Channeling / Telepathy Brainwave State - MEASURED?

Octave Cascades
In EEG Appear to Confirm Radical Difference from Telepathic / "Channelling" Brain -
to Golden Ratio
(Individuating/Implosive?) BLISS / CREATIVITY Brainwaves.

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Originating from Dan Winter's email - from Athens, Greece - this week - with data measured at the recent successful Turin seminar series.

Exciting new evidence of the revolutionary power to MEASURE BRAINWAVE CONSCIOUS STATES -
of Dan Winter's & Heart Coherence Team - new BlissTuner / HeartTuner System
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In Association with the Heart Coherence Team:

'Channelling' / telepathy state (octave or powers of 2 - cascades) above
- in dramatic contrast to 'Bliss' / Creativity state (phi or Golden Ratio cascades) below-

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have for years been teaching the important difference between hex - holds charge within (cube shadow - octave harmonic signature)


pent - implodes / individuates - charge - fractal attractor -.. ( 5 sided symmetry - phi/ golden ratio harmonic signature)..

 Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave Fractionation
... the PSYCHOLOGY of the change from HEX to PENT
("Re-Pent to be Saved") at: ...
Geometric Translation from Hex to Pent Structure, thru the pentagonal ...

Re-Inventing Architecture - from Hex to Pent.. Contained - to PROJECTED!

CONCORDANCE:Solar Capacitor,Sun Temple,Solomon's Temple &the"Soul ...
... (German for Witch) - From HEX TO PENT... natures uses hexes to fix-(NOT for
life) and PENT TO SEND (life). Above 1. Pent-Recursion-Self-Similarity

Advanced Bliss Trainings/WaterLIFE Measured/PHI in Science ...
... How does the hex to pent 32 degree Merkabbah chin tilt to bliss end parasites
by beginning compression/fusion
- and how is this exactly like preparing ...

Babel-An,URUk,5Continents Threatened-Gravity Makers Survive?
... Going from hex to pent is the subject of much of ancient geomantic mapping ..
1,2,+3 From Henry Lincoln: Rennes Le Chateaux / Grail S. France Pent / Hex ...

The Merkabbah Meditator's Question:Connection to PHI? hex tetra fire breath - to pent dodec vision..32 degree tilt- vs readiness for NO SECRETS!

Now - with the above measurements in brainwave / EEG - there is more proof.

Recently - the history of the newly successful BLISSTUNER- revolutionizing Brainwave Bliss / Creativity Training - provided a way to TRAIN to acheive the Bliss / Creative state associated with brainwaves in Golden Ratio. This has already proven dramatically accessible and replicable as a way to use self-empowering neurofeedback to acheive the altered state / creativity & bliss. .. This was so - dramatically proven powerful originally in the World Without Blindness program originally from Dr.Korotkov Russia ( history at: ) .

Now - dramatic NEW EVIDENCE that Brainwave measurements - NOT IN GOLDEN RATIO - but rather in OCTAVE (in-CUBE-ation / hex ) geometry do indeed correlate more with the telepathic and 'Channelling' state. (Less individuating than PENT / Implosion - more

To state accurately according to this authors perception. It is now clear from many dozens of tests that indeed the Golden Ratio (BlissTuner) brainwave training is a REAL AND REPLICABLE WAY TO LEARN BLISS.

We want to be clear - that - while the very contrasting measure of EEG in the opposite OCTAVE RATIO - was indeed VERY REPLICABLE with this one telepath / channel. - We have yet to replicate this 'octaves measurement' with other Telepath / Channel- persons of talent.

We also want to be clear - that we do NOT WISH TO LABEL EITHER STATE - Golden Ratio (Implosion / Caducceus / Bliss ) Brainwaves, - OR - OCTAVE ( In-Cube-ation / Telepathy ) - as GOOD OR EVIL. This would be too simplistic. Similar to what we have for years taught with the HeartTuner, EKG which appears to suggest Golden Mean cascades MAY be more touch permissive than EKG based at 1hz - octave based? musical fundamental. (Many including this author have seen hundreds if not thousands of cases where indeed HeartRates musical fundamental at 1/.618 hz - correctable closely to planck's time multiples- as MUCH MORE TOUCH PERMISSIVE emotional states - than HeartRates tied at 1 hz - The Test is On - to see if all agree that this concept alone in the vast majority of EKG Heart Tunings - allows us to Measure your EKG moving from Head centered / conceptual - ).

