The New HeartTuner BlissTuner from Dan Winter

"The LoveTuner"

is 4 Channel - Wireless (BlueTooth)

With Direct Compatibility Access to All OpenEEG Software

(Iphone Wireless Options Soon..)

4 Person EKG Group Heart Link up

(or up to 32 to one computer using only 4 -8 ch LoveTuner)

AND- 2 Persons Can EACH See BOTH HEMISPHERES of their EEG- Brainwaves- for Meditation Training - BlissTuner- TOGETHER!


Preliminary Announcement >

This is a preliminary announcement. The launch of The LoveTuner- with complete manual- and examples - is expected by Oct 09

The New LoveTuner- replaces both Dan Winter's original HeartTuner and BlissTuner-

The Amplifier is supplied in a default 4 Channel- version - with 8 Channel -option (reasonably priced)

Default Sensors Supplied for EKG (Heart) and EEG (Brain)

Optional Sensors for Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, and Blood Volume Pulse- are preconfigured in the software.

More Information / Contact:

Check back soon-for more exciting details as we launch the : "The LoveTuner"

4 Channel, Bluetooth, Wireless, Fits in you shirt pocket,

Compatible with world choices: OPEN EEG FORMAT

(Open Source)

The new HeartTuner - from Dan Winter.."Love Tuner"

will be much more dynamic in software choices..

but simpler and more fun in user interface.

Yet- with professional capabilities: complete data record, event marking, data import / export, EEG adjustable display filters for alpha / beta etc.


Teaching Bliss / Ecstatic and Insight States as Science in Feedback:

New: A Bliss Tuner?

Why happiness moves rather in a spiral recursive motion -- more than just a circular motion.
Is The Compression of Charge- the true frequency signature of the Neuropsychology of Flow. When Compression Succeeds- sampling rate moves toward infinite - and awareness radiates (perfect fractal branching is infinite distribution with zero resistance / zero storage).

Happiness / Bliss / Heightened Awareness - means coming into the Present - "The Flow". That is identical with waves (of awareness / of charge) coming into compression. That Geometry (Perfect Compression) is Measureble ( as Golden Ratio self similarity ) in EEG - Brainwaves. This is the essential insight of BlissTuner. announces Complete New Software Environment -HeartTuner Pro-04
Including Brainwave bi-symmetry / Coherence and Ratio Analyzer
- 'Bliss Tuner' Module -
SPECIFICALLY tuned to teach the latest detail
(3 specific EEG variables: Golden Ratio Alpha/Beta hz ratio, Cross Hemispheric Synchrony, & Overall Internal Coherence)
in how BLISS / Euphoria and Insight States are measured- and self created from within!

Mar 05 Note: New HeartTuner / BlissTuner special offer:
- includes new EEG during channelling / telepathy showing octave ratios - in great contrast to Bliss EEG in Golden Ratio (individuation - vs collectivization?).
The new BlissTuner combined with HeartTuner system is now shipping . Also if you are interested in TEACHING HeartCoherence, (along with the new 'Bliss Tuner'), doing RESEARCH, and-or have access to clinical setting - representing HeartTuner in your area - a limited number of very special arrangements are available to offer the complete training materials (includes 12+ DVD's,& CD's + 2 books & Support), along with the Complete Feedback System - see link above ( - and / or - email:

Inset note here, please see Sept 23,04 Update to the Blisstuner :The SHAREABLE WAVE- Bliss,Ecstasy &Creative Insight States:Making Them Teachable with Science and Measurement.,

Implosion Group Newsletter (main index: , May 26, 2004, - inspired from Dan Winter - inventor -

with Acknowledgement to Heart Coherence Team - , for their Prodigious Software Development Team Effort.


New Mar 21,07 New PodCast Video Feeds Menu - For HeartTuner and BlissTuner Training Films (thanks to Richard!)

New Mar6,07 - Major new HeartTuner / BlissTuner documentary - tour - training Film -new features- 90 min- online! The full DVD Hi Res Version with extras- shown right here-is included with training material (25dvd) when you order thru - Here are accompanying Heart / Brain Data Files you can download and Play interactively in the free BlissTuner/ HeartTuner demo (virtually infinite display option choices)
- showing HOW Golden Ratio vs Octave Feedback cues PLUS real internal COHERENCE Measure- in Neurofeedback - revolutionize consciousness training and meditation! (these examples do not yet include the 'GFFT' - stay tuned!!)

BlissTuner / HeartTuner System Updates:

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

See the ONLY system to measure Golden Ratio in EEG

+ the ONLY System to measure INTERNAL EEG Coherence (Cepstrum Inset Graph - Top Left)


now (exerpt from).. The Brain Heart Connection-Breakthru in Measurement

-HeartTuner/BlissTuner Biofeedback Update: How many neurons can share in a thought? The answer is the same as - how many neurons can share in the distribution of one CHARGE wave. Pulse streaming for neurons, becomes massive entrainment- based on pure geometry: idealized in fractality. We know - The Healthy Heart is a FRACTAL HEART ( ) - and we know now so much more about the fractal / self similar Golden Mean Ratio in Brainwaves - trigger to consciousness ( , )

NOW - in a software engineering breakthru - from Heart Coherence Team in close collaboration with Dan Winter, we are pleased to announce: THE BRAIN HEART CONNECTION - within the HeartTuner / BlissTuner environment! (Now released for ALL HeartTuner / BlissTuner new buyers and upgrades).

In the lower graph, this gifmation see the immediate response of BRAIN COHERENCE.. to a short meditation..

The Heart-Brain connection has obviously been an intensely discussed question in the psychological and even medical literature. Everyone is aware that making this connection is key to the psychology, the spirituality and the PHYSICS of conscious evolution. What has been missing is the correct tool to MEASURE the connection.

Now - with HeartTuner / BlissTuner newly upgraded software to beautifully allow adjustment of relative gain between channels- Heart Coherence Team software team, with Dan Winter- scientific inspiration- is pleased to announced the BRAIN HEART CONNECTION option! His discovery of how to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE (cepstrum) so revolutionized Heart biofeedback - that the literature now recognizes Dan Winter with inventing the term Heart Coherence. Winter taught HeartMath institute how to take their first EKG and how to spectrum analyze it to measure emotion. Sadly - HeartMath Institute lied about who taught them this, and more seriously- completely misleads their customers about what HeartCoherence is. Read 'The HeartMath Mistake'.

The power of applying Dan Winter's discovery to the measurement of internal BRAIN COHERENCE - is just dawning upon a very slow to learn, biofeedback community. It does appear the Neurofeedback community is shockingly stupid and failing our culture - in failing to recognize and use:

1. the fact that brain wave states :PEAK PERCEPTION, PEAK PERFORMANCE, PEAK EXPERIENCE - need to be TAUGHT by using GOLDEN MEAN and OCTAVE RATIO feedback. (ref: , )

2. the virtually self evident fact that INTERNAL BRAINWAVE COHERENCE TRAINING can perfect and simplify almost all EEG neurofeedback for everything from ADDICTION TO A.D.D. training. Revolutionizing neurofeedback - see: for example- the old way of elaborately (+ expensive time wasting for clinicians) guessing WHICH missing harmonic in EEG to reinforce is virtually ELIMINATED when overall internal COHERENCEis rewarded (see how it looks on graph below) !

