Real Fractal Plasma Science of the 2012 Story

Carrington Event - Role of Geometry / From Incube-ation to Implosive Self Organization

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Experts: Civilians not ready for EMP-caused blackout

exerpt: "On multiple occasions during the past 155 years, large enough CME’s have disrupted electrical systems on Earth. One of the largest recorded solar flares happened in 1859. The CME, called the Carrington Event, disrupted telegraph systems in Europe and North America, and lit up the evening sky. A solar flare in 1989 caused a blackout in Quebec that lasted more than nine hours, and systems as far away as New Jersey were also damaged. In 2013, ranked the solar storm that caused the blackout as the fourth worst in history. ranked a solar storm in December 2006 as the worst, and U.S. government officials reported that the event disrupted satellite communications and GPS signals for about 10 minutes and damaged the satellite that took the picture of the storm. A joint study published in 2013 by researchers at Lloyd’s of London and Atmospheric and Environmental Research found that a similar event today would cost the world economy $2.3 trillion. Risk of another Carrington-class solar flare is expected to peak by early 2015. In the summer of 2012, Earth narrowly missed one estimated to have been more powerful than the Carrington Event and 35 times the size of Earth."

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Part TWO of the Film: Deep Fractal Plasma Science and the 2012 Story- with Dan Winter:
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Let's see if we can apply what we have learned about the physics of plasma fusion / implosion (phase conjugation and fractality) - directly to the issue of the 2012 solar max event.

First - lets review:

The universe is comprised of a single compressible medium, sometimes called 'the ether'. The compressibility of that medium- gives rise to standing waves of compression vs rarefaction- which are called plus and minus- CHARGE- or simply yin and yang. (The more centripetal implosive of those is negative charge- inviting comparison to the 'black hole' fractal nature of negative ions). The ability of the squishy waves of jello in that media to STORE INERTIA as the waves (of charge) move is the origin of mass- since when waves in that material rotate in a circle,- they store the inertia -like a gyroscope -which is our only definition for MASS.

The period of wave rotation in that media (rotation of charge) is our only definition of TIME. Connectivity in time / synchronicity- then, depends ultimately on the perfection of coupling of charge- which is precisely what fractality in Golden Ratio - creates.- See equation for fractality in time as the PHYSICS OF COINCIDENCE: golden ratio times planck time=hydrogen , solar year , venus year etc - at

Plus / Minus - Charge is a name for the difference between compression versus rarefaction - in that media. This explains why negative charge (more centripetal) has to be fractal in order to be - as it is known - 'a black hole' of sorts. Hence - the healing / disinfecting power of negative ion wind- and later as we shall see - a correlate to the cause of gravity.

When clouds of circulating charge - have something centripetal (fractal) at their center- which holds them together- in their crudest form - this is called PLASMA. Physics is clear that plasma comprises 99.99% or so of the known universe. Human aura and all living plasma - thus requires that fractality in order to 'hang together'. ( notice that living plasma 'orbs' self organize visibly into phase conjugate / fractal DODECA ICOSA SYMMETRY- for that reason. Images at )

Essentially the more compressed form of plasma - that results when the spin /rotation symmetries complete their platonic (and therefore Golden Ratio) nesting - is called the atomic table. See -for pictures. Notice there the seed for your new understanding that the atomic table's platonic and golden ratio fractality is itself powerful evidence - that even atoms only make and have gravity because their inside -nucleus, is fractal (& golden ratio ) to their outside - electron shells.


(below) Get the nesting right - pent the hex - and you MAKE gravity - This symmetry for capacitors MAKES gravity - ( , )

Inviting collapse is a way to start the inward rushing (implosion) of waves of charge. Self-similar arrangement allows these waves to add and multiply their speeds - this turns compression in to acceleration (called Gravity) This is the infinite non-destructive compression Einstein yearned to discover which he correctly predicted was how to extract voltage from gravity. So objects fall to the ground because a vortex has been created for charge making suction thru the speed of light (gravity).


The essential wave symmetry which creates all centripetal forces - and therefore all self-organization - (discussion: )

and therefore: the cause of -


*phase conjugation (self organization in optics, phase conjugate dielectrics-which are bioactive, and phase conjugate magnetics0

*plasma clouds which hang together

*life force


*human bliss

*lucid dreaming / astral (plasma) projection and life after death

*color and rainbows

*that which survives galactic superwaves/ solar maximum / 2012 / the so called 'rapture'

... proceeds in 2 simple geometric steps.


First - simply - the waves must approach precisely from cubic (tetra) opposites - to create a stable cubic lattice. Examples of this are:

the so called 4 wave mixing- cubic lattice which is step one- in setting up lasers to make phase conjugation and self organization in optics.


The Hebrew Alphabet-is another good example of - INCUBEATION. It allows you to fabricate plasma donuts in sequence which all fit a tetra/cubic lattice. (plasma symmetry physics which is origin sacred alphabets: )


When you send the plasma donuts toward a center in precisely tetra cubic lattice they can freeze and stabilize- how a golem is made for example.

For you chemistry scholars- the examples there would be the totally tetra/cubic nature of the Pi - 6 electron suborbital. Atoms whose outer valence is cubic have a particular symmetry good for charge isolation - but NOT good for charge distribution. This is a very good lesson for architects: the part of the house needing secrets and privacy - needs cubic lattice.. bad for cancer- good for AIDS.