In other words: Is - "Letting down your barriers Similar to Letting in more frequencies" ( harmonic inclusiveness) - Is this WHY the state of bliss = Golden Ratio - because there you embed and suck in your environment electrically. - Thanks to Valerie for this stimulating dialog..

The GOAL with respect to both EKG AND EEG - appears to be to learn the skill to move consciously from one state to the other. (conscious control to choose variability appears to equal both empowerment AND health - see Harmonic Inclusiveness predicts vitality - in ALL LIVING THING! - .

The articles above (particularly - redefining architecture by MEASURING CHARGE COMPRESSION to predict life force/germination) also suggest that there is reason to have both - an octave based / cube hex symmetry room in your house (or heart?) where you can keep secrets..

See the evidence about cancer (spherical/ hex cell membranes) - at .

We are NOT saying AIDS (the leaky membrane) is the same as bliss - because - a leaky membrane is FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT than a well EMBEDDED (By phi?) membrane. This connects by the Golden Physics - the concept of perfect EMBEDDING - to the popular physics buzzword - ENTANGLEMENT. Is not Golden Ratio perfect nesting the only wave non-destructive solution to complete "entanglement"?

-below exerpt from - from Daniel Winter 1/99

Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave Fractionation

"If embedding as a measureable wave function creates touchability for cells, it
then defines THE OPPOSITE OF CANCER, and thus predicts in immediate practical terms how to cure it.."

"This perfect nesting wave geometry for how to touch applies not just to HOW people need to
hug/touch, BUT ALSO EXPLICITLY FOR HOW CELLS NEED TO HUG/TOUCH. Since response to touch (contact inhibition/ touching failing to inhibit replication), IS THE DEEPEST
So now below here, we must ask what wave geometry would restore the cells
ability to respond to touch? (ending cancer).. Fortuneately, PERFECT
EMBEDDING VS. FAILURE TO EMBED, mathematically provide a


Article dedicated to "Albert Szent Gyorgi" author of "Electronic Biology and Cancer" which originally inspired me to this way of thinking. In nobel prize winning work, he suggests, organizing cellular water into "ice-9" super order, permits the propagation of the triplet state electron, which is the widest broadcast a molecule can make of its electrons. This creation of wider extended families at the molecular level permits the timing and spacing choreographics for cell splitting to become efficient. So ordering or maximum wave symmetry for water's bonds becomes the limit condition for getting metabolism into "fractality from fractionation". The switching from the fractionated to the fractal, (which I believe means EMBEDABLE!) becomes the cell "catastrophe theory" flip flop from social life to cancer. (albeit many of the key words above are what I read into his work, and do not appear in the book.) Newly Updated 7/99 Discussion of BRAIDING Disciplines Versus Genetically Engineered food at: Origin of Religion: Hygiene Instructions without Pure Principle

Why would Healthy Cells Normally be a CHARGE HOLDING ELLIPTICAL Shaped Membrane..BASED ON PHI/Golden Mean..

Whereas (below 2 images), cancerous cells normally RESHAPE to LESS CHARGE HOLDING Spherical..

The reason for this apparently has to do with cell membranes really being stitched waves trying to stand non destructively in phase. Wave lengths "interfering" with each other based on the Golden Mean, can keep adding and multiplying forever, thus allowing perfect continuous constructive "TOUCHING". When the surface wave lengths are based on PHI/ GoldenMean / PHIllotaxis, then the harmonics.. REACH OUT AND TOUCH someone..!? FAILING TO RESPOND TO TOUCH ELECTRICALLY (SPHERICAL/INCUBATING/CONTAINMENT HARMONICS), BEING THE DEFINITION OF CANCER... (Electrical Deadness from Touch fails to inhibit replication, an electrically triggered phenomena). end exerpt see link above.