3. meditation and consciousness training (like TM for example) have spoken about nothing but COHERENCE for decades . Yet now that Dan Winter has invented the way to do that (measuring internal coherence is precisely what makes it teachable)- the TM community ignores this like a stuck pig (afraid for their wallet apparently- while there ask the TM'ers why they continue to spend BILLIONS to reinvent cities based on Vastu, while having not the first clue of the electrical pure principle behind sacred / biologic architecture.). Below see tangible evidence how WONDERFULLY positive it is to see even a short meditation rewarded by INSTANT EEG COHERENCE PEAK RISE.

----Combine this with the new possibility in HeartTuner BlissTuner with the ability to measure EMPATHY in TWO separate and powerful ways- COHERENCE PHASE LOCK plus 2 channel HRV compare ( ref: ) . THEN now here add the incredibly potent and new ability to measure when your heart and brain a) come into phase, and separately b) when they are each internally coherent, and c) when that coherence peak is simultaneous to both!

Result: the HeartTuner BlissTuner is such a revolutionary and powerful tool to biofeedback in general.. it may take a generation of obsolete practitioners to die before the breakthru can be recognized. Imagine the thousands of biofeedback practioners on Earth who each have gone thru all their training being WRONGLY taught that INTERNAL COHERENCE cannot be measured - only compared between 2 signal sets.

The point is - that for those visionary enough to understand the incredibly potent role biofeedback with EEG / EKG coherence + HRV and empathy measure - could play in shepherding and teaching conscious growth- (as well as in countless clinical and research situations) the new HeartTuner BlissTuner is a system completely in a class by itself.

Attention=Perfected CHARGE DISTRIBUTION Created by Successful >COMPRESSION-the GEOMETRY OF ATTENTION:Neurofeedback for A.D.D. hygiene approach +pictorial look at BlissTuner Solutions

This letter is for love of kids..(particularly A.D.D.) - see: if you do not have the illustrations..

Also see addend added about gamma in tibetans meditators - from april 06

One of the many new features of the HeartTuner PRO-04 New Software Version scheduled to ship in a month or so, may well be the first REAL biofeedback for BLISS - science ever offered. This article presents compelling new evidence Winter/Wilson/Korotkov - all confirm - the BLISS State in Brainwaves may be measured and optimized by Golden Mean ratio.

Introduction New Heart Tuner PRO-04 , Heart Coherence team, May 22, 2004,
Dear Heart Tuner User and Heart Coherence Friend,

We are pleased to inform you that our completely updated software, the new Heart Tuner PRO-04 is now shipping.


 Besides the basic functionality of your current application, PRO-04 offers many additional features including:

- modular arrangement with pop-up screens
- enhanced visualisation including user-definable fully averaged waterfall plots
- long time averaged ECG internal coherence for greatly improved biofeedback experience
- integrated game style bio-feedback reward, running on the background
- vertical EEG cross-hemispheric symmetry graph
- long-time averaged spectrum analysis
- "auric spectrum" visualisation, especially for life-force measurements
- life force data assessment & presentation for commercial applications
- 6 standard plus two user input configurations
- Esthetically pleasing fully graphic scalable interface with user-defined screen presets
- improved Heart Rate Variability Module available soon
- future audio options including "the heart's sound" and audio bio-feedback
- impressive user selectable numeric and graphic data storage, post-processing, and re-play options

Heart Tuner PRO-04 will come as a start-up package with additional module "plug-ins" which can be ordered separately. The start-up package includes the basic 2 channel ECG and EEG functions, spectrum and 2nd order spectrum with various graphics, basic tachogram, internal coherence history and a bio-feedback game. Expansions include comprehensive HRV and Life Force modules as well as future options.

Heart Tuner PRO-04 start-up package does include the new cross-hemispheric symmetry (vertical graph) analysis which was found a breakthrough in neuro feedback bliss and coherent emotion entrainment.

The optional Life Force module comes together with the special gold-sheet ceramic spherical capacitor (sensor, diam. apprx. 100 mm.) for capturing and assessing long time averaged spectral emission of life materials, particularly interesting for corporate use and comparative research on nutrients.

We will keep you informed through mailing, newsletter (apply for subscription) and on our website covering more details on the software, applications, pricing and ordering options.

Please do check for updates. For information contact us at or
*** Heart Tuner users qualify for special discount *** warm regards, Heart Coherence Team, tel.: 0031-(0)53-4361096 ,

Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Here is their description of THIS brainwave biofeedback learning picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."

NeuroScience notes: Bliss - Euphoria - Ecstasy- & INSIGHT - connected to a BEAT & BIG FLASH- a Large Scale Neuro-Electric Phenomenon?

- From the French Magazine Sciences et Avenir, Sept 2003, Exclusive: "We know finally where lives God " (by Anna Alter) , thanks to Valerie Sandelin & Jean Senot- for forwarding & translating.

"The understanding researchers have of this (brain) organ of big complexity progresses every day. Neuropsychologists analyzing the functioning of the brain during religious experiencess or during prayers were able to explain how both lobes could "trip out" and provoke a BEAT- " peace of mind, a big flash ". This phenomenon would be at the origin of the states of grace, ecstasies, appearances and the other miracles.
Scientific integrity requires our researchers to analyze real ways which allow homo sapiens sapiens to raise themselves to radiant heights by transcendental means (still measured?by science): Via positiva consists in fixing an object, and Via negativa requires(demands) to think of nothing, to empty completely the head. By a specific mental activity, normal functioning of the brain is perturbed - to disconnect him(it) from the reality,...
The neuropsychiatrists, can now compare to the descriptions given in the Gospel, the Koran or in history books, in view of the symptoms shown by certain seers, diagnose in these patient's (with the view from our age) an epilepsy of the right(straight) temporal lobe. A disorder of the electric activity in this group of neurones provokes very particular visual and auditive hallucinations, except for left-handed persons whose brain is differently latéraliséd and organized. (Insert here from Winter: Cross Hemispheric Coherence?). The subject in these 'pointed' conditions - sees the light and hears (from within?) words, exactly as saint Paul on the road of Damascus or Joan of Arc in her village of Lorraine of Domrémy. " The fundamentalism and the religious fanaticism are also explained by a conditioning from the youngest age entailing a dysfunction of " deep intellectual regions ". The faith and the religious rites can have beneficial effects, antistress notably,- noting however that too much is also dangerous....

We know now HOW bliss is triggered- are we ready to teach that? Biofeedback has the tools, now we have the software --Check out some screen array samples from the new HeartTuner Pro04- Including the Bliss Tuner trainer module (screen top right).

