blackbird singing in the dead of
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 01:00:10 +0000
dan winter <>
quoting nostradamus/bridges piece near bottom here:
"...identifies the place of the next conflict, perhaps
indicating the start of WWIII, as Kosovo, where, on the Field of
Blackbirds, the
Turks slaughtered a Serbian army in 1389"
to the serbs the kosovo fields are ancient place for fighting to the
for serbia... they will not yield: so war passion spills global:

the reason it was called field of blackbirds was like american indians
eating crow meant worst fate, on that field so long ago the blackbirds
ate the thousands of serbs slaughtered.. this legend in their
country is the ULTIMATE battle cry..

when the underground water disappeared under vukovar yugoslavia
when bombed.. labyrinths mapped to ground water
recreated long wave magnetics (and ground water)
whose loss of symmetry alone (as death of "body polis")
is an ACCURATE PREDICTOR of where war will break out

so the women gathered to install magnetic womb labyrinths
..the water and the body polis.. possibility of sharing emotions
magnetics across the land... returned.

A charge envelope sustained by the symmetry of embedding
(the true templar destiny of america, a mere i go.. to mater matrix
embed eye go..
when the liberty bell rings again, the grail cup rings out in the
dna.. which finds map on land...)

spiritual destiny of america see
in couple days

clairvoyant friend here said below was real, but deflection would

dan winter

World War III - Please read immediately!
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 20:47:59 -0700
David Gould <>



The following information came in late last night, and I believe it
important enough to pass on immediately. The wise man will prepare,
and leave the skepticism to others. You may think of this as a test, as

to how much money really means to you, as opposed to your family.

Personally, I have already made this judgment, but if I still lived
near any of the locations listed herein, I would be moving my family,
regardless of cost, ridicule or opposition, to another location, today.

I will do a follow-up post, today, if time permits, titled: Nuclear
aimed at US. You will find it interesting, I think. God Bless, David

Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 6:37 PM
Subject: Very Important Message from Fritz Springmeier
News Release from Fritz Springmeier

Over two weeks ago, this author was given inside information that the
Order had pulled all their key people---specialists, and so forth out of

Diego, CA. These people were given a secret high level briefing which
them to leave San Diego by April 3rd, and that the reason they were to
leave was that Russia was going to drop nuclear bombs on San Diego,
Seattle, NYC,
coastal cities on the eastern seaboard where U.S. naval forces (such as
subs) are kept, and Biloxi, Miss. These important people were then moved

Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Utah where they could be secure
Two of these people had lived through Vietnam, and no longer trusted
government to care about the people, and it is through these two that
information leaked to this author.

This information is important, but what is even more alarming is that
other things support this information & lead to only one conclusion, a
nuclear war has been planned against the United States by Russia, & the
American public is being blindly led into this war. People who are aware

Dmitri Dutiman s prophecies may not be surprised by this state of
but none the less are placed into the same position everyone else is in.

That position is to ask, "Will this really take place?, "What can we do
prevent this? & "What can we do to prepare to survive such an attack?"
and finally,
"What will be the warning signs that bombs are about to drop?" This news

release will try to answer these questions.

Bad weather over Yugoslavia has apparently set back the script a few
NATO says that they are two days behind because of bad weather.
the entire script must be played scene by scene, and the bad weather
us a little more time. I also hope that by blowing the whistle on this
plot over radio to 1 million listeners might make the plotters think
about their play which has chillingly gone through act 1, act 2, act 3,
act 4 all according to the script. There are many interesting things
this Kosovo crisis that the news media is mostly ignoring, What will
is some of the collaborating evidence and related affairs which the
may not be aware of, Yugoslavia is like Russia s little brother. Since
attacks on Yugoslavia, Russian television has repeatedly referred to
close relationship to Yugoslavia. Russia has a treaty to protect
if it is attacked. What big brother would not defend his little brother?

why has not Russia honored their commitment to Yugoslavia? Perhaps they

are >moving to do just that. More on this in a moment.

NATO and Yugoslavia are locked into this crisis which continues to
escalate. NATO continues to weaken itself as it uses up its limited
supply of cruise
missiles and ammunition. The United States has been sending its reserves

food and medical supplies to the Balkans. The United States is greatly
overextended. In order to fight in the Balkans, air force units
northern Iraq had to be shifted to the Balkans theater. The aircraft
carrier in the Persian Gulf went to the Adriatic and the only American
carrier in the Pacific is now in the Persian Gulf. The fighting in the
Balkans has no strategic importance in relationship to a conflict
Russia and the U.S. In other words, we are preoccupied with a costly war

which if we get into a war with Russia has no strategic value.

According to eyewitnesses who have sat in on high level meetings, the
Kosovo crisis is following a script. There are numerous clues that this
is true,
in fact, many items of the pre-written script are being played out
eyes. On the Bill Brumbaugh radio show, this author warned that the next

step in the script was for Russia to increase tensions and "rattle her
This stage just began today, as the Russian government demanded that the

United States and NATO stop the bombing in a few days or else they would

take action. At the same time, Russia has announced they will try to
group of world leaders to work on diffusing the crisis. For those who
skeptical, lets postulate for the sake of discussion that Russia wanted
nuke the U.S. If so, then how would events be scripted? The Russians
not want to announce their intentions so they will wear a smiling mask
hides their true intentions.

