The Part One 4 Day Intensives around the world have been a GREAT success!, and enthusiasm portends a great extended family contingent at Part II retreats - the lush St.Tropez PartII retreat in July.. Mexico .. & Sydney Retreats..

Complete updated Course Calendar and curriculum outline: -books/CDs/Kits/DVDs at

Practicing the SCIENCE OF BLISS

- Preparing for Part II - The Advanced Sacred Geometry Retreat Residential Intensives..

(South France, Mexico, Sydney )

Letter from Dan Winter, care of Implosion Group and Roger Green

Thanks to all those who have made the 4 day intensive Sacred Geometry & Science of Compassion conferences in London, Geneva, Sydney, Perth, & Brisbane such an amazing and intimately touching success! It is heartwarming to see EACH of these groups continuing to function and feel as family. Once we really TOUCH hearts - ( fuse & 'implode') - we really are never again apart.. This is the real 'Bell' theorem.

And a welcome to those from the upcoming Melbourne, Turin, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, & South American events! (Turin is about sold out, if you are interested in the other locations please email soon - info: ).

The overwhelming interest and response to those involved to follow thru and do the advanced PRACTICING The Science of Bliss.. is heartwarming. Honoring that interest and deepening our committment to do more than TALK about bliss process - solutions to Immune Health AND Immortality - we present the following suggestions - how to prepare for Part Two - and really deepen the work to ignite the fire of bliss -

Things you can do now to get ready to get the most from Part II:

+ We need to enact rites of passage, initiation and vision quest - with each other. This is critical to becoming conscious enough about deep soul purpose to allow our deep and primal yearnings appropriate expression into the real FIRE of the shareable in our DNA. If you have been dreaming in the city many years- it may be that you never are really aware WHICH inner voices are the real deep you speaking. By vision quest / retreat we come to hear our own dream well enough to act correctly on the deep yearnings of our ancestors as revealed in the inner voices- the piezoelectric slinky 'song in the blood' - San Graal in the genes. When Kundalini first lightnings up our spine - first to spit out is every unshareable feeling. The perfect COLLAPSE process - brings these feelings into the compression / implosion which sorts for the shareable.

To get ready for bliss - we must get ready to be shared. The compression which tests for the shareable in DNA called successful dying - is the electric hygiene to sort memory for which waves are ABLE to propagate. - Coherence is the laser of the heart - gateway to the IMMORTAL!

- Can you write down at least one or a series of dreams in which you felt the message was soul depth or racial or archetypal - best is if the dream journal you bring - has drawings. The best kind of drawings for your dream journal look like illustrations for a childrens book.

- Obtain and read "In Search of the Beloved" book by Jean Houston : Rites and initiation and bliss from the Egyptian and Greek mystery schools. Pick one set of initiatory rites from the book - and be prepared to LEAD that with the group.

- Obtain and read "Magical Passes" by Carlos Castanada - The kinesthetic movements to CHARGE what he calls the inner organs of perception have parallels to the Gurdjieff sacred gymnastic we introduced in part 1. If you can - learn a sampling of these CHI charging movements - and be prepared to share your favorite with the group. If you have another for of bliss kinesthetic - Eurhythmy, Sufi, Sacred Circle, Yoga, Tai Chi , the 5 Tibetans, etc. be prepared to share something with the group. We plan to do the TEMPLAR GREETING DANCE in part II and learn about perceiving when bliss passes thru other members of the group - to become aware of the signs - of who has embodied the initiatory CHARGE.

- In the advanced Jerusalem Merkabbah - the KA of the Shamanic Soul Group - the excercise - requires each potential member of the soul pod to relate enough about the EMOTIONAL TURNING POINT EVENTS IN THEIR LIFE - to create a SPIN PATH. What this means - is the remembering and collapsing and fusing the emotional peak experiences which steered your life - creates a critical spin path back in to the womb for you. In recreating that silver thread umbilicus of memory back in to your mothers egg- because of that egg's inPHIknit 'fractality' (embedding is something you SHOULD now recognize) - you get a memory back to the BIG BANG. The origin of the universe is the place where YOU first imagined yourself SEPARATE! The secret to your soul purpose lies there - By getting a memory map back - by remembering the peak experiences like a series of steering wheel slip knots for YOUR flow - you get an IDENTITY path back - to WHY YOU ARE HERE - and WHAT WILL FIRE YOUR GENES. You need this map - to get home - thru the sun. So - try to bring a short map to share with the group - showing the peak emotional experiences as a continuous critical path - a trackable wormhole to tornado inhabiting.