A short historical review on electrical measures of Bliss / Euphoria / Ecstasy:

Dan Winter - thanks to his mentor Prof.Al Ax (long time collaborator with Elmer Green & Joe Kamiya - founders of biofeedback) - had helped construct the electrical lab / polygraphy where fear and anger were first described electrically (1980's Univ Detroit Psychophysiology Clinic). Dan was then the first to locate Golden Mean ratio in Manfred Clynes famous Sentic wave shape definition of LOVE in music science - the shape of the touch or hug or squeeze which expresses LOVE as wave embedding. ( ). Dan first measured intense healing emotion electrically - when he discovered EKG harmonics spaced in Golden Mean arithmetic coherence cascades during HEALING LOVE - at Millard Fillmore Hospital lab 1991-1994. (complete history and graphs at ). This provoked the Heart Math Institute to hire Dan to teach them how to measure EKG harmonics and began their career in science. Dan then developed the mathematics of cepstrum (2nd order not inverse power spectra) to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE - revolutionizing the measure & teaching of emotional and brain coherence which became his invention HeartTuner ( ). The implications for true understanding of COHERENCE - explored at - revolutionize the worlds of A.D.D. / Addiction training by coherence - and organizations (like Heart Math & TM) whose foundations are based on coherence - yet never acheived measurement. Also in the mid 1990's the famous Dr. Ed Wilson - (compatriot to Candace Pert-author of the silver bullet theory of emotion:"Molecules of Emotion")- Ed was at that time research director of The Monroe Institute (Hemisynch Tapes). Ed had discovered that Fibonacci to Golden Ratio audio cascades -beat note differentials in audio headphones - triggered 'liquid phonon heterodynes' in the brain which quickly became the DEFINITION of transcendance in brainwaves. He launched people consistently into transcendance / bliss states using Phi / Golden sound ratios in headphones alone (differential beat cascades). Ed abandoned Bob Monroe - who was afraid to release this- and came to make a documentary film with Dan Winter - comparing his brain bliss work with Dan's EKG studies. They put extensive examples of his 3D color brain surface maps (Lexicor 32 ch. EEG) in that film. In summary (Ed found) - EEG coherence areas at the hemispheric opposite extremes - defined DISSOCIATION (in brainwaves) and was triggered by OCTAVES audio input (NOT fibonacci or PHI)- as opposed to brainwave coherence lighting up specifically in the TOP CROWN CENTER of the brain - when triggered by FIBONACCI (leads to Phi Golden Mean) audio cascades. This latter state he DEFINED as brainwave TRANSCENDANCE; it is clearly related to the triggering of CROSS HEMISPHERIC brainwave coherence. -

... and this sets the stage for the next ELECTRICAL bliss precedent history... our friend: Dr. Korotkov in Russia - found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See

also see Cross Hemispheric COHERENCE in his BLISS measures -below: ( Dr.K.-of the famous GDV clinical aura discharge diagnostic tools- was first also to measure how death is successful when CHARGE propagates successfully from the corpse - suggesting a whole new industry instructing people on the electrical hygiene to survive death - non destructive / fractal charge distribution - see .)

Dr. Korotkov was invited to document the intensive bliss related visualization training used in the successful WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS PROJECT in Russia. There - children who were blind - began to literally see thru their inner sight - using a bliss training. The project received a lot of media attention. (Pics below & Films of TV shows available- acknowledgement again to Dr.K. - link above).

In the process- Dr. K was able to consistently document the electrical description of this state of consciousness- which we have called bliss:


Summarizing (simplifying) the above electrical measures to identify / teach BLISS:

1. The ratio between (principle) brain harmonics goes to GOLDEN RATIO..

2. Left and right hemisphere - come into COHERENCE (phase lock)

3. Minimizing Temporal activation corresponds to reducing the EEG map Dr.Wilson correlated to Dissociation (vs. Transcendance which is Golden Ratio phired CROWN activation).

4. Increase SIZE of the aura - (GDV)
(Dan Winter, Dr K., & Heart Coherence Team strongly hypothesize that GDV area -'aura radiance'- WILL correlate to Heart Coherence- as HeartCoherence correlates to muscle strength enabling HeartTuner to measure kinesiology.)

5. Increase in FRACTALITY (folded-surface) of the aura.


Also note that there is precedence confirming the power of acheiving cross hemispheric coherence in EEG - in triggering Healing. The Mind Mirror literature above is as well clear - that this form of coherence - WHEN ALSO COMBINED WITH COHERENT LINK UP TO A SECOND PERSON BEING HEALED - is a clear correlate / indicator - that functional energy healing occurs.

The Heart Coherence team - using the basic insight from Winter, successfully launched Heart / EKG biofeedback making empathy (phase lock ) and coherent emotion (passion) measureable (using 2 channel ceptstrum of EKG). Now in the next generation release of HeartTuner Pro04 Software ( ) Heart Coherence team is launching

One of the many new modules in the new HeartTuner Pro04 software being released in the next weeks - is explicitly designed to allow 3 of the most important features of BLISS - to be gently and carefully teachable in the new 2 channel brainwave setup for HeartTuner. This design - a BLISS TUNER?- specifically allows - at a glance biofeedback to teach:

A- Golden Ratio between the Major Harmonics - Usually Alpha to Beta in EEG Spectra

B- Cross Hemispheric Synchrony (Both Hemispheres in Symmetry )

C - Overall Internal COHERENCE.

In the tests here - both Dan & John & Frank whose brainwaves are shown felt clear 'rushes' or tingles of BLISS presence when the succesful graphs were taken.


3 Sessions In Sequence
Showing Golden Ratio Replicated
In Brain WaveEEG During Bliss Visualization
Vs. Charge Attraction

Above.. Dan Winter brainwave bliss series.. below.. John - during alpha bliss visualization in Germany

In addition the new software module will graph the overall coherence as 'rising thermometers' - plus the key harmonic RATIO to optimize for Phi/ Golden Mean.

Plant Substance Life Force Power Spectra
Represented as Concentric Bands..Life Force Radiance Made Visual

So - if Golden Mean ratio Brain ( and indirectly- Golden Mean arithmetic cascade Heart) music create BLISS / Euphoria and Expanded PERCEPTION....

then WHY not just mechanically induce Golden Ratio and MAKE people make bliss??

(but as for living- we'll let our machines / servants do that for us)..

The problem is that only the WORK to make the BLISS for yourself MAKES it self-empowering (why biofeedback is only YOU learning to do it for yourself)..

If you MACHINE induce Golden ratio.. You get -- RETURN OF THE BORGS..(dis-empowerment and hive mind borg unindividuated non creative intelligence).

reference: , , ,

Below- the work of Dr Konstantive Korotkov:-- with World Without Blindness - project..

The young people most of whom were totally blind, learned to see - after learning a series of disciplined inner excercises involving color and clear visualization.

After some months / years- the young people were able to acheive a distinct altered state of consciousness - directly linked to what we label bliss and euphoria.

The acheivement of that state of awareness - ability to draw in charge- was a direct cause of their being able to SEE even while blind.

Imagine that you understood the true meaning of the term:


Now visualize exactly the mathematics of what would allow waves to CON CENTER ..

(pic: circles in radii of Golden Mean)..

Recursion creates CON=CENTERING!!!! - Now understand by this what Golden Mean ratio does for BRAiN WAVES.