Instead of being bellicose like Kruschev, they will put on a calm nice
front, so as not to alarm their prey. Further, there would have to be
kind of pretext that would justify to the Russian people that America
aggressively a threat to them, and that their honor, patriotism and
morality called for a strong reaction. NATO has been portrayed in the
Russian media
as having broken several international laws to interfere in the internal

affairs of the nation of Yugoslavia. The U.S. has supposedly according
news already launched an ICBM from a submarine that hit Yugoslavia. The
States also placed sanctions on 3 Russian companies Tula Design Bureau,
Volsk Mechanical Plant, and the Central Research Institute for Precision

Building on April 4, 1999. At a time that American-Russian relationships

are fragile, our government is busy humiliating and agitating the
Russians. It
does not make much sense. Why are we ignoring the Russians and
the Russian government in front of the Russian people? Like I reported,
are following a script in which our traitorous leaders like Bill Clinton

are involved in order to bring in the New World Order. This script will
usher in W.W. III.

Unfortunately, much of what is happening is not being reported, so most
people can not put together the pieces that would expose how the crisis
been created at the behest of the World Order in order to implement
NWO agenda.

The subject of Russia and its reaction to the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia

has received very little attention on the establishment media. When the
is raised, the answer is that Russia is an economic basketcase and they
do anything. First, the bear still has claws. For years, Russia has been

stockpiling the food that U.S. and Europe has sent them. Russia has
secretly been enhancing their military. Their people are poor and
suffering only
because they have continued over the last few years to stockpile large
quantities of food and weapons. They have followed both Sun Tsu and
doctrine of feigning weakness. One NSA agent told this author in a
half-cocky fashion, simply, "If you want to understand what is happening

today, read
Sun Tsu." On the surface that does not seem to say much, but if one
that Sun Tsu advocated feigning weakness to surprise one s enemy, it

In 1992, this author attended a conference at Lewis & Clark College
was opened to the public entitled "The New World Order". The speakers
several Russian professors from Moscow, such as the University of
got a chance to ask questions. They said that Russia was in the same
transition that the Weimar Republic was ~ when it became a Nazi regime.
They also admitted that they had seen that food was being stockpiled and

getting to the people. They said that they had seen no tangible help
Europe and the U.S. reach Russia, and yet our media made it sound like
were feeding the hungry Russian people. After starving for years, just
the Germans during their trial period with democracy after W.W. I, the
Russians don t care if they go to war, or if they are led by a dictator.

They just want to be taken care of and feel the same pride they had in
country when the world feared and respected them.

Several books could be written about the details in this news release,
including several books about how the United States is practically
defenseless. Americans keep bearing the mantra "We are the world's only
superpower." And every time it is said, godly people should remember the

truth, "Pride goes before the fall."

America s early warning system, our radar network that told us when
bombers were 2,000 miles away, was shut down by President Bush. So now
have our eyes closed. If that were not enough to be defeated, Clinton
an executive order which forbids the military from reacting to a Russian

strike. Our generals and admirals must wait until the first strike hits,

before they can respond. This is like going into the boxing ring and
"Give me your best hit". Well, the Russians are ready to give us their
hit, and it will be a knock out punch. It used to be that we would
our missiles when we detected theirs being launched and the missiles
cross mid-air and blow up both countries. Now we are to absorb their
strike. That is why their first strike is targeted to knock out our
naval bases and
submarines. They have produced enormous numbers of killer submarines
greatly outnumber our submarines and these will attack to eliminate any
submarines at sea. Except for our mobile subs, the U.S. no longer has
mobile missiles, but only a reduced number in fixed locations.

We are building a new defensive system that has not been brought on
Now is ideal for them to strike, The downsizing and budget cuts have
weakened our military. Plus our leaders have done everything possible
behind the scenes to weaken us, claiming that this was the peace
from the
fail of communism, and necessary to balance their budget.

Obviously a few of our missiles will get past their excellent
Anti-ballistic Missile Defense system (by the way, we have no ABM
system). This means that the Russians will receive a few casualties, but

these will be minor
compared to the damage that we receive. There are many reasons why the
Russians need
to strike soon, or lose their capability. Their own nuclear weapons are
corroding and decaying. They also face a worse Y2K problem than we do
their military computers. Their military leaders are now publicly urging

that the Russians do something with their military to stop the bombing

The groundwork has been laid for the Russian people to believe that they

have the moral high ground in launching a nuclear first strike. We are
seen as
the aggressors who created this Yugoslavian crisis. The Russian people
seen women and children killed by our bombs. The Russian government
warned the
United States that it would take it very seriously if any harm came to
many Russians in Yugoslavia. The Russian embassy was very close to one
the sites which was just recently destroyed by NATO bombs. The Russian
now has a complete advantage over the United States, and in their eyes
every reason to strike us. Will they? Many clues and inside reports from

all over
confirm that this is exactly where we are headed. In fact, we only have
days from now. By the time this report reaches you, we will be very

I apologize that this warning is so late. On the other hand, there have
been many visions received recently by devout Christians warning of what

news report states. Even the reported prophecies by the Virgin Mary in
Yugoslavia years ago, said W.W. III would break out this way. (I don t
believe that
"she" was honestly the Virgin Mary, but that the enemy manufactured
reports so that people would later recall them and say that this W.W.
was God's will and that we could not do anything about it. The truth
is a World Order script that has been well orchestrated behind the
One of the important areas to watch to see if war is to break out is
Korea which will join Russia. North Korea recently had 7 spy ships
from Japan by the Japanese navy. It was reported that the Japanese navy

hostile shots for the first time since W.W. II. These are the kind of
incidents that one will see before a major operation. Before any
probes will be made to learn day to day intelligence. An increase in
probing and spying is an alarm. North Korea has been very volatile, and
situation looks like it is ready for a new war.

