Flight of the Imperiled:

Interdimensional Travels Through the Earth Grid System


By Adawi

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At the first mention of the earth grid, I was ceased by a compelling urge to grasp all of the printed material in existence. Emmersing myself in the process of assimilating information, I learned of several grids in around, and on the planet. There is even what's referred to as the power grid, which is how most people obtain their electricity.

(illustration: 3spins 1 color per each of 5 cubes spinning in dodec/grid,

recursive magnetics evolving make earth grid potentially self-aware and therefore inhabitable)

Very limited material surfaced in bookstores. Further, it was shocking to learn that the local library had held certain titles of interest on the subject 'in reserve'. The process of retrieving a copy of David Hatcher Childress' work entailed completing an application which required divulging personal information. "You mean, my library card isn't good enough?" I inquired in disbelief. Although my fingerprints weren't procured, it felt more like an inquisition than a day at the library. Then again, people interested in discovering the power structure around the planet should be tagged, lest they become a nuisance to society, like Tesla.


Of the scarce infinitesimal information available, most of the esoteric material out there seemed to dwell on the energy lines that circumnavigate the earth, their intersections known as vortices. The lines could be compared to the human body's meridians used in the acupuncture system. Yet, there is much speculation as to the purpose, function and even existence of the lines by conventional science.


Metaphysicians would apparently disagree. Shaman enjoy running across these lines in ecstatic states, dowsers measure the magnetics of the land in search for water, labyrinths are positioned for maximum energetic benefits. Whales have followed the magnetic lines to traverse the oceans. Ley lines, a term coined in the 1700s by the Brit ___, have been found in Europe connecting sacred sights and can be aerially viewed with all the appearances of an overgrown road.


Indigenous cultures have utilized the energy currents for millenium through ritual and ceremony to embed their awareness into the land, forming a connectedness with the earth. Sacred sites were often created for the purpose of holding ceremony in conjunction with astronomical events. In rhythmic motion, trance dancers envelop the stone circles for days at a time to actually create a standing columnar waves (SCW), a physical phenomena. ---


The ETs arriving in heavy metal are supposedly well acquainted with the energetic lines and utilize them to counteract the gravitational forces upon their craft when in Earth's atmosphere. Many accounts of eyewitness UFO sightings collaborate the location of flight patterns in respect to the energy lines of the grid.


What remained elusive was information concerning the consciousness grid around the planet - the home of Jung's unconscious, archetypal knowledge and perhaps the headquarters for the hundredth monkey paradigm.


And then I came across Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life material. Here, Thoth appears and guides Drunvalo through an historical account of mans' origins and the formation of the geometric matrix of the universe through principles of sacred geometry. Thoth indicated that he, assisted by other like minded Sirians of his day, constructed a consciousness grid or envelope around Earth approximately 440,000 miles out from the atmosphere.


Now this was finally getting interesting. A 35,000 year old system created by the ascended masters called the Christ consciousness grid that served the purpose of assisting the humans in their conscious evolution. Any sentient being can theoretically warp in, approach earth and tap the state of consciousness on this planet without ever tuning in to CNN.


I entertained the existence of a consciousness grid, used by the ancients and possibly by other sentient life forms, both familiar and off world. Did this magnetic envelope contain a deep history, reaching into our cellular memory? This could explain the appearance of ubiquitous archetypal symbols that appear as petrogliphs and pictographs in caves around the world. Did they all know each other's secrets??


This suggests that the standing columnar waves actually capture the message of the coherent heart (pure intention) and deliver it to the long, resonant frequency of the planetary pulse. The same pulse of the solar system, galaxy and universe ­ which carries all recursive thought forms over its magnetic wind. If this communication network was interactive, and I believe it is, then our ancestors, the wisdom keepers, could tap the planetary and perhaps the galactic internet system with their psyche the same way we tune in a radio signal.


Instantly, a familiar feeling came over me, as if I groqued the principle like the sudden re-emergence of some lost amnesiac memory.


So then, if ritual experience carries a message today, would anyone listen?? Or could they hear, through the Walkmans' and traffic noise? If compassion, the emotion of pure intention were to resonate, carried along the wave vibration of the planet herself, would we notice or simply switch channels. How can the humans reach critical mass and initiate the transformation of consciousness? I looked within.


Guidance from higher self and mediation practice directed me to work interdimensionally. I rely heavily on this intuitive connection. It seems that any discarnate being can be channeled, and the more open and less discriminating one is, the greater likeliness of inviting in beings with their own intentions. Transmission from direct experience seems to be the most effective source of receiving. Once you've made that connection or link with the supreme source from which all things emanate, you are in resonance with divine grace and wisdom. It is from there that all knowledge springs forth. Why get it second hand??


I was gifted a wondrous experience in meditation that proved to be the first of many journeys to the interdimensional, subtle energetic realm- the very pulse­essence of the planet.


