Are the Soho "CunCruisers" the Mystery Planetoid Invasive Arrival

Predicted by Andromedan's & Blue Star Kuchina?



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The part about the "sun cruisers" is interesting.


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Dear CAUS Members:

On this Monday, CAUS continues to share with you more sustenance for your
insatiable cosmic curiousity. I must be caught in some sought of planetary
conjunction which is CAUSing this continuous desire to post these
controversial comments over the past few days. Might as well ride the
celestial here are two more:

by Richard Coombes (

The following is a compilation of data on the phenomenon that the NASA
Solar Satellite known as SOHO has been imaging for some time now near
our sun. This phenomenon has exhibited bizarre characteristics that seem
to bear a strong resemblance to UFO activity. The only difference is that
this activity is occurring out near the sun and involves what perhaps seems
to be objects of massive size. It pertains to a phenomenon dubbed the "sun
cruisers" ... and while the title may sound like a rock group... "SOHO and
the Sun Cruisers"... I don't hear any music playing out there.


The satellite euphemistically referred to as SOHO is the acronym for
SOLAR and HELIOSPHERIC OBSERVATORY and is a joint venture
between NASA and the European Space Agency. SOHO was launched
on December 2, 1995. NASA is responsible for the launch and the mission
operations. Europe provide further scientific support.

SOHO was designed to provide an uninterrupted view of the sun for
comprehensive solar studies. It is a virtual laboratory of equipment
designed to study the sun and its nearby environment. Generally, the SOHO
data feeds provide 12 different images each day plus data on solar winds,
magnetic fields and much more.


SOHO began to image strange and mysterious objects after this image of
12/30/97 was taken. See the link to this picture and that of 1/14/98:

It would seem that the 12/30/97 picture shows a simple camera malfunction.
However if you look closely there seems to be an odd abnormality with an
almost cellular-like amoebae quality near the sun's disk. On that same link
in the image below it, you will see that the 1/14/98 image seems to be
showing a 4th of July fireworks demonstration near the sun. Keep in mind
that while you're looking at this, the SOHO camera filter blots out the sun's
on both the C2 telescope camera and also the C3 telescope camera so that
observations can be made of the sun's corona that exists around the solar
disk itself.

This 1/14/98 image which remains posted as a public service by the ORBIT
Website shows a mysterious bright object in the upper left corner of the
picture for 1/14/98. This bright object has a horizontal line running through
it that is apparently massive in size. But that's not the only mysterious
thing in the image. Notice all the pale streaks of light that arch
everywhere? Its rather reminiscent of McDonald's Golden Arches being
misplaced somewhere in space. But, what are the arches? Is this some kind
of real life sequel to Star Wars, with the Bright Object serving in the role
as a "Death Star"? We don't see Darth Vader anywhere but it certainly raises
some interesting questions. But, remember, we're just getting started.

This object was nicknamed (or dubbed) as the "Sun Cruisers" for lack of any
better term. I suppose we could have a contest to rename the object(s) but
for now that name seems to have "stuck" in some circles. The ORBIT
website and its editor Kent Steadman along with Liz Edwards and the
"I WONDER" gallery website has done a tremendous job of keeping tabs
on this mysterious phenomenon. Liz has a tremendous amount of images
archived that are but just some of the more interesting images...but space
just doesn't permit posting them all. Visit her link to view some of the
best images that were captured last year.

The "I Wonder Gallery" gives a little more background.

The I Wonder Gallery SC for February of 1999 has some very new and
startling images.

The I Wonder Gallery SC for March of 1999 including some great close-up

Robert Ghost Wolf has another excellent presentation of these mysterious
objects which includes 12 pages of images from SOHO.
Wolflodge's Project Stargate II -- 12 pages of Sun Cruiser images

In addition, I'd like to call special attention to another SOHO mystery
image. It is similar but we don't think its a "Sun Cruiser." This link
shows an object that I've dubbed "The Star of David" because it looks like a
Star of
David and its near the sun. Take a look at this phenomenal picture.
Star of David image by SOHO on 12/7/98 at 17:18

Another website with its own hypothesis is that hosted by the Millennium
Group. They had presented a 2 part analysis with Part One posted in
December and the other on February 16th to show more bizarre objects
that may or may not be the "Sun Cruisers." Read their position papers.

The Millennium Group begins to advance a hypothesis that we've got new
planets forming
Part 1 =
Part 2 =

Now, the "Sun Cruisers" data does not appear to fit the patterns of the
February large object imaged by SOHO and as described by the folks
at MG. At least I nor others seem to think so. Maybe we have two
different phenomena occurring here? One thing is certain, no new planets
have been seen or reported being seen crossing in front of the sun.
That would tend to rule out the Millennium Group's theory. IF the "ORCA"
object that the Millennium Group refers to is different than the "Sun
Cruisers" then this object is of massive planetary size and is in hiding
behind the sun and playing peek-a-boo with SOHO. Not your typical behavior
by a planet.

Finally, we present the actual NASA SOHO Webpage link:

The SOHO link provides archived images from the most recent to the beginning
of the mission. However, I've noted that some images are no longer
found there. The Millennium Group's image shown at their website for 2/9/99
is not to be found in the SOHO archive. This is just one example of missing
images, unless I've just somehow missed them in the searches.

In addition to the "Sun Cruiser" anomalies we've seen some really bizarre
solar flare formations like this one...which bears an eerie resemblance to
an angel with a trumpet.