When war breaks out, the script is that China will jump in on Russia's
side and seize Taiwan, now that we have no fleet to protect Taiwan. It
difficult to imagine that Clinton and the NWO probably have planned it
way, when one remembers that Clinton is facing a scandal for having
the Chinese high tech for their military, and that they were spying
during his
administration on our best secrets. He also gave them the port
at Long Beach, CA.

Mexico has been denouncing NATO s attacks. Isn't that strange? Mexico,
seems to be so close to America, is politically siding with Russia and
Yugoslavia on this one. Eyewitnesses report how Mexico has been used to
warehouse Russian heavy equipment for their next war against us. Teams
Mexicans have been highly trained by the Soviets (similar to our Delta
teams) and are to be used during Russia's takeover of the U.S. Mexican
gangs and
highly trained Mexican military teams are to be used for the
searches. Some have already received the addresses of the houses they
to receive (occupy) when certain American homeowners are evicted from

Cuba will also be used as a base of operations against us. Further,
millions of the recent immigrants into the United States have come here
from Russia,
China, Eastern Europe and Vietnam, and are programmed to cooperate with
destruction of America.

The extent of the crisis looming over the horizon, is worsened by the
that our government is loyal to the New World Order and can not be
any more than the Chinese, Yugoslavians, or Russians. Many American
mind-controlled slaves who work for the World Order are not being taken
of harms way. They are somewhat expendable in order to preserve the
of this whole devious traitorous operation, They are being programmed
information to make them more survivable than the common
ostrich-with-his-head-in- the-sand American. One of the items that is
programmed into these mind-controlled slaves is to not trust the
government after the nuclear attack. The American government will be
sending people to concentration camps, and rounding up people they
consider a
threat for execution. These slaves are being programmed with
to help
them sidestep and survive the tyranny of the American government after
war starts.

We still have another final act before the bombs hit. Russia's military

will increase their sabre rattling and increase the tension. This is
cover so that they can get their military in position. People are going
think that the Russian military is responding to Yugoslavian crisis,
in reality they are moving into position for W.W. III.

After a short increase in tension, a false political breakthrough will
occur, similar to the Japanese peace negotiations just before Pearl
Harbor. The
U.S. will relax at this political breakthrough and then the attack will

Our time is very short, Prepare a shelter, get Potassium Iodide. Take
Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, and Vitamin B-12. Have some foods like
bars as morale boosters. We will be underground for several weeks.

Do I believe the above information? I think it highly likely to be on
What is being done in Serbia makes no sense! It is against
and those in Washington, DC, know this. They are not stupid! So if you

inclined that way, you might pass this on to your "political"
"representatives" and
remind them that they, too, live on bulls-eyes!

I would prefer to err on the side of caution, and have my family safe,
than wait and
see if these immoral men are really as immoral as we know them to be.
When you
factor in America's lack of moral courage (38 million dead babies), then

you know
that judgement will come; it is only a question of when. Is it now? Do

you really want
to live in a city with no source of food and wait to find out?

The following is from the best source for news of the actions in Serbia
that I know
of. What is said above is true; we are bombing hospitals, schools,
apartment buildings,
an international train and other civilian targets. Judge for yourself
how much sense
this makes, except as deliberate provocation. For those of you who have

not read Part I of my series on citizenship, it would be a good time to
do so! And Part II on the
Constitution. Having this information will make what is happening much

>From TiM (Truth in Media) <> This site carries
daily updates on the Serbian crisis:

4. Marching Toward WW III? (By a former NATO planner)
OHIO, Apr. 12 - Walt Davis "is especially knowledgeable and credible
NATO and the related European military planning," wrote a TiM reader,
Davis' friend, in his introductory letter to us today. That's because he

had spent six years in the "war planning business," as Mr. Davis puts it

himself, four of them with NATO. Here's what he had to say about the
current situation, ominously echoing some of our earlier warnings - that

Clinton's continued wanton war on Serbia to "save face" (of the NWO and
NATO) may explode into a WW III:

"I'm glad someone is as scared about this as I am. I have been very
in contacting congressmen and media people - e.g. Chris Matthews, Bill
Safire, Charles Krauthammer.

As you know, I spent 6 years in the war plans business - four of them in

NATO. We constantly monitored the Soviet communications, both public
government/military. For 50 years, the Soviets told the Russian people
their Warsaw Pact "partner" countries that NATO was an aggressor force
be feared. Now, with us occupying Bosnia for God knows how long, and us

now bombing the hell out of Yugoslavia, we have proved them right.

We should not have done this. The short term view is that it is totally

wrong to have attacked a sovereign country.

But, I am really worried about the long term view. We have scared the
out of our former Cold War enemies, and we are driving them together. We

may even push China toward an anti-NATO posture, aligned with the former

Soviet countries.

We will see nuclear stockpiles grow rapidly now. Russia and China will
probably arm more countries like Iran, North Korea, etc., and sooner or
later, all hell will break loose.

