Well "Lettered": Cherokee (BirdTribe) vs Ophanim/Enochian and the Star Alphabet

"..a font is the cookie cutter nozzle- steering the squirtgun of a burning Flame Letter fountain" (ode to "The Burning Fountain" book by Phillip Wheelwright on the origins of language)

-"...the Alpha-Betic Language of Light is the Symmetry ELements of Spin necessary to non-destructively nest light domain donuts".

Moroni's 'Foil' as the Magneto Domains Map to the Symmetry Operations Light Uses to "Assume the Position" / "Get Recursive"

by Dan Winter, 3/10/2000, url for this article is ../cherokee , other articles at ../sitemap.html

this article follows: Solarfeeling: Tutankhamun Prophecies, the role of Star Maps to permit inhabiting solar fire?

dedicated to dear Elizabeth whose research on the star map faces in (Mormon) Utah..(the Utes), led her to tell me about:

Sequoyah and His Syllabary (Origin of the Cherokee / Bird Tribe? Alphabet) :

quoting here " ..had come across an article a while ago, which speculated on the possibility that Sequoyah was not an inventor of the syllabary, but was a member of a secret group of Cherokee scribes, using a writing method that was centuries old. I couldn't find the article again. Instead, I found what I take to be the source of the article, _Tell Them They Lie_, by Traveller Bird.

The book tells the harrowing story of Sequoyah, whose real name was Sogwili, and who took his name "George Guess" from a White captive. Sogwili was a member of the Seven Clan Scribe Society, which had held the secret of writing since a group of Southwestern people had brought it with them on thin plates of gold. (Mormons must love this part. In fact, the reference to plates of gold is underlined in pen wherever it appears in the book.) "

Compare with the Seven Sisters / Pleaides / 7 Arrows stories of the origin of BIRD TRIBES , Cherokee etc.. as at FACES ON THE LAND As EVOLUTION OF LONG WAVE AWARENESS.

Exerpt:"In their Eagle dance, the Chi ROOK KEY (Rookery is bird nest) enact the threading of inner vision through the slip knot of the seven sisters of the Pleides above the crown. (thanks to Dhyani Ywahoo).." And thanks to Dhyani for gasping when I first showed her the slides of the Enochian Ophanim letters (here depicted), she said they were the Ancient Earth Root Tongue of the Cherokee.. Adawi? (Even as the flame letters of Hebrew became the tribal glyphs of the Adnamatna Aboriginals of Flinders Range Australia.(Valnaapa = Ophanim?, their star maps there are another story). It was that moment at her SunRay Meditation society which planted the first seed for this article.


And what about 'thin plates of gold': Ever look at the literature on superconductivity in gold thin films?:

The Gold plate usage of Moroni:... Clearly the REASON Joseph Smith saw Moroni as a "White Salamander" (see book), was what the Christian's called the Saraphim angels, were in fact of the Reptilian family. (related to the role of the Draco , Typhon , Charlie who ran Montauk etc.) The Moroni reptile was white, with the needed genetic radiance. The "fallen' part of their DNA line (NEPHI-lim), were no longer able to get the immortalizing implosion going in their DNA from Heart /bliss /emoto-psychokinetics alone, and thus required the external symmetry of golds field effect domains to implode their genes. (Ormes /manna / Starfire replaced good 'vestal' Menstrual blood -oil of messeh/reptile 'juice'/Messiahship.).

The symmetry of those magnetic fields embedded in gold (plates) was the Tetra-crystal symmetry indexed (Urim/Thummin), alphabet Joseph Smith learned by studying the Chaldean (see the Draco morph of Sumerian goddess Secret Places of the Lion..) roots of Egyptian (before he took up grave robbing).

Part of the subsequent Mormonic urge to properly inhabit star maps, was in part the Saraphim instruction that genetic lines, do not get the morphic fractal magnetic resonance to squirt themselves into stars, without inhabit fractal starmap landscapes. See the projection of the Eagle in Pennsylvania, up the reverse flowing GENEssee river (where Joseph Smith started near Rochester..), then the "ADAM ON DIAMOND" Sitchen Sioux huge StarMap he tried to inhabit near St.Joseph, Missouri (we have lost Miranda), to the pent star faces around Park City Utah, dear Elixabeth researches in todays Mormon homeland.