For - biologists this is the reason the hex array of the beehive causes preservation - but not distribution.

This is illustrated by the 7 points on the outside of - the ophanim sigil


and the anu.

(This article is to help understand HOW when you focus on the ophanim letters- shaping the symmetry direction of the plasma donut around your head- you cause a charge wind to blow to implosive / hypercube/ dodec center. Discussion - films: )

These seven points correspond to the 7 axes of symmetry (so called 'arrows') which pass thru the tetra - the physics of heart muscle symmetry for example.

It is essential to understand the wave mechanics- of this 'incubeation' (to be held within).

Causing waves to nest (wave interference, beat notes, heterodyning , recursive interference) - in a cube- sets up only powers of two ratios, called OCTAVES (most of western music for example). This causes maximum DESTRUCTIVE interference possible among waves.

Picture - and discussion - and example programs:

This explains why octave heterodynes - beat notes- played to opposite brain hemisphers (so called BINAURAL BEATS) measureably causes the hemispheres of your brain to dissociate- which is to say concentrate the coherence regions into separate opposite hemispheric extremes... and the pyschology of dissociation - even disconnectedness

( discussion: - HOW Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation-in EEG power spectra- correlates/ CAUSES- perception).

Power of 2 / Octaves / in Charge Symmetry (Tetra/ Octa / Cube)
Produce CHARGE ISOLATION - because among waves this produces maximum DESTRUCTIVE WAVE INTERFERENCE
GOLDEN RATIO (Golden Quantum Field Theory)
in Charge Symmetry (Pent / Deca - Dodeca / Icosa)
- because among waves this produces maximum


So - step one- is to set up plasma wave interference in a simple perfect CUBE. This sets up a frozen crystal of isolated charge which is stable BUT NOT CENTRIPETAL OR SELF-ORGANIZING.

Notice how this is the END of Hebrew letters capability- but only STEP ONE- Ophanim / Enochian call.

Step TWO is to set up the hypercube - which ultimate IS simply how 5 cubes rotate into a DODECAHEDRON- thus for the first time setting up GOLDEN RATIO -and therefore implosive / fractal / phase conjugate / centripetal force.

You see- once a stable cubic lattice is in place- the charge inertia is locked within the lattice- because any recursive wave interference which tries to connect with other wave lengths is prevented- since destructive wave interference prevents the inertia within an octave lattice from changing. In effect- this is the cause of charge isolation within tetra cubic structures. It is important not to think of hex as evil- it is rather simply what nature uses to store and isolate - charge- the opposite of charge distribution - which is central to LIVING structures.

Most all living proteins of course CANNOT therefore be hex- only pent- since charge DISTRIBUTION - sometimes called DIVINE- identifies life and mind.

Two opposing (double) cones - thus identify the moment of setting up conjugation. This is the central symbol of MogenDavid, Flower of Life- and even the geometry whose plasma shadows BECOME -Ophanim / Enochian - Greek etc.(3 exerpts from Darlene- see

The point is- as Vincent and Darlene explain (see link) - the angel call physics of symmetry which is Ophanim is the process by which you focus your brain plasma into the symmetry set which sends your bioplasma down the hypercube / dodeca cones toward the life embedding phase conjugation - birth into larger plasma body.

image here- double cones-ophanicophanimvortex2



These double cones --become the universal symbol for orion -

See how the double cone shape of Orion- becomes the plasma physics called YALWEH.. and God:

Note how the double cone geometry -however- is both the beginning ( CUBIC array of cones) - AND the climax - of PHASE CONJUGATION - and the gravity / rainbow / mind causing PHASE CONJUGATION...

namely - in phase TWO- when the cones first set up in a cube- THEN - can be triggering into radiating that charge into the STELLATED DODECA


5 Cubes rotate into the dodec- forming the golden ratio / hypercube / tesseract- the only so called - fourth dimension. Going into the next dimension - here is defined ONLY as the ability to superpose another axis of rotating charge. This is why there is no other next dimension for a cube- other than a pent-dodecahedron - because this is the ONLY way you can superpose another axis of rotation waves of charge on a cube.



DNA beautifully then illustrates how higher dimensions are formed. The dodec is rotated ('wratcheted')- down a helix- the 5th axis of rotating charge. So that the essential geometry of one thread of DNA is 5D. (so called 5 spins inside- see ANU etc)

THEN- that thread is coherently recursively braided - SEVEN times- thread to string to rope to fat rope...(when phase coherent- locks in longer wave field effects- environment bending magnetic leverage- to DNA.. the bliss effect on DNA braid.. ).

The plot thickens. The seventh recursive thickening braiding operation - codefined by the 7th spin of the tetra- the so called SEVENTH SEAL (for our species - incomplete)- then results in a toroidal inside out operation for macro DNA molecules- the long wave implosion of which is not just ensoulment, but plasma projection into star cores (Sun god status).