A big problem we always had in the NATO planning circles was keeping the

allies together, especially Greece, and often the Turks. Obviously,
turned away from NATO some years before. Now, NATO is more divided than

ever. Italy is very scared about this situation.

In trying to create a legacy, and divert the media from the China spy
treason, Clinton has: 1. Splintered NATO, 2. Consolidated our once
fragmented enemies, 3. Broken international law and the NATO Charter by

attacking a sovereign country; and, 4. Started the slide toward WW III.

If the bombing stopped today, our kids and grandkids (if not we) will
suffer under the nuclear spectre. The damage is done.

We should immediately sit down with the Russians, and broker a cease
with them involved. We can only blunt the damage that has been done in
strategic sense by solving this war WITH the Ruskies playing a role,
stake in the solution. God knows, they are willing."

Walt Davis, Ohio

TiM Ed.: Following our subsequent contact with Mr. Davis to verify the
authenticity of the above comment, and to get his permission to run it,
this former NATO war planner also added:

"We cannot live with this outrage just because a lot of bleeding hearts
only the refugees, and condone this attack on Yugoslavia. If someone
portray the long term, critically dangerous consequences of what we've
done, the popularity of this attack would disappear.

I am in touch with some military people now in the Middle East. They
this is wrong, and they are very demoralized by what our leaders have
I know one top soldier who is resigning as soon as he gets home. Too
for us."

I urge you to pass this post on to others, as they may need to
understand what is going on. We all have a moral obligation
to help understanding and knowledge spread across America.
"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet

to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of
that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the
accountable for his blood." Ezekiel 33:6 (NIV) <p>

The cost of liberty is eternal vigilance <p>

I am now selling copies of the book "Strategic Withdrawal; the Peaceful
Solutions Manual." If you would like a copy of the paper "Strategic
Withdrawal in a Nutshell," please E-mail me and request it at
<> In addition, various people around the
country are arranging Seminars for the author of this book. If you
are interested in seeing a schedule of upcoming events, please let me
know and I will supply the information. <p>

Is information in this post for real? I assure you it is. If you do
I suggest you begin reading the papers that I have prepared for people
just like you (no cost; no obligation). There are currently 18 papers
and they cover health, cancer, nutrition, the Constitution, citizenship,

law, case law, nature, and many other subjects. Currently, there are at

least 5 doctors, 2 lawyers, 1 judge (that I know of), 3
professors and many others reading the information. They read because
they are learning; maybe you should as well. Your first paper will be
about United States citizenship, and what case law says about it.
Case law from the Supreme Court, for instance. The second
paper is on the Constitution. <p>

To understand the world around you it is necessary to understand
and one piece of information from Scripture is particularly telling;
of money is the root of ALL evil." Not some evil; not most evil; ALL
Private courts the IRS uses are simply another way to prey on the
please, do not stay uninformed. Learn what is really going on in
Learn why the United States government (a corporation [in bankruptcy])
allows abuse of people like the fraudulent IRS. I will be sending other

I consider important; please pass them on to those you consider in need
information. Please watch for them. David <p>

If you are interested, please E-mail <> and let's
started! And for those of you who have been reading and stopped for
reason, any reason, please continue. Believe me, the real information
after Part X! There will be a total of 20 parts, and those who are
are learning much more, and this learning is changing how they look at
world around them, in some ways, drastically. God Bless, David <p>


WWIII; follow-up
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 23:21:16 -0700
David Gould <>



I know the skepticism that these messages will create, and I agree.
To a point. As I have said before, I have made some of my life
based on my knowing that these events would occur at some time; is
this the time? I do not know, and I pray daily that, come the year
we can all look back on this and smile, with relief, and renewed hope
our people and our country.

That being said, I just received a message from a man, a friend, who
with a family friend yesterday about the events in Serbia, and as he
relates to me:
"This is very hard for me to understand where some people are at. I just
talked to
a friend of mine. She thinks congress is too slow and that it doesn't
matter if the
president doesn't have the power to declare war. " We had to do
something. We just
couldn't stand by and watch this occur."

With this type of mentality, with this lack of understanding, with this
lack of
knowledge so rampant in America, is World War III possible? At this
Ask yourself how cattle are lead to slaughter, and judge the following

by Joel M. Skousen ( March 25, 1999
Comment: I just received this. It appears to be news of importance
may have an influence on our nation and your way of living. Read it and

make your decision. Forwarded by

Clinton goals appear to be to get us into a major war and render our own

country defenseless. Can you spell TRAITOR?

In November 1997, President Clinton signed a top-secret Presidential
Decision Directive (PDD-60) directing U.S. military commanders to
the time-honored nuclear deterrence of "launch on warning."

Ironically, this was done in the name of "increased deterrence." Every
sensible American needs to understand why this reasoning is fraudulent
best and deadly at worst. First, some background.

The impetus to change U.S. strategic nuclear doctrine came on the heels
of Clinton's demand to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in early 1997 that they

prepare to unilaterally reduce America's nuclear warhead deployment to
2,500 in
eager anticipation of the ratification of the START II disarmament
This pact has yet to be ratified by the Russian Duma.

Gen. John Shalikashvili, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, responded that
he couldn't comply, since the U.S. military was still operating on a
Presidential Decision Directive of 1981 to prepare to "win a protracted
nuclear war." A winning strategy couldn't be implemented without the
full contingent
of current nuclear strategic warheads.

