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The REAL Science of Alchemy - is the Implosion / Fusion Symmetry-

Making Gold from Mercury, Making Lovers into ONE, and.. in DNA:

Alchemy of DEATH: Here is the REAL Science of Alchemy - in the Genetic AlKHEMy of DEATH-

The simple principle meant by the term KHEM- was access to the place of BLACKness (Khem meaning Black - as the original original name for Egypt- because of Enki's lineage of Blue/Black blood). Variously called omega point, bindu point, pure consciousness, still point, implosion or fusion point- the physics and the spiritual wisdom both point to one simple reality. The electro-optic place where biology connects to this BLACK HOLE is accessed is in the center of DNA where PHASE CONJUGATION creates the GENETIC RADIO called the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. Triggered by BLISS (charge radiant) experience, to get in and out of this implosive black hole in DNA - there is a geometry of FRACTAL RECURSIVE BRAIDING in DNA -- which is called THE GRAIL IN THE BLOOD. This blood generated field- is directly related to the ability to FEEL THE (Djed) FORCE- arising from COMPASSION. The possibility of non-destructive entry into this faster than light- self organizing (phase conjugate) charge field- ('siege perilous') - is precisely what is tested geometrically at the moment of DEATH- and DREAM entry. The meaning of pure intention- is precisely - at the point of the BLACK HOLE where fusion sorts for only the waves which are SHAREABLE - DNA discovers which memories have the pure symmetry to serve the survival of all DNA. Here in your genes- and in longer wavelengths in your glands- phase conjugate physics - self organizes AND time reverses precisely what is the ALCHEMY OF DEATH. Out of this compression test to see if YOU are SHAREABLE (if your being / soul phase conjugate field is a wave symmetry which CAN be rewarded with immortal charge DISTRIBUTION )

...arises a measureable electric field - which does have ANGELIC wings- which is DIVINE (Fractal and Phase Conjugate) which IS the physics of your FLIGHT from DEATH TO LIFE!

The Angle-ic science by which the (fractal /'phase conjugate') field of our DNA creates an electric tunnel which projects a measureable field (your 'Ka') at the moment of death. How this departure of your soul or ghost is measured at death, how you steer it, and the map of what you will see at death ("Kluver Form Contants")- based on the sequence of fold symmetries in your DNA. Why these angles which determine your DNA's ability to absorb and emit charge- are the origin of your alphabet. And how your skill to generate implosive heart coherence ( feel LOVE) - by evolving the muscles to flex the cavity of your pericardium ('hat of Osiris') - generates the electrical direction (rocket nozzle to your EKG's phase conjugate gravity motor) -to steer your soul - as you enter death or lucid dreaming. This wormhole to the divine is the place where many paths and errands meet- a place in physics named - the implosion of charge where waves converge their inertia constructively by phase conjugation. ( )

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In response to many requests here is an updated reading list to accompany the film:

Here are the links, discussion and films - about - WhaleDreamers and The Last Mimzy- and plasma storm..(phase conjugate 9 concentric vortex Sri Yantra- the Nine)

The physics of how heart imploding does tornado steering

Here are the notes about Ophanim/ Enochian / John Dee

Notes to the advanced Angel Science:

Here are the notes about the serious physics of Braiding in DNA - in response to Bliss experience- the way you get a soul:

Here are the notes about the physics of Origin of Alphabet - Language of Light- as the science of how DNA absorbs and spits charge as plasma residue/ the elements of self organizing symmetry of Charge Domains: ( )

Here are the notes about the physics of what defines (biologic) ARCHITECTURE: the ability to craft a building (shem) which can implode (phase conjugate) enough charge to immortalize DNA's field (how electric fractality defines the sacredness or vitality of space):

Here are the serious physics notes about the ALCHEMIC science of PHASE CONJUGATION - cause of Gravity, Perception, Color, Rainbows, Consciousness- etc.- AND successful death!

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Ending Religion Wars: Using The True ET History of DNA-
So to understand the URigens of the Ophanim and Seraphim genetic history in URion - and restore your aURa- with full phase conjugate fractal genetic memory - we must phase conjugate into oneness - the following hURstURy stURy ...see the Photo Gallery Tour of this South France Grail Conference
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