- Try creating a pent versus hex magnetic space in rock or magnetic alignments in your back yard or sacred space- prepare to share with the group - how the difference in QUALITY of space - between HEX versus PENT - became a personal experience for you. Does the HEX - FIX - and the PENT - SEND?

- We will try to creat a KIVA or SIPPAPU or CAVE like experience to DO the inside out of magnetism. Can you bring your story of how KIVA or CAVE - or BIRTH CANAL - inside out - experience HEALED your life?

- Can you experiment in your area with putting in a 'zodiac star map' magnetic array on your land? Do you have any personal experience - with these - Orion of Giza, Alpha Draconis on Ankor Wat? Eagle in Pennsylvania - Is there a bear in Russia star map, a dolphin in Aussie - a Virgo star map on Europe. Have you used the shape of your land - to lens magnify your bliss?

- Can you DO the 32 degree Merkabbah tilt to Dodec completion of the tetra-hedral fire breath? Where is the chin angle of the sphinx during your meditation?

- For those interested in the more advanced SCIENCE of Implosion - do you have any personal experiments or encourters with Imposion to describe - Prepare your questions using

- Optional - look at Bruce Cathie's new grid mapping software ( Rod Maupin group)..

- Prepare to present YOUR plan to prepare for successful death- using efficient electrical hygiene for compression. Prepare your questions from (with links to Geometry of Eternality). Magdalen "I Remember Union" book describes a death preparation - rolled in blankets of compression.

- Gather any information you have about your own missing brain wave or EKG or voice harmonic - prepare to measure these.

- Test to see if you actually can lay out a labyrinth properly - Grid EMBEDDED - Ley Line Crossed... what questions would you need to ask - if you were about to put one on your land.

- Prepare your questions about where YOUR blood ancestry overlaps the ET origins of DNA story. Read for the main story outline - more at . We need you to play out a successful conclusion to Lord of the Ring - where your DNA fuses toroidal from compression waves tilted by the Alphabet on the side of the ring domain. With someone pure enough in the land to wield that 'ringing' the land will perish.


For Part Two - bliss practices - wear - loose fitting natural fabrics.. no metal if possible.

Ideal would be monks robe /pharoahs robe / little or better none restriction of waist..

shoes= not tight - real leather moccasin ideal..


Diet: - try to increase your live food / spring water & fresh squeezed input. Eliminate mucous making wheat, refined flour, corn, etc.

Come to BLISS as you would to a lover! -- See you there..

Group Bliss Practice Reading:
1 - AMENTI (The SOUL Pod) - as Harmonic Implosion Bubble for Genepools... The Only Way Home?

2 - Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE DNA BUBBLE THRU THE SUN

Navigating the Genepool thru the HEART OF THE SUN- Group Bliss - is the Navigator:

The Solar Heart Community exists to take soul groups into the Solar Heart. It was created and inspired by and with my friendship with Dan Winter, the sacred geometer. Think of what we all can accomplish for world service if we come together to network, fellowship, share techniques and experiences. This is a collaborative community which works and plays together in service locally and globally. Some of us are shamanically inclined, some are ground crew, some are apprentices. All are welcome. This list used to be called the Solar Shamans but has changed to be more inclusive of those who wish to serve in different capacities for peace and transformation.
"lionessebleu01" <divine_goddess@h...>
Date: Sun Jul 6, 2003 5:07 pm
Subject: Solar Heart Journey Thursday 7/17

Dan Winter and I have scheduled a Solar Heart Journey to coincide with a workshop he is teaching in St. Tropez, France. We haven't done one of these for a long, long time.

It is scheduled for july 17,2003 at 4pm Central European Time. That is 9am Colorado time and 11 am NY time.

From the Original Part Two Description:

In Part Two of the Cert i f i c a t e Course, Dan Winter will delve into his incredible knowledgebase to reveal how the PASSION of the HUMAN
H E A RT is the switch-point in interstellar DNA politics. He will also discuss the true power, physics and emotions of BLISS,
and how the experience of BLISS can influence climate, the e n v i ronment, gravity and human re l a t i o n s .

To support this process, Part Two will be held in a retreat style environment over an intensive four-day period. During this time Dan will literally
change your physical wellbeing with several types of SACRED MOVEMENT, including sacred circle dance, sufi dance, Gurdjieff Sacred Gymnastics and posture-induced ecstasy. Experience an intense ritual CHOREOGRAPHED IN TIME TO FRACTAL SPACE, TIME, STA R S AND MAGNETISM.
Some of the numerous subjects to be covered include:
· The PRACTICAL POLITICS of B L I S S, the power of M A G N E T I S M and V I B R AT I O N in music, the E C S TAT I C P R O C E S S and E M O T I O N A L C O H E R E N C E.