After setting the intention to work within the refined frequency realms of unity consciousness, I entered the silence and breathed deeply. Out of the quiet nothingness, my inner vision focused on a brilliant, yet diffused blue-violet light, which became stronger with each breath. A hand was extended and I took hold. Surrounded by an exquisite column of light, my body was quickly left behind as I was taken upward and out of the familiar atmospheres guided by a being with angelic bearing.


Not unlike the Disney fairy in flight, with wand in hand exuding bursts of light and magic, we flew the outer perimeter of the grid system, a matrix of finely stranded light filaments encircling the earth and crisscrossing each other in an enlivened, elegant dance. We toured the entire field, observing its luminous and intricate network of interconnected strands. Then, losing cognizance of a form, my awareness shifted from the golden-white, human shaped light body I had occupied to become a simple sphere upon entering the matrix as pure light essence.


Swiftly we flew the brilliant currents, infusing our essence into the unified whole. We were there as transmitters, linking the pure living plasma of the divine into this radiant form, bringing purity and rectification.


After infusing my awareness fully into the spectrum, I no longer circumnavigated as a separate entity, but had become the matrix as a whole. I was emmersed, fully experiencing this exquisite ocean of light. Then, while strongly feeling the connection to spirit, I was compelled to plunge toward the center of the earth's vast crystalline interior core, as a messenger bearing a gift. This fully grounded the event into her chasm of memory, to sustain and lock in the geometry. Afterwards, as if viewing Earth from the vast and distance space, the radiance seemed more brilliant than before, revealing that a rectification had taken place.


Like her offspring Homo sapiens, I discovered first hand that the Earth Mother is alive, awake and utterly sentient in higher dimensional frequencies. Fully aware of the eminent forthcoming possibilities of change, she trembles with anticipation. She calls to those who will listen, inviting participation in the joyous experience of a transformational birth, a metamorphosis for beings in all realms.


This was the beginning of the work. The second event was no less exhilarating. Then, on the evening following the second experience, I inadvertently flew out on the grid just before drifting away in dreamtime. This was completely unanticipated and not very wise!


Immediately, upon arrival, I was greeted by a host of several large intimidating Draconians or reptilian ETs. Very scary. They clearly did not approve of my presence there and in no uncertain terms immediately unleashed a psychic attack. Overcome with the flight instinct, I quickly fled the area and regrouped back in 3D with much reflection, meditation and prayer. I considered myself very lucky to have escaped intact.


This lesson identified the lack of protection and the need to set clear intention before the onset of any grid work. Unprepared for the ensuing attack, there could have been disastrous results. Setting the intention had enabled me in previous experiences to operate in higher frequency ranges, apparently beyond polarity consciousness. Failing to adhere to earlier preparation techniques and follow protocol resulted in a much different outcome. Apparently there are those who wish to restrain the process of conscious awakening in the humans as well as contain the planetary shift or awakening of Earth. At least for now.


Direct experience further revealed that this work can be performed at sacred sites or anywhere, once the art of concentration is mastered. Whether called upon to work with the magnetic planetary grids, the consciousness grid or other, it is important to maintain the protocol and to remain focused in the face of distraction.


Sustaining the magnetic grids at this time assists in balancing the earth's inner core and the field effects. The inner core controls the magnetosphere. HAARP and other control mechanisms at play serve to drain the fields and utilize them for less than pure intention. A weakened magnetic field can result in the inability to deflect incoming asteroids, according to British researchers.


According to Drunvalo's Flower of Life teachings from Thoth, the Earth will eventually drop her magnetic field, cease to spin on her axis for three and one half days as the process of the fourth dimensional shift is activated. Many events, such as the sudden disappearance of all manmade, unnatural materials and the instant appearance of fourth dimensional objects have been suggested. At the same time, the magnetic field around the human brain which functions with the brain cell magnets are shut down and memory is totally erased.


The Hopi Indians refer to this as the Day of Purification and insist that the people with one heart go to a natural place and remain there, entering the silence and feeling unconditional love during the completion of the changes. Until such time of this natural progression, it seems critical to maintain a balance and support the planet by holding a vision of wholeness.


Could this sort of confrontation with the singular essence of our being serve to reveal our true state of consciousness? At this moment of erasure, perhaps we are an open mind in a fully perceptive state, capable of accessing and constructing a new paradigm for reality. This form of receptiveness would lay a course through the fourth dimensional time gate/wormhole by virtue of the thought forms we hold in alignment at the moment of activation.


Therefore, as Drunvalo stated, "what ever you think will happen in the fourth density, happens." This realm is emmersed in polarity consciousness just as the third density. So, by envisioning catastrophic events, one is the architect of his/her reality, instantly. You've heard about the passage in the queens chamber (now closed to the public) of the Keopps pyramid where people used to die from the manifestation of their own fears? Fourth dimensional gateways exist all over the planet.