Moroni was and is appropriately concerned that his Nephilitic (fallen) blood line family branch will not acheive soul-harvest (DNA implosion sustained immortality/superluminality). So he still guards those plates, awaiting a use of them that will restore the symmetry hygiene to DNA /the hydrodynamics of glandular BLISS, necessary to "redeem" the family line.

The same DNA bending EKG Phi implosive power spectra of bliss, is contained in the proper ritual turn -'sufi dance' - in those 'letters' magnetic domains folded in gold. The human rite of passage. Look for a (Phi shareable?) heart of gold before (lest) you grow old.


Related, new at: Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion Note the suggestion of double vortex converging immediately below (as in Ophanim 'StarGate' mythos Antarean Conversion depicted further below):A LENS for Gravity? (TIMEWAVE: Getting Feeling Centered in A Gravity Lens: A Visual Understanding of Gravity Implosion, Solar Flare Peak, Gravity Lensing, and
Relationship ...../timewave/index.html )

added 3/10/2000: Japan's Cultural Heritage Reflected in the Star Lore of Orion:

So with a nudge from Elizabeth, it was clearly time to MAP the facial symmetry of these CHEROKEE letters, to the OPHANIM ENOCHIAN..

So what I did was, to download the Cherokee True Type font from links at(above)

Then I simply type those Cherokee Letters in upper and lower case, below the Ophanim /Enochian. (My source on Ophanim /Enochian )was the wonderful work by Vincent Bridges and Darlene, depicted on the bottom of (above linked also) Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion . More info / their publications at http://www.sangraal.com/AMET (A Monument to the End of Time).

Let us remember the context here, John Dee, intimate of Bacon/Shakesphere frustrated with incompleteness knowing most of the languages of this planet, asks to learn the true angelic language of light. An Ophanim Angel knocks on his window, hands him the Green Stone (still in the British Museum). The magnetic field domain traces in the stone seen clairvoyantly became the lifetime study which is today: Enochian Letters, Enochian Physics, Order of the Golden Dawn, and (the weather/tectonic regulating) Enochian Calls high magic. (Not to mention: True star penetrating Tantra, see Jack Parson's note, bottom).

Important to note that mechanism of interpretation to learn the OPHANIM alphabet, clairboyant scrying magnetic field symmetry domains (in a non-linear matrix /phase conjugate mirror implication?, see also 'ultimate computer language'/ info storage compression density symmetry set /Hiburu/ at philotactics ), was the same as the way Joseph Smith read Gold Tablets. (Urim/Thummin at 7 spin tetra tilt indices reference below)

So, comparing the 2 completely separate star alphabet's from Earth, here's what I got:

(now try to imagine yourself as a tribal shaman responsible for remembering the symmetry map of the pattern of light you saw in order to STEER yourself as your enter star corridor wormholes, and then WRITING it down.. note how many glyphs could be shadows on the wall of a cave of a tilted spiral down a vortex... as in Hebrew/Anglish letter origins)..(see also, how to keep memory thru death: Symmetry Map to the Bardo -&shades of Voynich Manuscript- at:The Geometry of Eternality )

I have very roughly noted in red, letters whose general symmetry connection suggests FAR more than a coincidence here. Given the remoteness into antiquity of the ("Seven Clan Scribe Society") rememberers of these tilt spiral light trails into wormholing Shaman space, I call the implication here... POWERFUL.

Maybe the faction ignorant of the roots of their sacred symbols, torturing the hero in the movie "P(h)i" simply forgot how to SEE for themselves.(picture of dan winter at PI the Movie, see STOCK MARKET GOLDEN MEAN PATH TO PREDICTABILITY FROM CHAOS (any oscillator becoming self aware=harmonic PHI)


These Ophanic Enochian letters were the actual glyphs (magnetic vortex symmetry templates) used to operate the Arc Angle in the Movie "StarGate". (suggested by Vincent Bridges). I believe it was Michael Ash, the 'chief time empath' at Montauk who reported to me that the StarGate makers could have been sued for using so much of the actual story of what happened at MONTAUK. (keywords: deca-delta antennae, raid on Aldeboran). Important clue in the film about WHY learning alphabets was illegal. (punishable by death).