According to Craig Cerniello of Arms Control Today (November/December
1997 issue), "the administration viewed the 1981 guidelines as an
of the Cold War. The notion that the United States still had to be
prepared to
fight and win a protracted nuclear war today seemed out of touch with
given the fact that it has been six years since the collapse of the

Certainly, the apparent collapse of the Soviet Union is the linchpin in
every argument pointing toward the relaxation of Western vigilance and
accelerated disarmament. Indeed, it is the driving argument that is
trumpeted constantly before Congress, U.S. military leaders, and the
American people.

Almost everyone is buying it -- even most conservatives who should know
better. However, the most savvy Soviet-watchers can point to a host of
evidence indicating that the so-called "collapse" was engineered to
the West and garner billions in direct aid to assist Russia while
inducing the
West to take over the economic burden of the former satellite states.

But the most ominous evidence is found in defectors from Russia who tell

the same story: Russia is cheating on all aspects of disarmament, and is

siphoning off billions in Western aid money to modernize and deploy
the-line new weapons systems aimed at taking down the U.S. military in
huge, decapitating nuclear strike.

Contrast this with the Clinton administration's response. Incredibly,
while still paying lip service to nuclear deterrence, Assistant
Secretary of Defense
Edward L. Warner III went before the Congress on March 31, 1998, and
bragged about the litany of unilateral disarmament this administration
forced upon the U.S. military: Warner noted the "success" the Clinton
administration has had in recent years, which has:

· Eliminated our entire inventory of ground-launched non-strategic
nuclear weapons (nuclear artillery and Lance surface-to-surface

· Removed all nonstrategic nuclear weapons on a day-to-day basis
surface ships, attack submarines, and land-based naval aircraft bases.

· Removed our strategic bombers from alert.

· Stood down the Minuteman II ICBMs scheduled for deactivation
Start I.

· Terminated the mobile Peacekeeper and mobile small ICBM programs.

· Terminated the SCRAM-II nuclear short-range attack missile.

In January 1992, the second Presidential Nuclear Initiative took further

steps which included:
· Limiting B-2 production to 20 bombers.

· Canceling the entire small ICBM program.

· Ceasing production of W-88 Trident SLBM (submarine-launched

· Halting purchases of advanced cruise missiles.

· Stopping new production of Peacekeeper missiles (our biggest
warhead ICBM).

As a result of these significant changes, the U.S. nuclear stockpile has

decreased by more than 50 percent," Warner enthused. All of this has
done without any meaningful disarmament by the Russians.

The Clinton administration would counter this charge by citing the
"successful" dismantling of 3,300 strategic nuclear warheads by Ukraine,

Kazakhstan, and Belarus, and the destruction of their 252 ICBMs and
silos -- all paid for with U.S. taxpayer funds to the tune of $300
million per
year. But the real story is otherwise.

Yes, Americans paid for the dismantling of these systems -- the oldest
and most out-of-date in the Soviet inventory. They were scheduled for
replacement anyway, so the U.S. taxpayer ended up saving the Russians
over a billion dollars, allowing them to use this and other Western aid
develop and build new systems, coming on line right now. But that isn't

What the administration doesn't say is that they allowed the Russians
to reclaim all the nuclear warheads, and paid them to recycle the usable

material into new, updated warheads. We didn't diminish the threat at
We only helped them to transform it into something more dangerous.

Thus, the Russians still maintain a more than 3-to-1 advantage over the
United States in both throw-weight and nuclear delivery vehicles. That
disparity is widening dramatically with the Clinton administration's
unilateral disarmament while at the same time encouraging the Russians
proceed not only with the deployment of 500 new Topol-M missiles (which
mobile-launched and therefore difficult to target), but to put three
warheads on each missile instead of the treaty limit of one warhead --
a total deployment of 1,500 warheads.

Not counting the presumed minimum 4,000 to 6,000 warheads in the
current Russian inventory, these 1,500 new warheads would overwhelm a
measly 200-interceptor ABM system in North Dakota -- which the Clinton
administration is insisting should NOT be deployed before 2005. I wonder


With our 50 Peacekeeper ICBMs scheduled to be decommissioned in 2003,
that gives the Russians or Chinese a wide-open window for attack, should
choose to exercise their first-strike, nuclear-decapitation option.

So much for the "new realism" of the Clinton disarmament team and their
assertion that Russia poses no threat. Judging strictly by public data
establishment sources (which is always understated due to Moscow's heavy

shroud of secrecy) the Russian threat is much greater than it ever was,
in quantity and quality of strategic nuclear forces. This is thanks, in
to ongoing technology transfers by IBM and other defense contractors
with the
knowing participation and encouragement of this administration.

Now let's take a close look at this presumed "increased deterrence" the
Clinton Department of Defense is promising. The administration claims
brand of deterrence is still based on the "mutual assured destruction"
(MAD) concept -- a truly appropriate acronym.

This is the presumption that, since both sides have an overwhelming
capability to destroy each other, that no sane leadership would engage
nuclear war. Let's examine this closely. MAD could only stand as a
assumption if:
Both sides had sufficient weapons and delivery vehicles to inflict
total devastation.

Neither side had an effective anti-ballistic-missile system.

Neither side had electronic jamming capability on its incoming ICBMs.

