coherence) in DNA. (Rein Paper)

Dan was convinced that if there were a way to quantify and simply measure the symmetry and beauty in this (COHERENT) cascade - of harmonics that showed up in the ECG - AT THE MOMENT OF LOVE ... then he would have his holy grail.. a way of measuring love.

Imagine Dan's joy today, when the little girl in Los Angeles inner city school looks at a friend she obviously LOVES and at that instant sees her dynamic measure of HEART COHERENCE soar like a laser. And then - when 2 children actually feel for each other, they see that their heart's actually phase lock - and make getting on the same wavelength MEASUREABLE. In 2 separate ways, (neither of which is even hinted at in feedback from Freeze Framer).. Dan's dream of making love and compassion measureable and teachable are today realized in the modern HeartTunerPro.

But... back to our story.

Rollin and Doc and the boys from Institue Heart Math's early days, must have kept very appraised of Dan's early work on the TRUE Heart Mathematics. They phoned him many times at his family business in Buffalo, New York - begging him to come out and teach them how to replicate the work he had done on Heart Harmonics. (This was before anyone associated with HeartMath had ever measured an ECG). Dan was well aware, that teaching them would probably be a thankless task, but was interested in having his work replicated to further develop his own theories. So he waited about a year before agreeing to visit them, and specified a whole list of equipment they would have to buy before he would come and teach them how to measure heart harmonics.

Rollin at HeartMath followed Dan's instructions to the letter, and sure enough - even on the first day of his arrival they - they produced beautifully harmonic charts... like these which were done on the 'Doc's' EKG using Dan's technique:

As the harmonics which became coherent extended to the right into higher frequencies (a form of 'ascention'??), the emotional state became more coherent.

Here is the paper on Dan Winter's EKG research done at HeartMath Institute, as edited by Rollin McCraty after Dan's second tour there at Rollin's request : danEKGpaper.pdf

Dan was adamant that the correct term for this onset of phase ordering in contained heart harmonics during emotional peak states, was COHERENCE. While Rollin McCraty staff there were entirely dis-believing. Dan spent the better part of three years convincing Rollin that the term COHERENCE was correct, since phase discipline or ordering in the frequency distance between contained harmonics is exactly what makes a laser for example COHERENT.

The irony here, is that now- Heart Math has adopted Dan's term COHERENCE for this phenomenon, and although they claim to measure Heart Coherence - they dismally fail to do so in any meaningful way.

This above - ECG spectrum showing elegant symmetry in the Heart Power Spectra (during emotional coherence .. for which 'appreciation' may be a somewhat limited term)- from Heart Math's own literature - is exactly what Dan Winter taught Heart Math to do. And here also they CORRECTLY call this phenomenon COHERENCE - as Dan Winter finally convinced them. Sadly, this beautiful phenomenon is not visible on Freeze Framer. (And as Dan predicted, Heart Math completely failed to acknowledge him for leading them into this work).

The elegance and beauty of Heart Tuner is that Dan Winter found a radically new way to quantify and MEASURE this phenomenon of 'INTERNAL' (or 'auto') COHERENCE - which so beautfully measures internal emotional coherence states.

The technique involves using a second order power spectra called a 'Cepstrum' (previously labeled Septrum - see screen shot) (here HeartTuner displays the amount of coherence simultaneously in one person's heart and brain, and makes visible the moment when his heart and head link!).


HeartTuner's display shows a beautiful COHERENCE peak whenever your heart discovers any intention which is SHAREABLE... 

Also HearTuner shows beautifully when 2 heart's link:

Note: that this small part of the HearTuner screen displays all the essential information available to Freeze Framer users: (including the bar graph of HRV harmonics standard in medical literature)

Here - the new averaging over any time window of HeartCoherence is shown:

So, where are we in our story. Heart Math's Freeze Framer has a nice introductory role in teaching people to become aware that if their breath becomes even, they get better even-ness in their emotion.

The above graph of a sinuous wave in the heart's period or rate corresponding to the breath is from the HeartMath literature. The service to make learning to breathe in a periodic way - measureable IS helpful.

To call this phenomenon Heart Coherence is profoundly misleading and unhelpful. Especially since real Heart Coherence IS measureable. Calling the rise in power of one single harmonic like this in the lo (HRV range) frequencies of the Heart - as COHERENCE - is like saying just because one soldier is marching across the bridge in an even step - that the whole army is coherent. The whole army of different size soldiers (frequencies contained in the heart) is not coherent until all their steps or harmonics come into phase lock. This REAL INTERNAL COHERENCE in the heart - is what the HeartTuner measures. Imagine again the little child, or anyone, who at the moment they LOOK at someone they really love and care about - see the COHERENCE (Cepstrum) peak rise dramatically on the HeartTuner screen. Even small children understand instantly as the see their measured heart coherence soar when they FEEL PASSION or COMPASSION- that this IS the immortalizing difference 'between a flashlight and a laser' in their own heart.

The exciting thing is that HeartTuner's use of Dan's CEPSTRUM discover to measure this coherence - ACTUALLY WORKS TO MEASURE PASSION and FIRE in the Heart!!

In summary, if you want the ultimate experience of seeing your heart music lighting the fire of coherence, try the HeartTuner. Heart Math Institute learned the corporate logo to well sell their simple tool. And credit to them for that. They have even interested the military in relaxation therapy. What they need to do now to restore a fragment of credibility is:

1. Correct their literature to admit that the only real measurement of Heart (ECG) internal coherence requires the Cepstrum - 2nd order power spectral math pioneered by Winter.

2. They should recommend HeartTuner and learn to teach it to their network.

3. Credit Dan Winter role in their early training in EKG power spectra.

For the sake of distribution, the HeartTuner network will by it's product quality clearly replace the Freeze Framer concept. HeartMath's choice is one be absorbed in a friendly collaboration, or by product obsolescene.