That Golden Ratio perfected ABILITY TO SELF REFER-is also a definition of consciousness in the Vedas:

note from Bliss Tuner inventor- Perhaps the REASON the brain gets a charge during meditation - is CHARGE COMPRESSION DUE TO RECURSION! We do find that experienced meditators consistently succeed much more quickly to generate Golden Ratio in BLISSTUNER brainwave measure.

Meditation Gives Brain a Charge, Study Finds

By Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, Jan 3, 2005, P. A05

Brain research is beginning to produce concrete evidence for something that Buddhist practitioners of meditation have maintained for centuries: Mental discipline and meditative practice can change the workings of the brain and allow people to achieve different levels of awareness.

Those transformed states have traditionally been understood in transcendent terms, as something outside the world of physical measurement and objective evaluation. But over the past few years, researchers at the University of Wisconsin working with Tibetan monks have been able to translate those mental experiences into the scientific language of high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, or coordination. And they have pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex, an area just behind the left forehead, as the place where brain activity associated with meditation is especially intense.

"What we found is that the longtime practitioners showed brain activation on a scale we have never seen before," said Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the university's new $10 million W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior. "Their mental practice is having an effect on the brain in the same way golf or tennis practice will enhance performance." It demonstrates, he said, that the brain is capable of being trained and physically modified in ways few people can imagine.

Scientists used to believe the opposite -- that connections among brain nerve cells were fixed early in life and did not change in adulthood. But that assumption was disproved over the past decade with the help of advances in brain imaging and other techniques, and in its place, scientists have embraced the concept of ongoing brain development and "neuroplasticity."

Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November, take the concept of neuroplasticity a step further by showing that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.

The new findings are the result of a long, if unlikely, collaboration between Davidson and Tibet's Dalai Lama, the world's best-known practitioner of Buddhism. The Dalai Lama first invited Davidson to his home in Dharamsala, India, in 1992 after learning about Davidson's innovative research into the neuroscience of emotions. The Tibetans have a centuries-old tradition of intensive meditation and, from the start, the Dalai Lama was interested in having Davidson scientifically explore the workings of his monks' meditating minds. Three years ago, the Dalai Lama spent two days visiting Davidson's lab.

The Dalai Lama ultimately dispatched eight of his most accomplished practitioners to Davidson's lab to have them hooked up for electroencephalograph (EEG) testing and brain scanning. The Buddhist practitioners in the experiment had undergone training in the Tibetan Nyingmapa and Kagyupa traditions of meditation for an estimated 10,000 to 50,000 hours, over time periods of 15 to 40 years. As a control, 10 student volunteers with no previous meditation experience were also tested after one week of training.

The monks and volunteers were fitted with a net of 256 electrical sensors and asked to meditate for short periods. Thinking and other mental activity are known to produce slight, but detectable, bursts of electrical activity as large groupings of neurons send messages to each other, and that's what the sensors picked up. Davidson was especially interested in measuring gamma waves, some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain impulses.

Both groups were asked to meditate, specifically on unconditional compassion. Buddhist teaching describes that state, which is at the heart of the Dalai Lama's teaching, as the "unrestricted readiness and availability to help living beings." The researchers chose that focus because it does not require concentrating on particular objects, memories or images, and cultivates instead a transformed state of being.

Davidson said that the results unambiguously showed that meditation activated the trained minds of the monks in significantly different ways from those of the volunteers. Most important, the electrodes picked up much greater activation of fast-moving and unusually powerful gamma waves in the monks, and found that the movement of the waves through the brain was far better organized and coordinated than in the students. The meditation novices showed only a slight increase in gamma wave activity while meditating, but some of the monks produced gamma wave activity more powerful than any previously reported in a healthy person, Davidson said.

The monks who had spent the most years meditating had the highest levels of gamma waves, he added. This "dose response" -- where higher levels of a drug or activity have greater effect than lower levels -- is what researchers look for to assess cause and effect.

In previous studies, mental activities such as focus, memory, learning and consciousness were associated with the kind of enhanced neural coordination found in the monks. The intense gamma waves found in the monks have also been associated with knitting together disparate brain circuits, and so are connected to higher mental activity and heightened awareness, as well.

Davidson's research is consistent with his earlier work that pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex as a brain region associated with happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. Using functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) on the meditating monks, Davidson found that their brain activity -- as measured by the EEG -- was especially high in this area.

Davidson concludes from the research that meditation not only changes the workings of the brain in the short term, but also quite possibly produces permanent changes. That finding, he said, is based on the fact that the monks had considerably more gamma wave activity than the control group even before they started meditating. A researcher at the University of Massachusetts, Jon Kabat-Zinn, came to a similar conclusion several years ago.

Researchers at Harvard and Princeton universities are now testing some of the same monks on different aspects of their meditation practice: their ability to visualize images and control their thinking. Davidson is also planning further research.

"What we found is that the trained mind, or brain, is physically different from the untrained one," he said. In time, "we'll be able to better understand the potential importance of this kind of mental training and increase the likelihood that it will be taken seriously."

More Information

"Introduction to Modern Meditation, Part II" Explore, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2003 by Thomas Valone (article summary)

Story of a Revolution in Creativity / Peak Experience / -
Redefining the Ultimate Efficacy in Education:
Is "Implosive" Charge Compression - the Ultimate Way to Attract + Store Biological Information?

The REASON that Golden Ratio compression in EEG / EKG identify peak learning / creativity
lies in the pure principle of COMPRESSION at the core of DNA.
( ref: below..)

Consider- could it be that there is a simple symmetry of charge which identifies LIFE FORCE, SEED GERMINATION, AND HUMAN BLISS - CREATIVITY and Learning.

And that this symmetry of field effect can be identified and taught using the music of Golden Mean ratio - in Brain and Heart to TEACH COMPASSION, EMPATHY, BLISS and CREATIVITY.

And that this revolution in the principle of what is life itself - IMPLOSION into Fusion for Charge- can redefine - education / creativity - as well as architecture and agriculture.

Dan Winter makes this case after 20 years of global teaching - in conjuntion with demonstration of his new Bliss Tuner (creativity biofeedback) and HeartTuner system.

The principle - that IMPLOSION IS A GRAND ATTRACTOR - and it is the 'Secret Science of Ecstacy / Creativity' is the subject of his last 2 books. ( see: )

Come and experience for yourself - a new science of life and creativity - SOLUTION TO LEARNING - based on a simple hygiene anyone can understand and use.

Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion-Bliss training - in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:

Dan Winter's 2005 Global Seminar Series: From Heart to Creativity to Bliss-

The Story of a revolution in creativity / compassion / and empathy - training:
BlissTuner now SHIPPING!!-with HeartTunerPro04
With complete musical audio cues to learn EEG Golden Ratio Bliss.
very special teachers/researchers arrangement STILL available: email:

 1980's: Dan Winter discovers how to measure Heart harmonics - originates the idea of Heart Coherence and teaches Heart Math Institute- who later popularize the idea. : (ref: David Servan-Schreiber - new book "Instinct to Heal")

 See the REAL history of Heart Coherence Research:

From Dan Winter: "Rollin McCraty and crew at Heart Math were algae salesmen and rock musicians til I taught them to how to take an EKG, how to spectrum analyze it, and how to connect that to coherent emotion. The real irony is they vehemently refused to see those harmonics I showed them as COHERENCE - until I spent a year convincing them: NOW they take credit for originating Heart Coherence! - in spite of the fact that the literature ("Instinct to Heal" etc.) is clear that I did. The worst part is they CONTINUE to mislead the public into thinking that breathing at 1 frequency is heart coherence. It is actually not variability or coherence. REAL HEART COHERENCE is measureable and they haven't done it. What they have done is sent a team of viscous legal agents around the world making life hell for people like Dr.Alan Watkins ( ) , and James Barret ( ). Quite the opposite of the supposed loving integrity they project in shallow image."