Neither side had hardened shelters protecting its population and

These assumptions clearly do not exist today:
First, we barely have enough nuclear warheads to take out the Russian
arsenal as presently constituted if we used them all at once (which no
military commander could afford to do, leaving him with no reserves).
on the other hand, has enough to devastate our entire strategic forces
still retain 60 percent of her weapons in reserve, for a prolonged

Second, we have no ABM system to protect against ICBMs at all. Our
dumbed-down and slowed-down Patriots are theater weapons (built to
to the flawed ABM Treaty) and can barely catch slow, low-flying Scud
missiles, let alone ICBMs that coming screaming in from space at 6 to 12

kilometers per second. The Russians have (in violation of the same ABM
Treaty) a nationwide system of ABMs tied to phased-array radars and
satellite guidance systems.

Third, we have no electronic jamming on our missiles to help them
penetrate the Russian ABM system, and the Russians claim their
newest Topol-M missiles do have such a capability. Whether or not
this claim is a bluff is immaterial. The fact is, they are building new,

high-tech missiles and our technology is 10 years old and stagnant.
We are not developing or building anything new. This aspect can
only worsen as time goes on.

Fourth, our civilian population is totally unprotected, while a large
of the Russian cities have public fallout shelter facilities. New
bunkers are
being constructed for the Russian leadership despite the economic
the people suffer. This should tell us something about Russian

Is this Mutually Assured Destruction? Hardly. It equates to United
Assured Destruction! In every category of deterrence, we are disarming
stagnant, and the Russians are building and deploying. There is, in
fact, only
one type of deterrence that is capable of somewhat balancing the scales:
nuclear response doctrine of Launch on Warning.

Launch on Warning takes advantage of the fact that long-range ballistic
missiles take time to arrive on target -- up to 25 minutes, depending on

where the missiles are fired from. If the Russians were to launch a
strike, our satellites would detect and confirm that launch within
In a Launch on Warning doctrine, our missiles (if on alert status) could
launched before the Russian or Chinese missiles hit our silos. There is
also time to retarget our missiles so that they are not wasted on
silos that are now empty.

Thus, one of the great advantages for a Launch on Warning doctrine is
it allows the nation that launches second to have an advantage over the
that launches first. The one to launch first wastes a certain number of
missiles on our silos that are now empty. By contrast, our missiles
real-time targeting data from satellites) strike targets that are still

Now that is deterrence -- a deterrence that we presently do not have due

to PDD-60.

Clinton national security aide Robert Bell proudly proclaimed to a group

of disarmament advocates, "In this PDD, we direct our military forces to

continue to posture themselves in such a way as to not rely on Launch on

Warning -- to be able to absorb a nuclear strike and still have enough
surviving to constitute credible deterrence."

This is patently preposterous. Respond with what? We have no mobile
missiles to avoid being targeted. We have already unilaterally agreed to
over half of our ballistic missile submarines in port at any one time,
so they
can easily be targeted. After all, we don't want our Russian "allies" to

All of our Navy and Air Force strategic forces are incapable of
a nuclear strike. Even the remaining Trident subs on patrol would be
to respond when communication links and satellites are downed in a first


PDD-60 removes all alternate submarine launch codes so that our subs
cannot fire without direct communication with the president. Those vital

communications links will assuredly not survive a massive first strike.
you tell the Russians we are going to absorb a first strike, you induce
them to
make sure they hit us with everything necessary to make sure we cannot

This is not deterrence. This is suicide.

Joel M. Skousen is a political scientist by training and former chairman
the Conservative National Commitee. He is a specialist in security
and consults nationwide on "Strategic Relocation" -- the title of his
latest book. Visit his web site here.
Between movement of Armed Forces in this country and this thing
I'm beginning to wonder if I dug my bunker deep enough, hope all is
well in your camp...take care. BB
I checked out the sources on the web for Joel Skousen - and I had posted
list of SAFE CITIES before on "Connect the Dots". His resources for
Y2K are excellent - and well as securing your home against many
including nuclear attack. THANKS Bob B. for sending this article

<A HREF="">Click here:</A>

I urge you to pass this post on to others, as they may need to
understand what is going on. We all have a moral obligation
to help understanding and knowledge spread across America.
"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet

to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of
that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the
accountable for his blood." Ezekiel 33:6 (NIV) <p>

The cost of liberty is eternal vigilance <p>

I am now selling copies of the book "Strategic Withdrawal; the Peaceful
Solutions Manual." If you would like a copy of the paper "Strategic
Withdrawal in a Nutshell," please E-mail me and request it at
<> In addition, various people around the
country are arranging Seminars for the author of this book. If you
are interested in seeing a schedule of upcoming events, please let me
know and I will supply the information. <p>

below from vincent bridges
more detail at
discussion section:

On The Verge of World War III:

Watching the Prophecy Emerge - Nostradamus and the Balkan

Next Balkan War:


After tarrying they will move forward by rowing for Epirus.

The great relief effort will be toward Antioch:

The black curly-haired one will strain hard for the Empire,

Brazen Barb(arossa) will be roasted on a spit.

This is one of those quatrains just on the edge of becoming intelligible
as events
happen. It has had other close possibilitites through the years, the
Barbary pirates,
the Battle of Lepanto, even Hitler is suggested. But the attack toward
Syria from the
Balkans, the black curly haired leader under the double eagle of the
struggling for the Empire, sounds alot like Milosovic and his plans.
Roasted on a spit
suggests hoisted by a rocket, perhaps.