Group Templar / Druid BE into the Tree of Life and Pent Hex- Meditation while nested in geometrics.. Arrange meditators into place in the sacred shapes - according to the living bio-emotion of their roles during the meditation.. (Pen-dragon)..

· More depth on hear t harmonic biofeedback.

· The ET origins of human DNA, Gene splicing, UFO abductions and the attempt to get soul tornadoes braided into DNA. (intro: Return of Enki / Return of Goddess)

· The role of biology and human BLISS in fabricating the coherent centering gravity force behind the evolution of planet atmospheres and stars.
Learn why compression without heat is not only the key to surviving death ­ it is the electrical recipe for perfect space.

Gravity as tetra tilt... atmosphere maintenance, dolmen, mars,...


Real practice in diet and lifestyle in a pristine environment are critical and implicate in the process of the initiatory week.
The sequence of these delicate spiritual topics will depend on the evolution of the group's ability to integrate technical understanding with the emotional maturity to USE and not just discuss the SCIENCE of the spiritual destiny of souls.
Each student will be asked to ASK enough questions to prove to THEMSELVES that they could\ begin to TEACH what they have LEARNED...


Ritual- what is, science of, purpose of, preparing for.. examples of - mass, baptism, birth, death, marriage, barmitzvah,

your bliss experience to bond

lay out in tree of life..

position in body, pendragon..

1/2 hr rest after meal..

natural clothes., washing...role of silence.,

contain charge...purpose of evolution in general l.. for you..

enas mythos

5 tibetans

spiral movement

pent array



-From: Roger Green <>

Subject: More Info on part two sacred geometry with DAN WINTER

Hi everyone, my name is roger green, i organise and co-sponsor Dan Winter's sacred geometry certificate courses. I hope you all had a great seminar with Dan recently near GENEVA.
Below is some information of the part two course coming up i n StTropez, you also have the option of attending part two in Mexico or joining us for the sacred geometry tour of Peru in OCTOBER this year
(a pdf color flier of this is attached - PeruandMexico.pdf)

Let me know your plans- keep in touch, regards, roger green

Summer Retreat
Sacred Geometry with Dan Winter
PART 2 of the certificate course
Held at TRIMUTI Centre, St. Tropez, South of France

July 15-18, 2003

Arive late afternoon - evening of July 14th, class times: 9.30-5pm

PLEASE BOOK FOR THIS SEMINAR as early as possible
- book your accommodation NOW! directly with Trimuti-details below

Booking procedure for accommodation
You need to book directly with Trimuti for your accommodation needs. Excellent rates: Approx 60 Euro each day for food and accommodation inclusive!
Rates vary depending on style of studios and numbers.
Email Trimurti now! See email and phone numbers below.
BOOK your accommodation NOW- that way you will get a ROOM!!! It is a popular place for seminars- and other seminars are being held there- so get in early and email- phone your accommodation needs, or simply dowload the booking form and directions on how to get there from our website (see below)

Booking procedure for tuition- attendence of part two Dan Winter Sacred Geometry:
You need to book directly with Roger Green by email for TUITION for this course.
This course needs to be prepaid by 1st July no later
- perferrably by visa or mastercard: fee 600 Euro's

The Venue
Trimurti is picturesquely set within the French countryside and in the middle of beautiful vineyards. Over the years, Trimurti has developed an impressive reputation as one of the most dynamic venues to study, rest and enjoy this area in the South of France.
Internationally renowned St.Tropez is just a short drive by bus to the coast. The cities of Nice or Marseille would be the main airport for those travelling from overseas, with train connections (along the Rivieria) to St. Raphael and then a bus to the village of Cogolin.

40 rooms and studios for 1 to 3 persons, with outdoor swimming pool. Your accommodation fee includes cuisine of quality semi vegetarian, buffet style restaurant; inside and outside dinning. The seminar rooms are well equipped and comfortable, surrounded by 6 hectare's of natural palms and vineyards- a perfect place for a Feng Shui workshop! Book early as it is a popular season!

Trimurti, Seminaires et Congres, Chemin du Val du Perier, 83310 COGOLIN
Tel 33-4 94 54 44 11, Fax: 33-4 94 54 63 11,
E Mail:

Seminar fee
Your tuition fee is payable directly to Roger Green's office
by emailing your credit card details: OR FAXING TO: +61 29365 7847
Part 2 600 euro
more info:
Don't forget- you pay accommodation fee directly to Trimuti (asap)
You pay the tuition fee to Roger green's office by 1st July no later

go to: - click on retreats-
then click on Trimuti- Part two sacred geometry- download 'how to get there' to Trimuti
which also has the complete booking form and costs for accommodation, which you can fill out and fax to trimuti