Original: -Later:

 Dan Winter discovers new mathematics: how to make Heart and Brain INTERNAL COHERENCE - measureable: The CEPSTRUM.

PLUS- the phase lock of 2 persons hearts made immediately visible- emerges as a dramatic MEASURE OF EMPATHY!

 First Time COHERENCE in Heart/Brain is Measured:

 Dan Winter discovers apparent Golden Ratio based cascades in Heart Harmonics- indicate empathy / compassion.


and also Peak Creativity?

Example JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!- Armoring is no barrier.


Teaching EMPATHY / CONCENSUS PROCESS / CONFLICT RESOLUTION - at the corporate level-

using biofeedback measurement ("HARMONIC MODULE")


 2004: Dan Winter with Heart Coherence team - develops the FOURTH GENERATION of his invention: HeartTuner Pro 04. State of the art: Heart Coherence / Emotional Coherence - biofeedback -

with Empathy Measure,
implications to make Kinesiology measureable, and a host of research functions.

 Dr.Ed Wilson, then research director: Monroe Institute- independantly discovers that Fibonacci (to Golden Ratio) Audio Tone Headphone cascades trigger TRANSCENDENCE in Brainwave mapping. He redefines transcendence for Brainwave study. Dr.Wilson discovers Dan Winter's similar work linking Golden Ratio in EKG cascades to Compassion- travels to NY and creates documentary with Winter (1992).  source: VHS Video: "Fibonacci Resonance, The Brain, & Consciousness"
with Ed Wilson, MD, & Daniel Winter 1992

at Crystal Hill Farm, Eden, NY

 1990's: MindMirror biofeedback systems (book:"Awakened Brain" by Cade)
consistently shows the particular cascade of brainwaves harmonics in symmetry produces "CREATIVE INSPIRATION, PERSONAL INSIGHT, & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS".

MindMirror groups fail to notice that the KEY RATIO in EEG which triggers this CREATIVITY phenomenon is GOLDEN MEAN in brainwaves- the PRINCIPLE OF NON-Destructive Compression.

    Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Their database describes this Brainwave harmonics picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."
 2001: World Without Blindness project in Russia- develops a peak experience mental state protocol enabling large numbers of totally blind Russian children to begin to see - and return to regular school.
Procedure includes imagining BLISS IN NATURE.

Dr. Korotkov in Russia - measured this state (CREATIVITY / BLISS) found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See

 World Without Blindness:


Dr. Korotkov: Founder of GDV- Gas Discharge Visualization a Kirlian aura measure tool - calibrated accurately enough to be used globally for clinical diagnostic by thousands of Medical Doctors. The SIZE and FRACTALITY of this aura were 2 of the clear scientific correlates of the BLISS CREATIVITY STATE.


 2004: Dan Winter- with help of Heart Coherence Team ( ) develops and tests a new component to HeartTuner Pro- A BLISSTUNER.

BlissTuner - newly available - now offers full dynamic interactive feedback environment - with synchronized audio cascade cues for each hemisphere- to


+1. Develop Cross Hemispheric Alpha (7-12hz)

+2. Learn to add Beta (higher frequency ) in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - aided by computer generated Ball and Stick game (see pic) .. AND by musical audio tones differentially in headphones for right and left, based accurately on multiples of your real brainwave frequencies.

 New in 2005: Real Biofeedback for BLISS- PEAK EXPERIENCE-CREATIVITY MAXIMA:
The BLISSTuner

Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:


 In Conclusion: THE HYGIENE-
10 Years of Teaching: Discover the electrical environment (FRACTAL CHARGE COMPRESSION = LIFE) which will CAUSE a seed to germinate and HELP A HUMAN ENTER BLISS - CREATIVITY and LEARNING. This redefinition of LIFE and BLISS - suggests a VERY PRACTICAL re-inventing for the HYGIENE FOR BLISS - AND EDUCATION.

Bliss is the only way to sustain -immune health, -lucid dreaming, + successful memory thru death.

+1 in Diet (Live Food, avoid angry DNA, recognize charge to gain twinkle)

+2 in Architecture and Geomancy

+3 in Kinesthetics / the Dance Movement

+4 in Ritual / Rites of Passage / Intitiation

 How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Hygiene


Dan Winter - short vitae: Graduate trained in Psychophysiology mentored by Dr Al Ax, one of biofeedback's founders. Also trained as Systems Analyst with IBM in Detroit, Chicago and Poughkeepsie. He was priveleged to be work with many of the early Physics of Consciousness leaders: Ben Bentov, Chris Bird, Marcel Vogel, even - Bucky Fuller. BioElectric Inventor himself, Dan later invented the HeartTuner ( ) and now the BlissTuner ( ) which portend to revolutionize heart coherence, empathy, and creativity training. He has been a world leader in Sacred Geometry and Physics of Consciousness teaching for almost 20 years- often teaching in 10-20 countries anually. Also a trained musician, choir director, computer animator, and author of 5 books ( see ) he also writes about the extraterrestrial origin of DNA ( ). Based currently in Germany, France and UK - he currently travels with partner Valerie Sandelin. He is passionate to see young people offered the chance to see the real and scientific power of access to personal bliss experience.

Here - we recommend the physiology of Bliss / Kundalini conversation - from

exerpt here:

In summary, we may conclude that kundalini may be physically measured in among other ways, as a coherence phenomena of collected cellular "blue fire". (Reference our 2 hour video with 3 Medical Doctor's: "The Biology of Blue Fire".) Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton). What may be most instructive about this is the degree to which the gathered (and "fractal?) inertia of human attention/focus does specifically direct and steer this waveguide. The mechanism which permits increasingly coherent human focus to steer microwave and shorter bandwidths is very much our appropriate challenge to understand fully.

Interestingly, it was UV spectral emission lines which can measure the braid angle of DNA helical wrap factor. It was this technology which allowed us to prove that electrical lo frequency COHERENCE in the heart beat, associated with the feeling of compassion, does measureably affect the braid angle of DNA. (The chapter in my book, entitled Programming DNA: Is Emotion the Weaver"., and the research done at my suggestion by Heart Math Institute, published in Int'l Society for the Study of Energy Medicine. ../rein )

The point being that an Ultraviolet effect in the DNA is documentably changed by a conscious teachable skill: feeling love and compassion in the heart measured in the power spectral analysis of the EKG (my work at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, first measured EKG coherence associated with emotion).