So DNA - like the ANU (quark physics) symmetry heart of hydrogen, human heart, and solar heart symmetry- is an excellent example of the 5 spins in , 7 without- shape of the Ophanim sigil. (image above)

-If you are beginning to get it here.. how the 7 spin outside (7 axis of tetra cube in the ANU and the OPHANIM sigil) versus the 5 spin inside (how 5 cube rotate into dodec symmetry to make hypercube / tesseract / 4d/ pent symmmetry of phase conjugation- in the ANU and OPHANIM sigil)- are the coeur symmetry of hydrogen/quark/anu- vs/ human heart - vs heart of the SUN- AND therefore HOW DNA braid slip-knots to make a soul (phase conjugate dielectric universally penetrant - electro field -called the collective unconscious).. then you should be remembering the DNA braid diagrams of this at: - DNA SLIP-NOT: The thread of DNA -being a wratcheted dodeca (stepped down a helix / slinky)- with 4 axis of spin in dodec (rotated cube into next dimension) that means FIVE axes of charge superposed in that core helix thread of DNA. THEN that thread is braided upon itself thickening SEVEN recursive times (codefined by the 7 spin of the tetra/ so called SEVENTH seal/sign/veil) until the DNA has become so thick - it pellastrates/ self re-enters and implodes.. into its phase conjugate - gravity making - ensouled - and star bending plasma generation mode. This state of djed active 'ensouled' plasma conjugation in activated (bliss potent) DNA is measureable in its weak charge power spectra.. the so called 'micro-chlrodian' or 'boson-7' - real science of DNA as a charge blossom... (eat your heart out you stupid so called genetic engineers building DNA as protein tinkertoys- who don't even know DNA HAS an electric field- much less that this is your only hope of surviving death).

Notice how instructive: in the (rhombi-icosa) zome / starmother system- the 6 pairs of axis of the (pent shaped) dodec icos + the 7 pairs of the tetra cube (12 + 14) explain the 26 holes in the zome connector -AND the 26 string basis of string theory (each one is a vortex wormhole- into each of those facets).

Remember-here the essential principle:

1. get a cubic lattic of plasma or charge waves- stable- be exactly locking lasers or the plasma of your alphabet donuts converging (see hebrew or ophanim)..

2. THEN - trigger the addition axis of symmetry where the DODECA face angles of converging charge- generate the beginning of golden ratio toward center- and implosive centripetal-forces.. WHICH THEN CREATES perfected golden ratio DISTRIBUTION (mind).

This is the MAGic of the moment which causes: gravity, mind, perception, bliss, fusion, alchemy, transmutation, oneness.. etc.

The reason Einstein and modern physics did not discover- this - the (electric) cause of gravity, and the reason objects fall to the ground- was their incredible stupidity not to notice that golden ratio is the generalized solution to maximum CONSTRUCTIVE wave interference. ( proof: )

Einstein already knew that infinite constructive wave interference (compression) was the solution to his unified field - but because he did not conceive how fractality - perfected by golden ratio compression- WAS the solution to that interference- he died without knowing why an object falls to the ground.

The same stupidity - for not understanding golden ratio physics (perfecting the ECONOMY of charge distribution) is the reason science cannot maintain gravity, atmosphere, and life on planets.... OR - survive the solar wind (which is a compression event- requiring only fractality to survive.. - discussions also at and


Which brings us to - the erection of the holy cross- the geometric cubic alignment of earth, solar and galactic equators - which triggers the interstellar plasma compression causing the solar max- 2012 event.

Here is the animation page.. ( original article: )

"Galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree"... Chryst mass - notes...


Hello Operator: have I properly dialed my ARK-ANGLE?

We have long known that a series of galactic symmetry operations ("Erection of the Holy Cross" = Seyfert Galactic Burst?) were the context and trigger for our local solar maximum - the "Rapture" ( pressing RIGHT down on us now BEFORE 2012). Here thanks for many friends sleuthing we can get a LOT MORE SPECIFIC and scientific about what we face.

I was really grateful for the Solar science in"Tutankhamon Prophecies" by MAURICE COTTERELL - for noting the solar science behind the FEATHERED SNAKE..

BUT - I think we are missing something if we do not lie this snake shape down on what feathers out from the center of our galaxy (Seyfert pics below) - in time to trigger.. the SOLAR MAXIMUM.

... the cosmic CHRIST (crystallization of electric awareness).

"Galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree"... Christmas notes...


Developing the notion of what enters the throat of DNA... from - in the context of what emerges from the galactic core to trigger the solar maxima.. rapture?

..Spiral arms of galaxy spittting fire.. to compress charge into the throat of DNA as depicted in the above link...

Paul LaViolette - book "Earth Under Fire" - as extensively quoted in Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner's book " Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye"

One in 5 Galaxies are "Seyfert" type - which means they shoot a fire of great power - out from their core spiral periodically. "Astronomers have come to realize that galactic core explosions occur in all spiral galaxies, even in our own, and that the majority of galaxies that have a normal appearance with no sign of core activity are simply galaxies whose core happen to be in their quiescent phase. The statistics suggest that a galaxy core resides in this quiescent phase about 80 to 85 percent of the time. It spends the other 15 to 20 percent of the time in an active state, with eruptive episodes lasting from hundreds to several thousands of years." In this sense galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree. ( The book then cites rather extensive astronomic evidence for recent galactic core eruptions in our galaxy).