Because of heat like that of the sun upon the sea,

Around Negroponte the fish will become half cooked:

The inhabitants will come to make the first slice into them.

When (in) Rhodes, and Genoa their (food) will fail.

This could be describing the effect of an asteroid strike in the Aegean,
or it could be
the effect of an act of nuclear terrorism in Yugoslavia. The first five
quatrains of
Century II seem to be related and point to the same scenario, that of
the aftermath of
the last Balkan war. II/1 suggests WWI-like conflict in Turkey; II/2
also focuses on
the Islamic holy war; II/3 is quoted above, and relates to the nuclear
terrorism; II/4
is a suggestion that Libya will be involved; and II/5 points to a time
period between
march 1998 and February 2000. II/6 is the famous quatrain on Hiroshima
Nagasaki, as if to make the point sharper.



For several nights the earth will shake,

In the spring two great efforts together:

Corinth and Ephesus will swim in two seas,

War set in motion by two valiant in combat.

This is another quatrain in the process of emerging. The earth of this
spring has
shaken with the bombs of NATO; the two great efforts could be the
Balkans and the
situation in Iraq. Greece and Turkey would indeed be on opposite sides
in the
conflict, and Ephesus is the first church mentioned in Revelations,
giving the whole
thing an apocalyptic twist. The two valiant fighters could be Milosovic
and Saddam.



Milk, blood, frogs prepared in Dalmatia,

Conflict given, pest near Balennes

The cry will be great from all of Slavonia,

Then will be born a monster near and inside Ravenna.

This quatrain falls in the midst of others of great significance. II/29
tells of the
teacher from the east; II/30 describes the third anti-christ; II/31
relates an ecological
disaster; and II/32 is a caution about terrorism in the Balkans. The 1st
line points to
biological agents being prepared and released in the Balkans or along
the Dalmatian
coast. The monster born in Ravenna is obscure, but could have
significance as events



Between Campania, Siena, Florence, Tuscany,

Six months nine days without a drop of rain:

The foreign tongue in the Dalmatian land,

It will overrun: devastating the whole world.

This quatrain suggest that events in the Balkans could effect the
weather, possibly
through the green house effect, and thereby devastate the whole world.



A burning torch will be seen in the night sky,

Near the end and the source of the Rhone,

Famine, weapons: the help provided is late.

When Persia turns to invade Macedonia.

This key quatrain is also listed as one of the thirteen quatrains in the
apocalyptic sequence. It suggests either an asteroid strike or a rocket
attack in
conjunction with an Iraqi involvement with the Balkan conflict. The
rocket strike
seems to be aimed at Provence and the mouth of the Rhone, echoing other
about the destruction of the maritime city, Marseilles.



Mars and Mercury and the silver (Moon) in conjunction.

Towards the south there will be a great drought:

>From the bottom of Asia an earthquake will be reported,

Corinth (Greece) and Ephesus (Asia Minor) then in a troubled state.

Another quatrain in the process of revealing itself. The astronomical
window is
March 1998 to the summer of 2000, and the events are already taking
Sub-Saharan Africa is fast disappearing in a great drought and plague,
last month's
severe earthquake in the Himilayas qualifies as the bottom of Asia, and
Greece, the
Balkans, and Ephesus, Turkey (and that old apocalyptic referrence), are
definitely in
a troubled state.



The fugitives, fire in the sky on the pikes,

Next conflict will be that of the frolicking ravens,

>From earth they cry for aid and heavenly assistance,

When near the walls (borders?) will be the combatants.

Here we have a quatrain that could be taken from this week's newspapers.
fugitives, the fire in the sky on the pikes of Cruise missiles, all
describe the events
of the past week. The 2nd line identifies the place of the next
conflict, perhaps
indicating the start of WWIII, as Kosovo, where, on the Field of
Blackbirds, the
Turks slaughtered a Serbian army in 1389. The Kosovar Albanians are
crying to
heaven (the NATO air-strikes?) for aid, and the referrence to the
borders suggest the
latest flash-point of the captured soldiers on the borders of Kososvo
and Macedonia.
Altogether too close for comfort.



When the crow on the tower put together by bricks,

For seven hours will continue to squawk:

Death presaged, by blood the statue is stained,

Tyrant murdered, and to the gods the people pray.

If the last quatrain could be filled in out of last week's headlines,
then this one could
be fulfilled in the next few weeks. The battle monument outside Pristina
is suggested
by the crow on the tower. For seven hours, (days, weeks?) a warning will
presaging the death of the Tyrant. The stained statue could relate to
religious sites in the area, while the Tyrant's death could be caused by
a missile
strike or a commando raid. (See I/74)



After the great afflication of the scepter,

Two enemies will be undone by them:

The fleet from Africa will appear to rise up before the Hungarians,

By sea and land horrible deeds will take place.

This quatrain and the one before it, V/47, suggest an attack by Saddam
Husein in
conjunction with Libya during a Balkan, Greece/Turkey, dispute.


The regions subject to Balance,

Will trouble the mountains with a great war:

Both sexes made captive, beholden to (their liberators) and all of

So that at dawn they will cry out from land to land.

Another really close one. The region subject to Balance, or adjustment,
is the
Balkans under scrutiny by NATO, the EU, and so on. The mountains are at
moment troubled by a great war. The people of Kosovo are made captive by
situation, and cry out from land to land, from mosque roof at morning
prayers and
by internet, around the world.