So now let us apply this metaphor to the activities we know create likely kundalini medical symptoms. Creating glandular coherence creates microwave and ultraviolet cellular coherence. Glandular (emotive) coherence appears teachable with biofeedback or yoga etc. We must ask what is the principle in essence of what permits human conscious activity to grapple with the heart of high frequency cellular fires.

I discussed with Ben Bentov many times the mechanism of the sonic entrainment of the heart pressure waves with the liquids of the brain ventricles (like a can of peaches shaking he would say.) His capacitive accelerometer for measuring this ring relationship between heart and brain liquids was one of th e planets finest feedback devices. Ben described his own kundalini experiences as often originating in the solar plexus area, very different than mine. (His book on the subject: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum", has a chapter - phonon mechanism of kundalini - which is cross correlate to Lee Sanella, MD book "Kundalini: Psychoses or Transendance".)

 Exerpt from Dr. Lee Sannella - author of Kundalini Psychosis or Transcendance - writing about Ben Bentov:

"Once Bentov was here in the US, he took up meditation. He was soon involved in an increasingly active arousal of the energies of kiundalini in himself and began a detailed study of this phenomenon in his well-equipped laboratory. Ben's goal in going to Motoyama's lab on our trip was to repeat and confirm his own lab findings. Motoyama's laboratory was reputed to be the best in the world&emdash;excluding those top-secret Government installations in the USSR and the US. Motoyama had agreed at our first meeting to repeat those experiments in his much more adequately equipped laboratory. However, as the days passed, Ben and I started to get anxious because Motoyama showed no sign of proceeding with the experiments. So, on the last possible day to do this, we had a meeting with Motoyama and his American assistant. After a good deal of back and forth, Motoyama finally took off his suit coat and put on his lab jacket. The four of us then proceeded with these epic experiments. Both of us have described these research findings in great detail in our books.

When we finally repeated Ben's experiments in Motoyama's laboratory, most or even all of this original thinkers theories were, in my view, confirmed. And these experiments also uncovered an anomaly which is yet to be fully understood. By placing an accelerometer on each side of the head, we uncovered a 25% differential in the amplitude of the micro-movements on the left and right hemispheres of his brain. This was a completely unexpected finding and begs to be researched in greater depth in the future. Ben demonstrated that the body is capable of a highly resonant state in which the pulse and cerebro-spinal fluid become synchronized with the breath, producing very fine micro-movements which induce an electro-magnetic flow which he described as a feeling of bliss or ecstasy. Ben had already successfully recorded wave-form signatures of the highly resonant state which were reflected by actual micro movements in his soma and head. He had posited in the beginning of his own experimentation that the fully developed reflections of these resonances would be measurable by the magnetometers that were available at that time, but it would be necessary to measure and study these bits of esoteric physiology on both sides of one's head as they were of equal and opposite polarity. So it was necessary to record these minute pulses with two sensors placed on both sides of the head so that each of the elements would be clearly discerned. These micro-movements arise from an intuitive capacity to coordinate the breath and the heart-beat so that a resonant wave is encouraged. Ben hypothesized that in this state a discrete magnetic field is created in each hemisphere of the brain which stimulates the center of ecstasy deep in the brain's core. This results in the amplification of the electro-magnetic current in the brain which he theorized would be measurable by a super sensitive magnetometer.

Ben built a sensitometer for me that was designed to imitate these micro-magnetic-electrical discharges by applying a pulsing magnetic field to either side of the head. Those inclined towards kundalini arousal would report significant subjective effects. He experimented with this device with a modest number of subjects, and I did likewise. One sensitive physician, after a few applications reported that he had dreamed in full color for the first time ever. Other more bizarre visual effects were also reported. About one out of every ten persons were similarly responsive to this magnetic stimulator and readily reported all these various effects.

Bentov had the intrinsic physiologic skill, yes genius, to cause his body to go into a highly resonant state at will. These states probably echoed the attainment of the various samadhis professed by great realizers in the past, souls of great genius and those closest to ultimate liberation. And similar states are undoubtedly found in certain dissociated persons, or what we western physicians call the mentally ill ones among us, but these experiences differ in that they are uncontrolled and largely negative.

Ben, in his short life, touched many profoundly. Years later I discovered that Motoyama had established a scholarship in Ben's name following his death. His interest in the psychic dimension of existence attracted many gifted people. After our return from Asia, Ben worked with many investigators and meditators. Ben received his first four initiations on the astral or dream level and had a long history of contact with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the TM master. The last three initiations were received in that master's physical presence. Ben developed an accelerometer to measure states of meditative trance at his teacher's behest and was in weekly contact by phone with him for years discussing their mutual interests. I was disappointed to see that their organization never developed any facility to assist their practitioners when the arousal of the kundalini energies would occur. Ben was always highly critical of this irresponsible attitude. Ben and his pioneering work with the kundalini was surely disturbing for Maharishi. The process that Maharishi was teaching to produce the goal of levitation was, more often than not, arousing kundalini energies that apparently distracted his followers more than their brief and often bumpy flight. It was undoubtedly the reason that he did not honor his long intimacy with Ben by making him a researcher or professor at his large University near LA. Ben was also criticized for doing healing, a gift which was given to him in his very deep meditations. It seems likely to me that the guru himself had some initial kundalini experiences which were disturbing to him and never resolved. So he quickly dismissed all kundalini phenomena as a nuisance that potentially threatened his levitation program.

I had taken up TM at Ben's urgent recommendation. I was pleased at the one shot initiation and mantra they gave me, but later I had many patients who became moderately disturbed (especially if they displayed any talent for trancing in meditation) while practicing TM. Some had to stop or change to other methods of meditation. I became disenchanted with it and soon left the TM movement.

Ben had the ability to travel mentally to virtually any place he wished in the universe. He acquired information that astounded astronomers and astrophysicists. Ben used to regale me with the most personal parts of these journeys in which he used the most wonderful colloquial language as well as naming all the dramatis persona. His accounts were ornamented with characters from the fairy world and biblical figures, which he called by funny names that he made up as easily as he breathed. Mo was one of the guardians in this great play of elemental forces that were very much alive in Ben's accounts and that were found at every important transition or barrier. For example, to get out of the earth's sphere one had to match wits, as it were, with particular archetypal figures. And to leave the solar system, still other hosts were encountered which needed to be convinced.

Ben's untimely death in a DC 10 crash out of Chicago was a tragedy that I mourned deeply. Rick Ingrasci, a mutual friend, claims Ben told his secretary that he was all through with this life just before he got on that ill-fated plane. All I was certain of was that Ben had felt rejected pretty much all around. He just got too famous too quickly and often had simple answers for those enlightened ones who cherished ambiguities."

COHERENT heart sounds pump ecstatic juices to the brain. Think of the geometry of sonic phonons or sound in liquid long standing waves as functioning like a flute operated snake charmer, or the sonic standing nodes moving like the pushers in a peristalsic pump (in which mechanical hands push liquids up a flexible tube.)