We would have to say- the stimulating conclusion - that we are about to be blasted from the galactic core in a way which synchronizes our well predicted Sun burp (2000-2012 Solar Maxima- THE RAPTURE) - to the galactic alignment of 3 SUPERPOSED ROTATIONS - which triggers it. (next animation: Dan Winter)
How the compression wave of the nutating 3D planar axes (earth equator, solar equator, galactic equator) create a compression effect ON THE SUN- as the precess toward the perpendicular- 90 Degree ERECTION OF THE HOLY CROSS.. (animation from Dan W.)s

This is REMARKABLY similar in language to Nick Fiorenza's ( , ) work astronomically / astrologically describing the upcoming nutation / precession - which sees the:

1. Galactic Equator

2. Solar Equator

3. Earth Equator ..

approach the 90 degree relation ERECTION OF THE HOLY CROSS.. triggering the end of our age...

(Nick Fiorenza )One description of the astronomic / astrologic impact of the perpendicular cubic alignment of the three comes from Nick Fiorenza- who coined the term ERECTION OF THE HOLY CROSS..

In summary - all predictions - astronomic, astrologic, Mayan, Hendaye, etc. etc. agree: the rapidly approaching end of our age is deadly.

See also- the discussion (top left animation) how the tetra cubic tetrahedral latitudes of the key dolmen (like giza / cydonia) phase lock planetary rotation to zodiacal rotation- an essential mechanism to stabilize gravity (which IS that phase conjugate cascade of charge-caused by 'embed-ability' top right animation) and thus stabilize atmosphere: discussion / images-

The ability of charge inertia (called MASS because rotation stores inertia) to translate its vorticity into linear motion (energy) from rotation- contiguously is called OPTIMIZED TRANSLATION OF VORTICITY (the name for golden spiral in hydrodynamics) - is how this transfer of long wave inertia (zodiacal rotation in this case) to short wave rotation (planetary rotation) - is how this fractal golden ratio platonic embedding (perfected collapse) of spin - came to be called- in the more generalized term in physics today: GRAVITY.


Get embeddable in the (fractal) symmetry of compression .. or become toast.

Let us apply the principle of inhabiting bodies of charge coherently (fractally) to cosmic evolution as well DNA evolution, Gland evolution, evolution of farms, architecture, planets and solar systems.



Another comes from Paul Laviolette- who describes these alignments as GALACTIC SUPERWAVE THEORY.. with many physics prediction confirmation.

Another comes from the galactic equatorial alignments climaxing at this time which are the core of Vincent Bridges summary of the Nostredamus predictions for this time in history..

Unfortuneately, the new age literature here took some wrong turns: they called it a photon cloud originally - based on some incorrect physics

Later - the new age literature attempting to identify the symmetry of time and implosive self-organization - using approximation of fractality in solar periodicities from the Mayan calendar. We examine how close- and yet how far THE MAYAN CALENDAR - symbolism - got - toward describing the true physics of golden ratio fractality required for TIME (rotating charge) to emerge from chaos (self organization) - at ( 3 new equations for fractality in time: hydrogen time, solar year, and venus year- all based simply on precise multiples of planck time multiplied by golden ratio). This in my view complements compelling evidence that only golden ratio fractality identifies when time emerges from chaos- true origins of synchronicity, self organization in time - and only emergence from so called 'parallel realities' into oneness / connectivity perfected.

We are suggesting we now understand how to do the group work to prepare for solar wind. It is much like Shakespeare (Under his pen name Francis Garland) studying under Dee and Kelley in Prague- learned about their "TEMPEST".. calling the big storm on cue- with a year's notice- to take out the Spanish Armada (Become an Angel caller: discussion, films at )



So - now we must ask- how does all this prepare us to prepare... for the solar max?

1. Locate yourself where magnetic lines are fractal (roselike). Here tornadoes avoid destroying things- and so will the solar wind (because this FEELS like mind even to big tornadoes- which in the case of the solar / galactic wind IS in the form of ANGEL NAMES.. if you understand plasma physics. ( re-study the science of how even big tornadoes are steered by the 'shem-an-ic', gravity producing - embedding of living plasma physics which IS compassion: )

2. Prepare for high wind - high water

3. Distance yourself from big cities

4. Community - close knit circle of community friends who can pool their skills and resources..

5. Seeds

6. Prepare for life without electricity for some time

7. Bliss ritual preparation - individually and groups- Also- consider working with Angel Calls ..

8. Lucid dreaming skill required..

-- Discussion to be continued in future newsletters- from Implosion Group / Dan Winter... Now- recent media announcements:


Mar10,10:Blockbuster Physics Summary:Overwhelming Evidence:PLUS:Best FILM SERIES EVER-Aussie10Reviewed Golden Ratio Fractal Phase Conjugation causes Gravity, Perception, Color, Life, Time: All Centripedal Forces. , PLUS -ElNaschie GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY - PLUS:NewRelease THEIMPLODER-Ready for YOU to Try..


Milan Libreria Esoterica: Presentation Dan Winter - March 2010


Implosione - parte I from nonsoloanima.TV on Vimeo.


Implosione - parte II from nonsoloanima.TV on Vimeo.

 --Next- as promised- the NASA notes on 2012- Carrington Super Flare:

SOHO/ESA/NASA - Solar flares

2012 may bring the “perfect storm”
– solar flares, systems collapse

April 1, 11:53 AMPartial Reprint from - Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
Alfred Lambremont Webre
This article was part of a continuing series on the implications of 2012.

