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Dan, Thought you might want to review this: There is certainly enough
fear circulating around these issues to fill an ocean. Hope this finds
you happy and well. John Milton and I would love to see you visit our
Gaia Sanctuary in Crestone this summer.

all the best to you, Bud Wilson

An extract from

The Secret Order of the Beloved

by James Twyman

I decided to call Fr. John three days after our visit with Maya
and Ishtar.
Much to my amazement, as soon as he answered the phone I felt the
weight leave. I introduced myself and told him who had given me

"Yes, Maya told me you might call." he said. "It sounds like you
had quite an
adventure in former Yugoslavia. I just bought your book 'Emissary
Light' but haven't had a chance to read it yet."

"According to Maya you have been to Bosnia as well," I said.
"Yes, several
times. I was stuck in Sarajevo once during the height of the war,
went back a year later to plant a peace pole at the exact spot
ArchDuke Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914 sparking World War I.
appears the earth has a tendency to remember powerful events,
regardless of whether they're positive or negative...on an
energetic level,
of course. I believe that planting a peace pole and saying
certain prayers
can help neutralize a negative vortex and bring it back to
normal. That has
been one of the more bizarre areas of my work lately."

I then told him about the concert I was scheduled to perform in
He explained that he had wanted to go to Serbia for a long time.

"There is a region of Serbia called Kosovo which is ready to
explode in
ethnic warfare at any time," he said. "In Kosovo there is a place
the 'Field of the Blackbirds' which has been an energetic point
zero for all
the negative events that have taken place there for the last
seven hundred
years. During the Crusades there was a battle on this small area
of land
and the entire Serbian army was slaughtered. It became their
battle cry,
'Remember the Field of the Blackbirds,' and they've been saying
it ever
since. Almost every conflict in that region of the world has had
connection to that field. I believe it is because the land itself
has not
been healed. I want to go there with a peace pole and conduct the
ceremony we did in Sarajevo."

He definitely didn't talk like any priest I had ever heard
before. Catholic
priests don't normally believe in things like, "healing the
land," or
"negative energy vortex's." If for no other reason than that I
knew I had to
meet him. He agreed and we decided that Jennifer and I would join
him at
his house the next evening.

"I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a very long
John said to me. "I believe that the Emissaries you met in the
of Bosnia are the most secret and elusive branch of the
'Community of the
Beloved' founded by St. John. And I also believe that they know
what we
only suspect, that the time of the Second Coming is at hand. I
also have a
feeling I know who this 'new teacher' is, but I can't say
anything about it
yet. There is a woman I want you to meet, a shaman who lives in
Angeles named Shrinat Devi. I believe that she will know what we
do next. But we should wait until we're ready to leave for Serbia
we see her."

"I don't understand," I said. "Are you planning on coming with

"If you don't mind I feel it's important that I go. I want to
bring a peace
pole and plant it at the 'Field of Blackbirds.' I think your
concert is the
perfect reason to go, and once we are there we can do the real
work. I also
believe that we will be shown more about the 'next teacher' the
Emissaries spoke of. That's really want you want isn't it?"

I agreed and we decided to plan the trip together. The sudden
change in
direction startled me, but it felt right. there was something
about Fr.
John that completely intrigued me and his knowledge about the
lineage of
St. John suddenly seemed invaluable. Jennifer and I said
goodnight and I
promised to call him the next day to arrange our visas and or

(From a report submitted by Fr. John entitled: The Real Meaning
of the
Battle of Kosovo) The battle of Kosovo took place on June 28,
between a Christian Coalition led by Tsar Lazar of Serbia and the
Muslim forces led by King Murad. In addition to being a great
leader, Tsar
Lazar was also a very spiritual and holy man. In a story told to
Serbian school child for countless generations, an extraordinary
event is
recounted. The night before the battle God appeared to Tsar Lazar
and told
him he could win either a great material or a great spiritual
victory. It
was his choice. Being a man of profound Christian faith, Tsar did
hesitate and chose the spiritual victory. The next day the battle
was lost
and both Tsar Lazar and King Murad were killed.

The misinterpretation of that event by Serbian nationalists has
led to
their denial of Tsar Lazar's vow as well as the promise given to
him by
God. It is as if the ancient battle had never been lost, as if
the Muslims
had never fought in Kosovo at all, or that the 400 year cultural
and unique legacy of Muslims and Christians living together in
never occurred.

Tsar Lazar's choice of a great spiritual victory led eventually
to the
flowering of diverse religious and ethnic cultures, all living
together in
peace and harmony. This was most profound in Sarajevo, a model of
for the future of the world and a bulwark against religious
fundamentalism and fanaticism. In their denial and
misunderstanding of
this, and ultimately the building of Gazi Mestan in Kosovo, a
symbolizing Serbian ethnic and religious nationalism, the values
Lazar had repudiated in his choice for a spiritual victory were
Serbia went against their greatest spiritual leader, his vow and
and God's promise to him.

It is well known that World War I was triggered by the
assassination of
ArchDuke Ferdinand on June 1914 by a Serbian named Gavrilo
This in turn paved the way for World War II, the rise of Adolf
Hitler and
the Nazi party, the Holocaust, and many other horrors. the war in
Yugoslavia ended nearly a century of European warfare with ethnic
violence that had not been seen since Hitler. What is not so well
are the links of all these events to Kosovo and the promise to
Tsar Lazar.

Gavrilo Princep, a Serbian nationalist, specifically chose the
day of June
28 to assassinate the ArchDuke. It was the anniversary of the
Battle of
Kosovo, but what he did not know was the true nature of the group
sponsored the assassination and from whom he took direction. They
not the like-minded nationalists Princep thought they were, but a
Serbian occult terrorist organization that called themselves "The
Hand." In this light the events of 1914-1945 and their spiritual
significance take on a whole new meaning.

The continuation of these events bring us back to Kosovo on June
1989, the 600th anniversary of the battle. President Milosevic of
also the last president of Yugoslavia, gave an historic speech on
battlefield of Kosovo to rally the last vestiges of a greater
Serbia. This
final tragic misinterpretation of the spiritual victory won at
the battle
of Kosovo and God's promise to Tsar Lazar set into motion all the
events that have taken place in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and now
over the last ten years. These have all these been the dark
fruits of the
misunderstanding of the Battle of Kosovo.



Please distribute this to as many people as possible. It is extremely
important that we
understand the history behind the Balkans conflict.

We have an opportunity to use this common concern to unite millions in
love and with
thoughts of peace in a way never before possible. The promise of a great
victory that God made to to Tsar Lazar can now be fulfilled.

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