The origin of the sweetness tasted dripping from the squeezed amygdala of the brains nut, is the blue dish at the base of the spine. Here foreplay or breath gathers the collected Ultraviolet nectars of cell metabolism. If tantra or kundalini can produce enough Sacra Cranial Pulse (a sonic long wave) up the fluids of the spine, then the stinger tube hole at the base of the spine can begin to pump. When successful of course this produces the positive biofeedback of "permission to taste the sweetness". Sweetness being always and only a measure of braidedness.

There are those who doubted the definite experience of we intense kundalini experiencers, who begin to taste quite literally from the roof of our mouths, whatever is near the tailbone. The end products of digestion gather there, as in the hi frequency massaged "sweetness", highest density content braidedness: at the BLUE DISH. At first in tantra, it takes extreme conservation (abstinence from orgasm) to build the pressure of the assembled cellular hi frequency excipients (foreplay), to back flush them up the just learning how, spine pump. Later, as the passage is opened more, the tailbone tube "straw that sucks", begins delivering sweet nectar to the brain floor 'under the flower' VERY frequently (my experience). At first we visualized a simple opening of the tailbone tube, which Gurdjieff called the 'organ Kunda-buffer', regulated by the (sonic and actual) massage of the peritoneal and prostate ( in the male). Later we realized also that the vestigial HORSE HAIRS of the tail bone, still present at the human spin base, also serve a high frequency coherence light wave guide gathering 'up' function.

When all of this 'sacro cranial pumping' works..(../isthisrecursion/apta.html AND Upledger Institute, and Polarity concepts)

the arrival of these the best biological nutrients to the brain crown produces:

1. an explosion of brain cellular growth at the upper brain. The unfolding of the petals of a magnetic flower there, which then attract images (magnetic waves in phase are identical to perception of 'petals') to the pineal. ...The 'Thousand Petalled Lotus".

2. an extreme plumbed removal of lingum excipients /mucosal crystalizations blocking flow, from the cerebrospinal and connected lymph passages. The psychological correlates of which include however many months of tears required to excise every unshareable (less than VERY symmetric/ recursive and thus eternal) stored emotion. The geometry of emotion's electrical library being the phase disciphined foldedness on surface of cell and piezoelectric muscle. (The notion that cell surface SHAPE is no more than an index of whatever electrical waves could stand together musically in phase, as in "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" -mathematic biophysics text, and depicted more romantically at ../cancer - shape fold index to cancer and aids.)

3. a potentially dangerous over excitation/ metabolic speedup of the glands. the skill to move nutrients from the cells entrance to High Quality UV, and then out to glandular and ecstatic operations goes to its limit. Essentially, metabolisms baud rate can speed up to beyond the glands ability to withstand the fire. In my case, fifteen years of nutritional honing permit a kind of thin survival. (Specifically I believe the higher amperage and higher frequency densities pushing thru the cellular cores, stress the mineral to water bond structure as at Albert Szent Gyorgyi "Electronic Biology and Cancer", necessitating trace mineral replacement and the bliss capacitance necessary to hold those minerals soluble and funtional as geometrizers for cellular electrical conductive efficiency.. Also I emphasize the quality of the critical raw oils {"Lorenzo's Oil"} {heat kills them} which create the myelin sheath dialectric insulator so stressed by hi amperage and voltage at the synaptic level. If nervous tissue as optical hologram waveguide does not get the electrical insulator quality necessary to hold hi pressure/voltage, then psychokinesis becomes unsustainable.) Important instructions for hygiene here, at Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle

4. an overflowing of sweetness dripping onto the back of the tongue, resulting in a different appreciation of what sweetness is (the girl after kundalini or tantric ecstatcy prefers lentils to chocolate because their deferred but self braided sweetness is tastier. ersatz sweetness only a substitute for ecstatic process is no longer desired)

5. the perception of a magnetically implosive current traveling spinally. Moving ones attention to the core of this magnetic current, can with shamanic practice create an organ of perception (look through the eye of the serpent.)

6. a potent magnetically converging atmospheric and earth current force precipitating moisture from above, and creating new springs below. Herein comes the in-tube wormhole song-line entering force which Aboriginally glues tectonics together. Drawing the magnetic current energy line from the energy going in circles which we cutely label mass, is the ss word from ss tone : the raised djed, and djedi knight.

7. a dramatic improvement over the perception of simple orgasm; the passage of hapliod DNA seed up the spine in the male: prostatic thick but clear fluid can come out the penis, the semen went up. In the female noteably, recurrent descriptions of "virgin" birth (conversations with Sannella, Drunvalo). The point is that it is the carrier of capactive charge which instructs the eggs membrane to turn inside out/donut and become fetus. (The ""MOMENT"" of fertilization). The source of the charge spin must inherently have enought recursion (awareness), to feed DNA it's complement message. See how whatever causes the spherical egg membrane to BEGIN TO DIMPLE, is the agent of the onset of the fertilization. (see also egg dimple at pic at ../torrent ). Article with pictures at ../superDNA The point being that, the lightning light spike of kundalini charge, able to COME TO A POINT, literally because its harmonics are in PHI golden ratio nesting (see our ekg spectra work), can actually trigger an egg to split... (turn inside out).

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ECSTATIC INDUCED FREQUENT REPORTS OF VIRGIN BIRTH have NO father. It is important to realize that what we have been calling an ECSTACY TUBE or wormhole up the spine (see also the wormhole transport function in the movies "Contact", "StarGate", and TV's "Deep Space Nine"), becomes quite literally a blood artery of what we have childishly been calling ANGELS. (Timeline/ event history trajectories or splits, like at Montauk, can be healed or reconverge nondestructively for example, only when the subsequent event histories themselves are arranged into a Phi-lotaxes based temporal fractal, -math for time histories in log phi geometric in "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan - descriptions by the Templars under "Repair the Fabric of Time" - so "Angels Don't Bleed - see also ../buehler Templar Ruta Time Continuum.. Oritronic vs Metatronic).

The magnetic implosion vortex (up the spin) in the very process of becoming self organizing as a wave function (KUNDA HAS A "MIND OF IT'S OWN"), becomes self aware. Steering this worm (ORMes), is part of the coherence body which becomes angelic. The Saraphic here (See the role of Angel Gabriel at Mary's conception, and Moroni gold plate guardian), being the hi Reptilian, (Mag), while the Ophanic being the hi source of the "bird' brain genetics. Remember "Myth of the Birth of the Hero" (Otto Rank) requiring all avatars to be virgin birth.."So Moses Was Born" (Joan Grant), did not mean the Magnetix X chromosome was without trigger,(XY cross then BRANCH eugene), it meant 'Dad was ET'.

8. the long term impact of kundalini on DNA braid coherence is such as to add another harmonic series of frequecies to the enveloping. This is commonly and erroneously referred to as adding another strand. More correctly entering another dimension never referred to anything which was not topologically the superposition of another axis of symmetry (braiding). This is exactly what happens when the ratio of a carrier wave length, to the wave length of the envelope which contains it, becomes sacred, or recursive, or phi. (Long wave PHI ratio-Golden Mean- the perfection of recursive nest). Genepool spin densities become potentially entirely fractal in this way, and thus reach stellar awareness. This is harvest of sweetness which genepools potentially deliver as milk to gaia's lactic core. (Sweetness in chemistry being merely a name for HOW MUCH BRAIDING..).