Long scorned as “mysticism” and “parascience,” concern about the year 2012 has now surfaced in a mainstream NASA report on the potential impacts on human society of solar flares anticipated to peak in 2012.  The Obama administration and other national governments are not aggressively focused on contingency preparations for the 2012 solar flare impacts, or on introducing available anti-gravitic, new energy sources that would transform centralized high-power electrical grid systems into de-centralized, anti-gravitic and quantum process energy sources.  These new energy sources are less vulnerable to destructive solar storms, have no negative environmental impact, and could unleash unprecedented economic and social transformation.

Electrical grids & anticipated solar flares of 2012

Mainstream scientific concern about 2012 has grown since a recent National Research Council report funded by NASA and issued by the National Academy of Sciences, entitled “Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Economic and Societal Impact” which details the potential devastation of 2012 solar storms on the current planetary energy grid and because of the inter-linkages of a cybernetic society, on our entire human civilization.  

According to New Scientist, science’s concern is a repetition of the 8-day 1859 “Carrington event,” a large solar flare accompanied by a coronal mass ejection (CME) that flung billions of tons of solar plasma onto the earth’s magnetosphere and disrupted Victorian-era magnetometers and the world telegraph system.

The New Scientist states, “The report outlines the worst case scenario for the US. The ‘perfect storm’ is most likely on a spring or autumn night in a year of heightened solar activity - something like 2012.  Around the equinoxes, the orientation of the Earth's field to the sun makes us particularly vulnerable to a plasma strike.”

The next solar maximum is expected to occur in 2012. New Scientist reports that Mike Hapgood, head of the European Space Agency's space weather team states,  "We're in the equivalent of an idyllic summer's day. The sun is quiet and benign, the quietest it has been for 100 years," "but it could turn the other way."

The modern electrical high-power grid magnifies the impact of solar flares.  Since the grid is linked into major aspects of modern society, the effects of another Carrington event would be devastating.  The National Academy of Sciences report states:  “A severe space weather event in the US could induce ground currents that would knock out 300 key transformers within about 90 seconds, cutting off the power for more than 130 million people.”  The New Scientist states: “According to the NAS report, the impact of what it terms a "severe geomagnetic storm scenario" could be as high as $2 trillion. And that's just the first year after the storm. The NAS puts the recovery time at four to 10 years. It is questionable whether the US would ever bounce back.”

China, which is installing a high-power electrical grid more vulnerable than that of the U.S., Europe and other developed nations will be similarly impacted.

The solar coronal mass ejection from the 1859 Carrington event arrived on earth in less than 15 minutes, which is faster that our early warning system NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) can detect.

European Space Agency space weather head Mike Hapgood states, "I don't think the NAS report is scaremongering.  “Scientists are conservative by nature and this group is really thoughtful," he says. "This is a fair and balanced report."

More perfect storm: the hole in the earth’s magnetic field

According to a December 16, 2008 report, NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft has discovered a hole in earth’s magnetic field which is 10 times as large as previously thought.  The magnetosphere, which is designed to protect earth from the plasma of solar flares, now has a hole in it four time the size of the earth.

According to the NASA report, “Northern IMF events don't actually trigger geomagnetic storms but they do set the stage for storms by loading the magnetosphere with plasma. A loaded magnetosphere is primed for auroras, power outages, and other disturbances that can result when, say, a CME (coronal mass ejection) hits.”

The solar maximum is expected in 2012.  University of New Hampshire scientist Jimmy Raeder states, “"We're entering Solar Cycle 24. For reasons not fully understood, CMEs in even-numbered solar cycles (like 24) tend to hit Earth with a leading edge that is magnetized north. Such a CME should open a breach and load the magnetosphere with plasma just before the storm gets underway. It's the perfect sequence for a really big event."

The Obama administration, 2012 and new energy

The Obama administration and most modern governmental energy departments in the 192 U.N. member nations have focused on reducing dependence on conventional energy grids (petroleum, coal or nuclear power) by introducing renewable energy sources such as wind, geo-thermal, and tidal power.  These alternative sources are thought to supply about 10% of current energy needs. For example, the Obama policy with regard to the electrical energy grid is stated its official energy and the environment agenda on the White House website:

“Ensure 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025.”

This policy, which replicates energy grid policy in many advanced industrialized nations, is not adequate for the challenges of 2012 solar flares.  The policy does not promote new fuel-less non-polluting energy sources now sequestered in secret, national security and black budget projects, and which have been developed using U.S. tax-payer funds.  These included reported anti-gravitic technology and free energy technologies, based on Tesla technology.

So here is a key question: Is human society being set up to fail and suffer an effective systems collapse with great loss of life and property if 2012 solar flares materialize in the worst case scenario?