Gabriel's Horn from SOHO 3-15-99 C2Lasco @ 8:54

Some see in the flare an angel facing to the top of the image and feet to
the sun to the left of the sun near the equatorial line. Its simply a
ghostlike image and not a solid form. Now, I'm not suggesting that this is
indeed an angel. I'm not trying to necessarily promote anything of such an
image. But it is indeed certainly curious, to say the least. Which brings
us to the question of: "What in the world is going on out there?" I mean,
a Star of David object, then 3 months later a strange flare that some think
is shaped like an angel. Is someone trying to send us a message? Maybe, or
perhaps its just like seeing Elvis in pancakes! (for the record, I've never
seen Elvis in pancakes or anything else, nor Jesus' face in cloud formations,
the Virgin Mary on brick walls <grin>)


>From the information I've read and been told, NASA's SOHO team has
provided an unsatisfactory answer to the "Sun Cruiser" mystery. If I
understand correctly, the SOHO team claims that the "Sun Cruisers" are the
result of pinhole damage created in the camera filters by space debris that
revealed to the camera when a strong light source from a planet (like Venus,
Mars, Jupiter, etc.) aligns with the hole to create the spectacular effect
with the horizontal line and making the planet appear larger than it really
is. At least that is how I understand their explanation. There are,
problems with this answer. The "cruisers" move around quickly and
erratically in
movement that does not match the orbit of those planets. One source tells me
the software program "Redshift" shows that the planetary movements don't match
the movements of the phenomenon. So much for NASA's answer.


The folks at Millennium Group have been monitoring SOHO for quite some time
now and came out with the hypothesis that 2 comets that hit the sun last
July created 2 new planets. Whether or not this is true has nothing to do
with the "Sun Cruiser" phenomenon because the cruisers have been around far
longer than the comet impacts of last June. In addition, no observations
have been reported of any "new" planets moving across the sun's surface in an
orbit that SOHO or earth based telescopes could have witnessed. Now,
in the case of SOHO, that is understandable because SOHO has gone down
mysteriously several times in the past 12 months.

It went down in June, shortly after the 2 comets impacted the sun. SOHO
stayed down for 90 days and then came back into operation in the fall for
a few weeks before again going down just before Christmas. It came back
up in late January only to have another spell in February just after it
imaged this large object peeking out from behind the sun. That large object
seemed to be of a massive planetary scale. The only problem is, we've never
it come around in front of the sun. It just seems to be hiding behind our
view of the sun and also behind the view of SOHO. Is this massive object also
the large "Sun Cruiser" (not to be confused with the smaller "sun cruisers")
that we've seen? Apparently not, because when you look at the enhancements
of the large cruiser done by Liz Edwards it seems to have a definite shape
that is not round in structure like the large object behind the sun. And of
course no one has seen a new planet orbiting in front of the sun.


I've not seen a good answer yet. Maybe you can come up with one. My back
ground is not in astrophysics nor in astronomy, though I do have an
amateurish interest in the subject. My field of expertise is theology. I
wrote the book "America, The Babylon" which is a book filled with research
the ancient Biblical prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. My research
into the ancient Hebrew and Greek writings (about future events) shows that
there is to be a Superpower nation that will be destroyed by an attack from
space just before the rise of the Antichrist and the coming of the Messiah
to earth. My extensive research shows that the Superpower nation described
in those prophecies has certain character traits that only fit the United
States, including "outer space defenses." It describes an attack on this
super power as coming from Deep Space and will be carried out by "angelic
in a "sneak attack" that will destroy the super power (Code-named "Mystery
Babylon") in a one hour period of time. It will be destroyed just like the
ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. (which recent satellite imagery has now
beneath the Dead Sea, so the Biblical story is indeed not a hoax. See this
link for the satellite images:
Are the "Sun Cruisers" part of this "Angelic Task Force"? I don't
know. I can only wonder. We have no time frame for when such an event would
take place, other than it would occur within the lifetimes of those who
witnessed the rebirth of the nation of Israel. So such an event could be 30
years or more from fulfillment, if the Biblical prophecies are really from
God as they
claim to be. Because of these writings and my research into those writings,
my mind
certainly is wondering if these objects may indeed be trace evidence of such
events about to unfold.

by Arnold A. Zachow (

Some 35 years ago when I was building a background on ancient
civilizations before 100,000 BC, I obtained a variety of info on Lake
Titicaca and the Gateway to the Sun at, Tiahuanaco. I also was told that
there were in mountains some distance from Puno, existed a Trans-
dimensional Door or Gateway to Interdimensional "circuits" of all
universal energies of the Central Universe.

No one then suggested the Huyu Marca Mts. and in fact I cannot
find the area on my atlas.

Based on the impressions I get, on reading your report, there are
two portals together cut out of the rock mountain, that can be enlarged,
as required, for receiving from another dimensions, a variety of
interdimensional energies of variable design and color and harmonic.

I was told by one traveler about 22 years ago, that an entrance to
this Gateway was dependent on the enlightenment of a human when he placed
his 'power' hand on a depression beside the Portal. If you had not
achieved a certain level of Awareness, you were denied entrance.

The small portal at the bottom center is the Transdimensional Door.
The much larger gateway is for entrance to a series of 35' dia. tunnels,
and also a chamber for up to 50' dia. saucer type craft. Some 6 years
ago, one of my students in an advanced applied Parapsychology class went
into a trance state in class and traveled into a rock chamber in Peru. A
second student and myself traveled also with the trance student and found
a saucer craft, six extradimensionals. We had been sensed telepathically,
so the 3 of us withdrew immediately.

As of 2 months ago, I have learned an organization within a
secret US "black project" financed group has developed a 3D cloaking
device, that can shut off a material opening, tunnel, etc. Again it
requires a certain harmonic device to gain entrance thru the cloaking
system. I feel comfortable this dual Gateway, is the source for the UFO's
being sighted around Titicaca. Of course you know that Tiauanaco was
built long before that mountain area rose to the 10,000'+ level and well
before 100,000BC.

Have an intellectual Monday and of the skies!

Peter A. Gersten

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