The points being 2:

1: The Annunaki /Enlil / Yalweh/ Niburu / ----- always made it difficult for their droids (golem/TakAdama / you&me) to become as psychokinetic as they.

2. The mechanism of entry into the super luminal time 'worm' requires the accurate knowledge of the symmetry tilt of field domains (in order to implode into the heterodyne Phi recursion neccessary to go 'warp velocity") which we call innocently enough "alphabets".


Note again the pictures of the SYMMETRY (image 6 of that series from Vincent reprinted below) of the Enochian from Vincent Bridges and Darlene, reprinted at the bottom of: Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion Next point, per those pics, THE ACTUAL SYMMETRY OF THE ENOCHIAN OPHANIC LETTERS, AND APPARENTLY ORIGIN CHEROKEE, IS AGAIN THE TILT OF THE CUBE INTO THE HYPERCUBE / (TESSERACT?) CLEAR IMPLICATION OF CUBE WRATCHET INTO ANOTHER SPIN SYMMETRY (the only possible 4th dimension: DODECAHEDRON).

So that is the way to tilt fields into the time worm/vortex? The bird tribe alphabet, was a cookbook for insert squirting genetic magnetics into faster than light immortality?

(also compare with how many of the '18 branching algorhythmns of wild trees' for maps of vortex nests in THE DRUIDIC ALPHABET:Futhark )





 Alphabets and (wave mechanic) Symmetry Operations:

Alice: Was it really all done with Mirrors?

Subject: Re:Reverse Mind / Human Alphabet , Fri, 10 Mar 2000 , From: "Raphiem" <raphiem@onebox.com>
Ahhh!! i hope i've got this understanding right .... so what you're saying
is behavior comes from conciousness rather than mind ... where as symbols
are created by the mind and used by intelligence as language/alphabet
... in essence we are alphabets expressing communication.

thanks this has just sparked a couple of new neuron pathways ...

....humans used as alphabets for a purposeful cosmic language.... i have
to think more on this ... we are an alphabet.

later ....Raphiem: http://mission-ignition.tripod.com
--- James Horak <jho443@airmail.net> wrote:
Raphiem wrote: the discussion thread on Jack Parson'; etc is interesting and glad
> to see more on reverse speech ....
> >
> > James, if one was to develope mechanisms to reverse smell, or reverse
> > light-optics received by the eye, or any of the other senses would
> there also exist the anomalies as found in reverse speech as you have preiously
> > well covered???
> >
> > to use an example of one of the senses ...
> > I know the work of Tomatis, who developed similiar filters and diagnosis
> > for sound heard be the ear, where by the sound frequencies would
> be inversed (different to reversed) or where there were peaks or gaps in the
> frequency spread of the sound heard by an individual and a reflection of their brain/neuron/co-ordination alignments - Raphiem
> An interesting question. One that can only resoundingly be answered
> by those that actually enter dreamscapes "unified" most likely. To compare both
> the "outside" and "inside".
> I haven't found it to be the case. The dream seems to be momentarily
> unifying, in time at least, to the conscious and subconscious.
> But in speech, the visual and other-sensory, seems dormant. The subconscious may be as free from being tied to symbology in its use of language
> as we are representations of the alphabet. JCH
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Interesting aside here: The Jack Parsons referred to above is the same for whom JPL (JPL was Jack Parson's Lab originally? thanks: Jay Weidner) was named as much for his star penetrating Jet Propulsion, as his star penetrating (symmetry of DNA excitation) Tantra he learned from John Dee who started the Ophanim tradition (/Golden Dawn), and Enochian letters above!