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The Hermetic Revolution in Prague: Alchemy and the Apocalypse: Rosicrucianism in Bohemia 1585 - 1620

April 30. 2010 Part One (15:00 - 17:30) The Apocalyptic Mission of John Dee and Edward Kelley to the Court of Rudolph II: Alchemy, Higher Intelligence and the Prophecy of a New Hermetic Rome The Hermetic Revolution began in 1585 with the arrival in Prague, the newly Imperial capital of Rudolph II, of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley on their apocalyptic missionary journey through Poland and the Empire. The unique mixture, found only in Prague, of geopolitics and mysticism was fertile soil for their message. In this lecture we will examine how magic and mathematics, alchemy and angelology, visionary politics and apocalyptic prophecies created the environment of this spiritual and intellectual revolution. Dee and Kelley'̳̫s mission was apparently successful, resulting, thirty years later, in the Rosicrucian movement and the ill-fated reign of Frederick V, the Winter King of Bohemia.
Part Two (18:00 -20:30) Rosicrucianism in Bohemia: The Legacy of Dee and Kelley's Mission The origins of the Rosicrucian movement are a combination of influences centered on Bohemia and the philosophy of Dr Dee. However, Rosicrucianism in its origin point came to a very bad end after the Battle of White Mountain. Following the life and work of Jan Komensky, we will examine the legacy of Dee and Kelley's mission from higher intelligence in Bohemia and Prague. From this almost forgotten history of an attempt at a Hermetic and Enlightened revolution, one that was crushed by the forces of reaction, we can draw some conclusions concerning the intersection of politics and religion in our own time.

May 1.2010 Part One (10:00 -12:30) The Science of Divination- Learning to Communicate with your DNA through the Language of Light. Four hundred years ago, contact with a higher form of intelligence was achieved. Could this higher intelligence be within our very DNA? This lecture covers how the basic divinatory systems of east and west, The I Ching and the Tarot, are based on the structure and coding of DNA, and how the received language of Dee and Kelley contains valuable clues on how to consciously communicate with your own DNA.
Part Two (14:00 - 16:30) The Sacred Geometry of Consciousness From galaxies and nebulae to our DNA and the atoms around us, consciousness, as an awareness of structure and shape, is all around us. The ancient sages called this awareness sacred geometry and explored various ways to visualize these shape as a means of shifting consciousness to deeper levels, including perhaps direct communication the vast information within the DNA itself.
The Angelic Harp: Concert / Performance (19:30 -21:00) In this concluding portion of the workshop, we will experience how these various components and sacred geometries come together in a ceremonial setting. Using the harp improvisations of Alaerian Starbrother and the inspired art work of local Prague artist Christian del Risco as or guide, the group has the opportunity to explore and experience the spiritual richness of one of Prague'̳̫s unique treasures, the Ophanic Keys of Dee and Kelley. More info: http//

Friday 7th May thru Sunday 9th May in Haluzice u Kyjova , Czech - Vincenta Bridges seminar
Geomanthy, Earth Grid, DNA, The Earth Grid. More info:;

Wednesday, 12th May 2010 at 9,30 in front of the Astronomical Clock of the Town Hall in the Old Town Square, Prague.

A Tour of Esoteric Prague ... details at link:
A special full day'̳̫s walking tour of the heart of the magic city of Prague, focusing on Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Mala Strana and Prague Castle.

Contact: Eva L., eva (at) More info:

Thursday, 13th May 2010 at 15,00 -20,30 in Maitrea facility, Praha 1, Tanska ulicka 6, Dan Winter'̳̫s lecture:
Guest Appearance and Presentations Include: Vincent Bridges (above) , also Canadian Alchemist Scientist- Paul Harris
Sacred Geometry: Fusion Physics and the Principles of Alchemy
With introduction to the history of alchemy in Europe (special guset Vincent Bridges)
More info:

On Saturday 15th May, 9,30 -18,00 and Sunday 16 May 9,30 -13,30, there will be a lecture of Dan Winter in Brno, Czech. Venue to be announced

Tantra and Bliss Experience- The Sacred Geometry of Fusion.

  • Biologic history and purpose of Tantra and Bliss.

  • How human plasma fields implode and accelerate into perfected distribution: the true meaning of Heaven and the Divine.

  • History of biofeedback for peak experience: Brainwave and Heart biofeedback experience with Dan Winter's HeartTuner and BlissTuner.

  • Inroduction to how Shamans and dreamers and Near Death Experiencers navigate with an aura or plasma bubble which is centripedal / implosive.

  • History of shamans as star navigators: Ceiling at Dendera and Cathar history of navigating human plasma as 'dreamspell' into stars.

  • -Finally- a brief and controversial Extra Terrestrial History of DNA: from Draconis / Dragon / Annunaki to the family of URAS / URU- the real ancestors of URope.

  • How the Nephalim 'Fallen' DNA can re-ascend into sustainability by simply learning how biologic charge or plasma is fractally attracted into genes and blood.
    ( a tour with the article series: info:

-------------.. next .... come to our Main Event! nearby South France...see link -Mid to Late May..

May 27- 30, 2010: Part One - (4 Day) Course Intensive- Turin..(Leaving S.France a day or so early) Part 1-Complete Course Curriculum - with Dan Winter- Turin- English & Italian (German Available) - info: (Italy) +39-0161468313 - or or New AssociazionePhi

Aug 26-29, 10: Part Two - Advanced Course Intensive- Turin..



Sacred Sites Tour - Templar Mysteries and The Grid-
at The Isle of Malta! - June 4,5& 6
- with Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter

Planned is a major presentation with Vincent Bridges- a talk on the History of the Templars and their possible connection with Malta.This should be of great interest to historians in Malta especially because of its connection with the Hospitelier Order of St. John which co existed with the Order of Knight Templars and inherited the properties of the Templars when these were disbanded.