At the moment of the collapse of the third dimensional time continuum, the magnetosphere of the Earth combines with the more subtle, higher dimensional frequencies of the consciousness grid. The doorway to this fully sentient energy field is opened. Critical mass could be reached in this moment.


Entry through the fourth dimensional portal requires absolute alignment with pure intention. At this moment, all are invited to experience the divine oneness into our physical bodies. This alignment with compassion and unconditional love serves as the focus of intent, the very operating system for the new hard drive. Otherwise, all fear based constructs are deflected into an alternate paradigm.


Serving the mastery protocol in our daily lives prepares us for the new model of transformational consciousness. Perhaps each of us will form a separate or even a collective reality based on mutually shared constructs. Many advocates of the shift insist that we leave the physical body behind and transcend into another state of awareness. Okay, but isn't that what death is about? And if we've all been there, done that, well then what?


There are a few friends that perceive another outcome ­ including some cellular biologists in the cancer field, studying DNA. A growing body seems to feel that we are to consciously transform our physical forms, like the emergence of the butterfly from the chrysalis. In fact, a friend recently told me medical science recently discovered that a chemical released in the brain from near the pituitary at the time of orgasm is identical to the substance in the chrysalis during metamorphosis.


It would seem that in the very least, a prudent approach to the end-time theory is to live in harmony with all things. Not a proponent? ­ Much could be said for simply adapting a lifestyle based on wholeness, regardless of your viewpoint.


A few words of warning:

Interdimensional grid work is not for the faint of heart! Inner guidance must be consulted- if you haven't had the go ahead from your higher self, this work is not for you!! Should you feel called to assist our Earth Mother in this way, be advised that messing around with the ET faction that resists the evolution of human spirit is not to be taken lightly. Like all fear based paradigms, the whole issue of harmful controlling ETs is controversial at best and debilitating at worst. I have seen others and have personally experienced the control mechanisms from this realm and they are to be avoided at all costs. To do this work successfully requires access to the higher dimensions without mistake! Caution must be exercised when entering dimensional portals and developing one's intent is the key to manifesting the outcome. Preparation, meditation and a strict sense of discipline are prerequisite. ñ


To share your experiences with interdimensional grid work, contact us via email.


attn to Adawi

notes from Dan Winter, to Adawi article..

In order to take responsibility for creating our ecosystem from the coherence field of our collective glandular emotion, a critical mass of us must learn about entering the Earth grids magnetic field consciously and shamanically. I am delighted with the practical and first hand "grid engineering" kinds of experiences introduced in this article by Awadi. Incidentally, Adawi here is a pen name for a friend, suggesting respect for the bird tribe, star elder angelics associated with the Cherokee.

A note here about terms used in the article. The words multidimensional and 4th dimensional etc, here are often a turn off to those who have a background in science or physics, because a technically oriented person does not find a rigorous meaning applies when these words are used in emotional and spiritual kinds of writing. Fortuneately now we may have a specific rigorous way to understand these words "next dimension" in emotion and perception. We noticed that the actual frequency harmonic series cascaded upward in the number of wave lengths contained in the heart EKG, as compassion sweeps the body. Then we found that a geometry existed in the relationship between harmonics, such that often when the number of harmonics or superposed spins increased, the relationship between the frequencies became a multiple of PHI the Golden Mean (square root of PHI frequenctly).

So, we may have a physics for what has been subjectively termed "ascending dimensionally". The harmonics of your electrical field ascend in the number of field effects spinning around the heart can be superposed. So acting in more dimensions emotionally, may literally mean a heart/body which has learned the skill to relax/embed/entrain more fields of spin. Spins can superpose best one upon the next (dimension), best when their size ratio is in the geometry of Golden Mean. An easy way to see this, is to imagine a cube tilted at 32 degree into a dodecahedron. At this point the 3D cube is spinning on an ADDITIONAL AXIS (or dimension!). The path to 4D there, happened because the edge length ratio of the dodeca to that cube was .618, or Golden Mean. That is why heart harmonics can cascade/ascend in dimension when their mulitples nest in powers of Golden Mean/ perfect nesting.

The more embedded the magnetic fields around the heart, the more your feeling throws its "weight" (inertia) around in larger fields like our ecosystem or grid. The fractal attracts.

This is only a hint here, to suggest that using emotional terms like "working multidimensionally", in the above article may soon have meaning even for the most rigorous technical interpretation. Given all this then, understanding grid dynamics, as a superset of field effect dynamics, which may be a subset of EMOTIONAL field dynamics, may soon be something we deal with VERY practically. Yesterday it was not considered new age vagueness to talk about a somewhat difficult to see voltage wave affecting your car battery. Tomorrow, we may be that practical in considering how mass emotion, as magnetic embedding waves, have affected our climate.

Dan Winter