9. Kundalini is schizophrenia only when the urge to fractality is fractionated, in nutrition and environment totally lacking in spin density/context richness/braidedness. (The appendix to Lee Sannella, MD book on kundalini showing the huge proportion of Kundalini experiencers who are diagnosed schizophrenic is a VERY sobering diagnosis of our Medical profession). This then relates to the microcosmic orbit skill to return/rotate the magnetic, microwave, and UV broad spectral currents back down the spine. (I believe were the microwave map of the spine to be resolved, the IDA / PINGALA up and down currents would be visible around the SUSHUMNA core). The psychological import of this is that once you see God (light explodes), if you cannot return and create a service with your new phone line to the spin of one mind, then you will go insane. The geomantic law here is that true ecstatic process is unsustainable and produces insanity unless you live in a magnetically fractal landscape. This is why Magdalen had to create a zodiac fractal when she directed the (Templar dreams) siting of the gothic cathedrals, to distribute the spin force of the charge of her tantric swoon with Jesus Christ, fractally to the nearby zodiacal landscape. Awareness is distributed only as wave. Waves can change scales by perfected ratio only in the presence of the Lo-PHI Golden Mean Fractal. Mygdala is the name for the journal on fractality and the nut squeezed in the brain to make sweetness, by the hearts sonic fractal. Rosy foldedness perfected. Come here to die, and you won't. ... All sensitive and sustainably psychokinetic, particularly women, MUST bond (phase lock) with their LAND, in order to get leverage on the collective DNA field effect (collective mind / 'God') .. and that landscape must be fractal/recursive/embedable/geomantic in order to hold her charge/awareness).

The heart of the matter of principle which enables awareness to attract the force of such currents is contained in the 'recurring' harmonic whisper of the heart at the moment of love. We look at the harmonic content of the EKG, as the rush tingle of compassion sweeps, we find not just COHERENCE in the EKG between 0-35 hertz (exactly the coherence bandwidth in the EEG and the Earth's Schumann resonance.) WHAT WE FIND IS A PARTICULAR KIND OF COHERENCE (MUSICAL CHORD). WE FIND THAT WHEN THE HARMONICS OF THE HEART'S BEAT ARE MOST LIKELY TO CAPACITIVELY ENTRAIN THE BRAIN AND EVEN ENTRAIN A TREE AT A DISTANCE....... AT THAT MOMENT THE HEART'S FREQUENCY HARMONICS WILL BE A RECURSIVE/SELF EMBEDDED/ FRACTAL IN THEIR NON-LINEAR HARMONIC NEST.

More specifically, the physics here is that the frequency harmonics (power spectra / fft) of the EKG will show the heart change from normal linear harmonic intervals between contained frequencies (multiples of 2), to a situation where the INTERVAL BETWEEN CONTAINED HARMONICS BECOMES MULTIPLES OF GOLDEN MEAN. (THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE NON-LINEAR, and therefore implosive cascade called LO-PHI.. love..)


Also the amplitude of the first peak of that septrum is ideal to TEACH COHERENCE since it measures that elegantly. The lowest frequency harmonic of this cascade IS ACTUALLY MEASURE AND FEEDBACK TO WHERE THE HEART ENTRAINS THE BREATH. (more at ../hrv )

So it is actually the PHONON or sonic pony tailing 'trailing clouds of glory' which entrains the DNA to braid, thus 'programming it', and at once indeces the magnetic geneto-glandular implosion we call bliss.

In other words, simply put, the skill to make a high frequency attractor out of the heart's breath, is the skill to make a wave fractal attractor. The electrical donuts converging at the heart at the moment of love have been exquisitely arranged fractally, by the heart that knows how. This phase cardiod, heart shaped golden spiral lo-phi all-monde fractal, is the only limitless permission to touch possible among waves which don't wish to fight. God's baud rate requires the handshaking which allows infinitely compressible fractal data to be shared at no energy cost. Love is the only successful outcome of an eternal experiment in symmetry.

Although thinking a shareable thought which creates a magnetic implosion in the brain, can begin the kundalini current, only heart coherence makes it sustainable. So although the kundalini phenomena is not in itself evidence of pure intention, the ability to sustain kundalini IS. In exactly the same way that physics proves that pure sustained focus agreement among waves IS exactly the same thing as pure intention. (Do not buy a used car from shifty eyes.) There is only one coherence, it just gets around.


San Graal , is named for the song in the blood, which occurs when DNA becomes braided enough by love to harvest the ring of Earth's magnetic long wave. The MECHANISM FOR THIS RINGING IS THE PHONON OR SONIC LONG WAVE ENVELOPING DNA'S BRAID BECOMES COHERENT OR PHASE DISCIPLINED OR MUSICAL TO... 1). THE SHORTER WAVE DISTANCES BETWEEN THE CONTAINED CODON RUNGS.. AND 2.) THE MAGNETIC SHAPE OF FOLD ON THE LAND YOU INHABIT/ EMBED / AND SHAPE THE WEATHER OF - BY DOING SO. This eros of relating long wave to short in an entraining cascade is ALWAYS SLINKY LIKE.. (ref DNA & the wratcheting slinky tetra cube of siO2 bonds called quartz). By linking the light change of diameter of the slinky (electron stricture) to the greater change of length as you pull push the slinky, a long wave (sound) is ELECTRICALLY LINKED to the shorter wave (voltage /electron valence wave lengths.). This helically choreography of how to connect big worlds to little ones, is at work in the DNA particularly at the pony tail braiding moments of bliss, braiding the DNA literally into the GRAIL cup golden fleece of perfect embedding. ( see ../grail.html ).

The ringing you hear in your blood on sacred land, is the magnetic wind on which love travels, a druid phone. The grail was the name for the perfect container for all spin, which is blood's DNA as wratcheted dodeca fractal perfect wave embeddedness in the presence of love. The image is generated by a golden spiral laid on the 60 degree light cone down fractal infinite dodeca icosa stellations. (Merkabbah, Ezekiels Wheels, City of Revelation, Zodiac/EarthGrid/DNA).. Revolved that one conic serpent spiral becomes an infinite cup with cup which as you turn and zoom forever you are never either inside or outside, and it never becomes smaller or larger.

warmly, Dan Winter..

New: Implosion Group sponsored

Dan Winter: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion - World Tour & Tools=

Color Brochure - 2004-2005 , (samples images below).. Life Force and BLISS!

Color Brochure Part 1- Pdf. 4 page 05brochure2B6.pdf

Color Brochure Part 2- Pdf. 4 page 05brochureBmay.pdf


Part 1- Exerpts:

Also new in the HeartTuner Pro04 Release -Optional new Life Force Measure software module- will allow Life Force to be professionally measured and graphed - without having to learn Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software to do the data analysis.. more coming soon on this!

Part 2 exerpt:



Fractal compression is the only potentially infinite compression. 3D fractality for waves (& therefore everything)  is perfected in Golden Ratio.(link 'Predictions' - see bottom)