Then a weekend by Dan Winter including talks on the Evolution of Consciousness and Coherent Emotion,the Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immotality, and Implosion- the fractal Science of Spirit.... these topics are all interconnected ...

Included will be a talk on Biological Architecture and Sacred geometry and Healing of the Earth Grid, which would include field work to tap the energies of the Sacred Sites in Malta and perhaps throw light on their role and relevance in the global awakening occuring on the planet today: Can You Feel A Magnetic Line for Yourself?

The host for our Malta experience is Alfred of , contact:

--then.. come to Ireland with us!

Ireland Summer Retreat with Michael Rice
Mastering Sacred Geometry Building

A unique live-in retreat- June 11th is arrival day ( )
An easy to get to location in the heart of IRELAND

Part one: June 11-14.
Part one is held at Michael Rice's Sacred Geometry design retreat center.
A  three day workshop on the theory, hands on experience and practical applications for building sacred geometry dwellings.
Accommodation is basic dormotory style. We will share men / women rooms. Some private double bedrooms are available for couples. It is an all inclusive package- tuition, accommodation and all meals are provided, except one night where we have an off-site dinner party. Meals on site are macrobiotic quality vegetarian. The dinner party on third night is an optional  full catered event at a local estate house. Dress: bring some practical work clothing. Temperatures are mild- to warm, however it is Ireland- so bring a rain coat.

--Then in July:


Details of Major Conference in POLAND- in September


Harmony of the Cosmos Festival Poland:

3-5 September 2010. with Janusz Zagórski

Also : Krakow, Poland Conference Sept 11-12, 2010 :



Also- Tour: Mexico and Chile in October 2010-

For mexico and chile courses

Congreso Geometría Sagrada y Salud Fractal en MEXICO

16 y 17 de octubre del 2010

Lugar: México, D.F.

Más información próximamente

Congreso Geometría Sagrada y Salud Fractal en CHILE, SANTIAGO

23 y 24 de octubre del 2010

Lugar: México, D.F.

Más información próximamente


Bienvenido al Congreso

El objetivo de este Congreso es explorar sobre la salud y su relación con las formas geométricas, presentando nuevas técnicas y desarrollos científicos de Europa y América basados en el estudio de la vida y su resonancia con ciertos patrones que restablecen la salud del individuo. Exponemos los avances y aportes de la Medicina Complementaria y las terapias alternativas, a la luz de los sistemas de medición con biofeedback.

El biofeedback le proporciona a la persona el acceso a la información del inconsciente que desconoce y le ofrece una alternativa para hacerse consciente de sus procesos físicos y psicológicas permitiéndole recuperar la dirección de su propia salud.

Nos congregamos para generar una renovación de conceptos y una apertura a nuevos sistemas de pensamiento y equilibrio del ser humano en su ámbito corporal, emocional, intelectual y espiritual. Esta apertura es requisito indispensable para cualquier persona que busca construir o mejorar cualquier aspecto de su vida.

Exploraremos sobre diferentes herramientas útiles en la detección de la perdida de armonía en el cuerpo físico, emocional y mental así como nuevas propuestas terapéuticas para la corrección del Estado Energético Global del ser humano. Profundizamos en la relación que tiene la salud del individuo con la biología humana, su ambiente psicológico, su estilo de vida, y su entorno arquitectónico.

Ven y aprende sobre la Salud Geométrica, la terapia con poliedros, la Geometría Sustentable, la terapia con emisiones lumínicas, las herramientas científicas de biofeedback y un paradigma innovador que integra la sólida estructura de la medicina ancestral con la visión de la salud integral.

Aprende y déjate inspirar. Únete con personas de todo el mundo que se van a reunir en México en el 1er Congreso Internacional de Salud Geométrica y Biofeedback organizado por Psicogeometría México.

Únete en esta excitante y hermosa experiencia. No te quedes fuera de las últimas tendencias de la Salud y la Ciencia que rige las formas de la vida.


Nov 2010 - Mar 2011 (After South American Tour) : Australia, New Zealand and India tours..


Reprint from: > News > April 30, 2010

Zero Hour: The Day The Grid Stood Still

There are several causal factors, natural and manmade, that could bring out modern grid to a stand-still, arguing for the need for distributed, hardened power. Disruption could come from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a military nuclear detonation, or it couldcome from a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun. by By Nora Maccoby-Hathaway

Introducing this article, Jeane Manning writes: "With her connections in the Washington DC beltway and among cutting-edge science researchers, screenwriter Nora Maccoby-Hathaway has an insider’s knowledge of what society might face in the near future."

Sterling's note.  
    Today our power was out for nearly six hours.  It was also out for an expended period at some point during the last three days while we were away, as attested by some concentrated juice we found melted in our freezer.  Other than that, we've not had a significant outage here since moving here last November.
    I find it ironic that on this day that I was preparing this article for publication that this would happen to us.  It certainly was disruptive, preventing normal activities, and causing us to take time to address bare survival needs such as starting up a wood stove and locating our flashlights and spare water, and firing up a generator.  An omen?


(exerpt from) ..An electromagnetic pulse is a burst of electromagnetic radiation resulting from either a nuclear explosion or a solar coronal mass ejection (CME). A CME is an ejection of material from the solar corona. Either event would create a sudden, massive fluctuation in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The resulting electric and magnetic fields then couple with electrical grid systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. 