Subject: Cherokee Syllabary and Hebrew...
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 18:56:18 -0400
From: Stephen Brandon <selu@bellsouth.net>
To: "'dan@..'" <dan@..>

Though I'm more than a tad dubious about the theory that the Cherokee
syllabary predates contact---I mean most the letters used clearly are
derived from European models, I thought I'd pass along the title of a book
by Elias Boudinot, signer of the Declaration of Independence and prominent
founding father from NJ. Any case, in the book _Star in the West_ (1816),
Boudinot argues that the Native Americans are the lost tribes of Israel.
Part of the evidence he uses is derived from Adair, an early explorer who
wrote on the Cherokee noting supposed similarities between their language
and Hebrew.

In case the name, Elias Boudinot, sounds familiar, Elias Boudinot, Cherokee
and editor of the first native American newspaper, _The Cherokee Phoenix_ ,
took his name from the American founding father because he paid for
Boudinot's education at a missionary school in Conn. Last but not least,
for one of those weird, spooky moments that history sometimes hands you,
Boudinot's press was the first to print using the syllabary, and his friend
and colleague, Samuel Worcester, was the first to have the syllabary cast
as a letter set and the first to publish it.

By the way, the syllabary was altered early in its history, that is, at
least one letter was dropped from Sequoyah's original 86 letters.

Steve Brandon

3/20 Ensuing Commentaries at http://www.egroups.com/group/cherokeendn/

Dan Troxell wrote: "DeNi U-Gu-Ku (translated Danny Owl (great horned owl the hooty hoot owl)) Bird Clan / Owl Family

Decendent of those who lived and died at Ywahoo Falls ... the place of the Hummingbird .... Thunder People of the Mountains .... the ThunderBird of the Red Fire People ....

(Insert here from Dan Winter: we would like to thank D'hayni Ywahoo, www.sunray.org - Cherokee shaman for originally pointing out the connection between Ophanim/Enochian versus the Adawi Star Elder language of the Cherokee - we wonder if her last name = Yahowah - the Cherokee name for GOD = Yalweh - who is Enlil..God of most Indigenous including Michabo / Michael God of Amerindia..
ref: Return of Enki..)

for when is an Ark not an Ark ....

Yahowah ... the cherokee word for the creator ....

the Thunderbolt ark of the cherokee... that sends forth lightning ...
and its people who were the caretakers of the ark... the
thunderbolts... the people of the lightning ...."

"abraham and his family came out of the lands of Ur ... modern day Iran
ect... abrahams fathers father is indian from the americas ....

modern science goofs things when they push the alaskian land bridge
THEORY that the americas were empty and the only way to it was thru a
land bridge 10,000 yrs ago .... now they add the indians came to an
empty america by both means land bridge and boat but the boat had to
rest on the west side of the americas... poppycock ....

the stories of the cherokee say they went that away .... from the
americas to asia ... then asia sent emisaries to this land... the
mongolian people came ...

the indians who went that away ? .... abrahams family .... "

Subject: [cherokeendn] Enoch and the Cherokees, Sun, 19 Mar 2000 , "Dan Troxell" <trox1@net-power.net>
Reply-To: cherokeendn@eGroups.com

just thought I would drop some things here since Enoch ect were
mentioned earlier ....

who has read the books of Enoch?

they r very interesting ....

who has read the book of Mormon?

it is very interesting ....

u may find all my stories and more at the Mormon archives .... in 1997
they came from Utah to talk to me .... several envoys came for the next
6 months to record my stories ....

The Mormons then sent several people to inform and ask me to go to the
islands next to australia to talk to the islanders there .... it seems
that the same things of these islanders practiced by the old ones there
r the exact same things of the Cherokee and no other indian tribe ...
just cherokee... they wanted me to speak to the islanders of this ... I
could not go due to health ...

the last word from utah was that they r deeply studying what they got
and placing it in special archives .... dont know if open to public or

no I am not Mormon ... but the Mormons could not believe what they were
hearing from me .... things only found deep in their archives that the
high ones only knew there ....

just a drop note on some things....

now of Enoch ... the cherokees ... the ark .... the names .... for the
cherokee called this land we call the americas EDENA ... the cherokees
say they r the guardians of Edena .... they protect Edena with fire
.... they sometimes refer to themselves as the Red Fire People ....

