Alchemy of Life Force-and the True Science of Biologic Architecture

new May 2010 Lecture Series -

from the Prague Conference Tour- with Dan Winter..

English and Czech (The Translation gives you time- to absorb..)


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Dan Winter- in Prague - Czech TV- Update July 2010- on New FRACTAL SCIENCE OF LIFE (English and Czech)





1. The main lecture series in Prague- June 2011 with Dan Winter and Vincent Bridges-

Prague 2011: Alchemy and the RESTORATION OF CENTRIPETAL FORCES- Lecture Series Film exerpts with Dan Winter-
Vincent- History of Alchemy

follow up - PRAGUE/ Ostrava -Alchemy-Land & LIFE - University Lectures here- in English and Czech with Dan Winter-


1. LIFE FORCE in Architecture:

BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE FOR 2010: The Principles and the Pictorials!

Click> (plays film )bioarchthumb

Biologic Architecture Curriculum and Links:


2. Fractality and the ALCHEMY OF TIME:with Dan Winter-Prague May 2010- 70 Minutes-

The real fractality physics behind SYNCHRONICITY & SELF ORGANIZATION IN TIME.



3. Charge Collapse:Serious Alchemy Science- Dan Winter Teaches in Prague May 2010-Part ONE 97 Minutes- English and Czech-


4. Charge Collapse:Serious Alchemy Science- Dan Winter Teaches in Prague May 2010-Part TWO - English and Czech-


5. Charge Collapse:Serious Alchemy Science- Dan Winter Teaches in Prague May 2010-Part THREE - English and Czech-



Dan Winter presents at St.Remy- S.France May 22,2010 :
The LIVING Fractal Field:Holy Grail-
Templar Grids, Magda and Ceremony of Fractal Time


Fire In Blood:Alchemy and Ignition of Blood-Ancient and Modern with Dan Winter talk 2, in St Remy, France


Below: Dan Winter presents at International MyLifeTV Conference in Rimini, Italy-2009: (New Film)-English and Italian


Here is the link for the rest of the Series: - English and Italian



Main Index:


Why does BOHEMIA Look Like A ROSE??

Because Fractality is how Life Force is Attracted and Created!


new added Feb 08: Beautiful Example of FRACTALITY Creating Sacred (Biologically Charged) Space in Architecture:
Ron Eglash - Professor of Ethnology / Mathematics, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy,NY USA. Presents his Fulbright Study on FRACTALITY IN THE ARCHITECTURAL PLAN and LAYOUT OF VILLAGES IN AFRICA - see film at link

Click TED Film at link