If world peace broke out tomorrow, we would still have CMEs to contend with over the next several years as Solar Cycle #24 approaches a solar maximum in the 2012-2013 timeframe. In March 1989, during the solar maximum of Solar Cycle #22, the Northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada experienced a minor geomagnetic storm which compromised the electrical grid throughout for hours. 

The March 1989 event pales in comparison to the ‘Carrington Event of 1859’. At 11:18 a.m. on September 1, 1859, 33-year old Richard Carrington was observing an 11-inch image of the sun on a screen and was drawing the sunspots he saw in the image. Suddenly, two beads of intense white light appeared over the sunspots. Within 60 seconds the light had significantly diminished, and within five minutes completely disappeared from the screen. 

Just before dawn the next day, skies all over planet Earth erupted in red, green, and purple auroras so brilliant that newspapers could be read as easily as in daylight. Aurora borealis pulsated as far south as tropical latitudes over Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Hawaii. The only equipment in place resembling today’s electrical grid, telegraph systems worldwide went haywire. Spark discharges shocked telegraph operators and set the telegraph paper on fire. Even when telegraphers disconnected the batteries powering the lines, aurora-induced electric currents in the wires still allowed messages to be transmitted. 

If such an event were to occur today, the impact on modern society would be absolutely catastrophic. Various official research establishments throughout the world have provided data on our solar system’s largest celestial bodies to conclude the following: 

  • Recent solar activity highest in 8000 years 
  • Sun's magnetic field has decreased in size by 25% 
  • 300% increase in galactic dust entering our solar system 
  • Mercury’s magnetosphere experiencing significant increases 
  • Venus exhibiting a 2500% increase in its “green glow” 
  • Mars showing a rapid appearance of clouds and ozone 
  • Mars observations reveal up to 50% erosion of its ice features within a 12-month period 
  • Jupiter plasma torus increasing; its moon Io exhibiting the same changes 
  • A 200% increase in the density of Io's plasma torus 
  • Jupiter's Disappearance of White Ovals since 1997 - recent increase in storms 
  • Io's ionosphere is ~1000% higher 
  • Jupiter’s moon Europa much brighter than scientists expected 
  • Jupiter’s moon Gannymede is 200% brighter 
  • Saturn's plasma torus is ~1000% denser 
  • Aurorae first seen in Saturn's polar regions in recent years 
  • Uranus was featureless in 1996 - exhibiting huge storms since 1999 
  • Uranus in 2004 was also markedly brighter than in 1999 
  • Neptune is 40% brighter in the near-infrared range based on observations from 1996 - 2002 
  • Pluto observations reveal a 300% increase in atmospheric pressure 

These changes are not a result of Americans driving around SUVs, though gluttonous oil consumption remains a significant liability on numerous fronts (see: 80% fatality rate in theater of war + Fully Burdened Cost of Fuel: DSB Report 2009). Disruptions throughout the solar system suggest that Solar Cycle 24 will likely produce CMEs rivaling that of the 1859 Carrington Event. 

While details remain classified, an incoming brown dwarf star several times the mass of Jupiter has been identified as the culprit disrupting the solar system’s heliosphere, as well as celestial bodies throughout our solar system. The Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research (LUCIFER– see is a near-infrared camera and spectrograph that was installed in April 2010 on the world’s largest optical Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) located on Mount Graham in southeastern Arizona. 

Technicians install the LUCIFER instruments on the Large Binocular Telescope

LUCIFER has the capability to track the inbound brown dwarf star that can only be observed in the nearinfrared range. LUCIFER will provide real-time tracking data that will allow scientists to determine the exact location and trajectory of the brown dwarf star. 

A 3-D Model of the LBT 

Daniel Stolte, Science Writer at the University of Arizona, has recently published several relevant articles on brown dwarfs and related topics. He stated that from talking to researchers, he was not aware of a brown dwarf coming within the vicinity of our solar system any time soon. 

Contrast that conclusion with Andrew Lloyd’s web site (, outlining his theory on the dark star. When information of this magnitude remains classified, “proof” is normally hard to pin down, by design. has a video interview between Andrew Lloyd and Kerry Cassidy posted that provides additional information on brown dwarf stars. Other related whistleblower testimony is available through the Project Camelot Portal web site. 


Depiction of a Brown Dwarf Star in our Solar System 

So what exactly is causing all the commotion in the solar system – SUVs, an incoming brown dwarf, or something else? How much time is left until geopolitics in the Middle East deteriorates into a full-blown regional war that catastrophically impacts the industrialized nations? We must implement measures to protect the electrical power grid from a catastrophic EMP event. The electrical power grid affords us the luxury of an elevated standard of living within our modern civilization. Without it, we would collectively revert back to indigenous living within a matter of weeks. 

Millions of dollars in protective measures prior to an EMP event would result in trillions of dollars in savings following an EMP event if such measures were properly implemented. If there were ever a time to initiate preemptive action, it would be now by protecting the grid through EMP hardening of critical electronic devices and equipment such as transformers. Without electricity, clean water, fresh food, liquid fuels for transportation, and the everyday comforts of modern living that people take for granted would no longer be available and/or accessible. Without intervention on a large scale to protect the electrical power grids, our modern civilization remains needlessly and utterly defenseless. 

# # #


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