DeNi Dan Troxell

for when is 7 14 ..... when is fire not fire .... an ark not an ark
.... for when is a crystal more than a crystal....

for it is said that this world is but a dream and smoke .... the next
world of the afterlife is the real world.... old ancient cherokee
saying ....

for the fingers of the great one touched Jupiter .... who will listen
to the long hand of the ancient sayings .... when it foretold of when
one sees the fingers of fire upon the face of the double sun then the
time is of the coming.... old cherokee saying....

dan winter - response to Dan Troxell <trox1@net-power.net>

Subject: Re: [cherokeendn] Re: Cherokee (BirdTribe) vs Ophanim/Enochian and
the Star Alphabet, Mon, 20 Mar 2000 09:02:44 -0500
interesting you point out
'eden' as cherokee name for divine homeland,

edin was annunaki name for spaceport
annunaki director was
who was named
yalweh (cf:"genesis of the grail kings" by gardner

which is the cherokee name for God?

annunaki genes splicing planetoid
named niburu
technician: hiburu priest used
condon symmetry index called
hebrew alphabet..

it was specifically the greek alphabet gematria
which broke the code
to enochian /shown parallel to cherokee
(here) (ref vincent bridges)
common link to
other indigenous
of hebrew 'flame letter'
alphabet, subset to enochian/cherokee?
as the ophanim group
by the
adnamanta aboriginal
in flinders range, wilpeena pound, near adelaide/australia
use of flame letter and bird tribe motif
please see pics at

adnamanta as 'adamic' race of niburu/hebrew?

dan troxell
or others
can you elaborate on

what is double face of the sun? in

"for the fingers of the great one touched Jupiter .... who will listen
to the long hand of the ancient sayings .... when it foretold of when
one sees the fingers of fire upon the face of the double sun then the
time is of the coming.... old cherokee saying...."

schumacher levy comet be the jupiter finger touch?triggering solar?

solar magnetic indigenous heart from ../solarfeeling

dan winter


.. "face of the double sun"?


Sun's hidden twin stalks planet

Jonathan Leake, Science Editor
WHEN the end of the world comes, we'll know what to blame.
Scientists have found compelling evidence that the Sun has a
baby brother, a dark star whose eccentric orbit is responsible
for periodically showering the Earth with comets and

The dark star - named Nemesis by astronomers - is thought to
be a "brown dwarf" that spins round the Sun in an orbit so large
it is measured in light years, the distance light travels in a year,
equivalent to about 6,000 billion miles.

Popular Binary Stars:

Mu Draconis Draco 17h 05.3m +54° 28' 5.7, 5.7

some times called a
mu dra



Other Names

Errakis; Al Rakis; El Rakis.
Mu Draconis

HR 6370
HD 154906


RA 17 05 19.7
Dec +54 28 13
V 5.80
B-V +0.48
Spectral Type F7V


Dan.. i remember you wrote alot about DUNE>.... perhaps you already know this..... ? so what does this mean to yu........ i know what it means to me.... now where is the KEY....... ? thatyou see...... ? Wio

Subject: Alpha Draconis / Arrakis?
From: Purple Crow

Was it Frank Herbert who wrote "dune"? I forget, even though it was (the
movie version was) just on TV... LOVE David Lynch movies.

Anyway, I went to that "starmap" site and discovered this:

There are 13 stars in the Draco system. hmmm...
#1 is: Alpha Draconis, "Thuban"
#3 is: Gamma Draconis, "Etamin"
#5 is: Epsilon Draconis, "Tyl"
etc... I like the names... hmmm... but get THIS:
#9 is: Mu Draconis, "Arrakis"!!!! WOW!!

Mu is a very interesting connection in and of itself, but, "Arrakis" is the
planet in Dune that had a GREAT WAR over "spice". (the life energy of these
giant worms that were being "mined" for another use by evil beings, sort
of.) This "spice" could enable the beings to shift time and space in order
to hyper jump dimentionally. hmmmm...

The plot thickens...

Did Mr. Herbert KNOW something? (eyes WIDE OPEN) =)

Purple "Reptoid" Crow.