At the great market (European Community?) called that of the liars,

Of all Torrent and the field of Athens:

They will be surprized by the light horsemen,

By the Albanians -- Mars, Leo and Saturn in their signs.

This quatrain follows V/90, a prediction of Nuclear Terrorism, and
suggests the time
period of the late 1990's. (Best guess astrology for last line equals
3/23- 27 1999, the
start date of the current Kosovo Crisis.) The Balkan powers all see the
EU and
NATO as liars, and perhaps they are, rushing into the fields of Athens,
the battle
fields of north eastern Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo. The light horsemen
could be
the guerillas of the KLA or the Serbian death-squads, with a suggestion
of the pale
horsemen of Death in the Apocalypse.



When those of the Northern pole are united together,

In the East will be great fear and dread:

The newly elected man is upheld -- the great one trembles,

Rhodes, Byzantium will be stained with Barbarian (Libyan-Arab) blood.

Again this quatrain follows one of significance on another, somewhat
parallel track.
VI/20 relates the importance of Pope John XXIII in reforming the church
accepting the vessel of the "enduring race." Here we see the basic
agreement of the
Northern powers, NATO and Russia, causing fear, or perhaps pretend fear,
in the
East. Clinton and Saddam are contrasted in line 3, and the outcome of
the current
Kosovo situation suggested in line 4.



At the time when (in) mourning the feline monarch

Will make war upon the young Macedonian:

Gaul to stagger, the bark (of St. Peter) to be in jeopardy,

To try Marseilles in the West entreaty (negotiations).

This quatrain suggests that Clinton, our Leo President, will, in a time
of mourning,
perhaps for the captured and possibly executed soldiers in Kosovo, make
war on the
young Macedonian leader of the KLA. This, as we saw above appears to be
trigger incident that brings the wider Islamic world into the picture.
Gaul, southern
France, will be staggered by terrorism and the Church itself will be
threatened, as
well the secret indicated by the "bark." Only some kind of entreaty, or
in Marseilles has any chance to break the deadlock

This information was compiled by Vincent
Bridges ©1999
Natural Law Party's Dr. John Hagelin on Kosovo
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 21:03:51 -0700
kelly leavitt <>
Recipient List Suppressed:;


John Hagelin Presents Four-Point Plan to Resolve Kosovo Crisis during
Washington Press Conference Speaking at the National Press Club in
Washington, D.C., last Friday before a packed audience of reporters,
international government dignitaries, and local Natural Law Party
supporters, NLP presidential candidate John Hagelin outlined his
"four-point action plan for immediate resolution to the Kosovo crisis."

Dr. Hagelin presented published scientific research showing that a
peace-keeping force of 7000 advanced meditators in the vicinity of
"would accomplish what the airstrikes have failed miserably to
calm the tensions, end the bloodshed, and create lasting peace in the

Dr. Haglelin called his offer "a proven, humane, cost-effective solution
the Bosnian conflict." He said that the force would eliminate the
underlying cause of the conflict, which is high levels of stress and
hatred and tensions. "With bombs you can destroy the people, you can
destroy the land, but you cannot destroy the hatred that fuels these

Hagelin said that the cost of his peace-keeping project, compared to the

current military campaign, would be negligible. "Less than the cost of a

wing and tail fin of a B-2 Bomber," he said.

Dr. Hagelin was joined at the conference by John Davies, Ph.D., Research

Director of the Center of International Development and Conflict
at the University of Maryland.

Press coverage of the offer was excellent, and included reporters from
Time, CBS, CNN, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News, and a national
news service. International press included reporters from London's
Financial Times, as well as from major newspapers in India, Spain,
Argentina, Brazil, Japan, and China.

Dr. Hagelin's four-point plan includes:

Step 1. (30 days duration)
Within 48 hours, establish a "coherence-creating group" in the
vicinity of Kosovo. This group would be composed of approximately 7000
civilian volunteers from Europe and throughout the world who are already

experienced in advanced forms of meditation known to have a powerful
peaceful influence in the social environment (e.g., the Transcendental
Meditation and TM-Sidhi program).

This would produce an immediate, powerful calming influence throughout
region, and a rapid cessation of the hostilities towards the Kosovo
Albanians, which are fueled by collective stress and deep-seated ethnic
religious tensions.
Cost to NATO of housing and sustaining 7000 volunteers for one month:
approximately $15 million.

Step 2. (simultaneous with step 1)
Begin training a permanent group of 1000 Kosovar Albanians in the
peace-keeping technologies of collective meditation. In addition to
preserving the peace, the individual participants would directly benefit
increased autonomic stability, resistance to stress, and ability to
from the ravages of the war.
Cost to NATO for training and adequate follow-up: approximately $3

Step 3. (60 days duration)
During the second 60 days, the 7000 volunteers would be progressively
supplanted by the Kosovar Albanians.
Cost to NATO for housing and sustaining a decreasing number of outside
volunteers: approximately $15 million.

Step 4. (ongoing)
As a preventive strategy, and as a means to protect against violence,
terrorism, and outside aggression, countries throughout the world are
encouraged to establish their own coherence-creating groups, either
the military, among the youth, or among the unemployed.

Total cost to NATO for permanent peaceful resolution of Kosovo Crisis:
$33 million
Total cost of a single B-2 Stealth Bomber:
$750 million

For more information on Dr. Hagelin's offer, please visit the NLP
website at