Multidtector II PROFIFurther information on Detector-SETs and Cary Case
Quick Overview: Measuring and frequency ranges:
Magnetic Field:1 up to 10nT
(0,01 up to 0,1mG)
10 up to 100nT
(0,1 up to 1mG)
100 up to 1.000nT
(1mG up to 10mG)
1.000 up to 10.000nT
(10mG up to 100mG)
Electric Field:0,1 up to 1V/m1 up to 10V/m10 up to 100V/m100 up to 1.000V/m
Frequency Ranges:Filter 1: 5Hz up to 500Hz (Low-Pass)
Filter 2: 500Hz up to 400.000Hz (High-Pass)
Description (in short):

  • 1st Place Winner for 2000
  • Absolute professional measuring results. Complies to the Exposure Limits of the new SAGU Measuring Standard!
  • Simple Operation. Can also directly be used by the layman.
  • High-precision, externally switch able frequency filter
  • Recognition and testing for all important international Exposure Limits
  • Audible Alarm when exceeding the (fixed) pre-programmed Exposure Limits
  • Measuring of electric and magnetic fields with only one equipment
  • 4 highly-accurate measuring ranges each, for electric and magnetic fields each with 10 calibrated, fine tuned measuring steps.
  • Extremely high sensitivity from 0,1 V/m and 1nT, accordingly (depending on measurement).
  • 11 super bright LED's to display the measurements attained (even enables you to read-out the measurement values in dark rooms, such as cellars, and inside ceilings, etc.)
  • CE tested and CE certified
  • Pleasing, functional and modern design
  • Safe for children and toddlers
  • Quality "Made in Germany" - Manufactured according to the latest standards in a modern environmentally-friendly industrial quality
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D): 45 x 25 x 130 mm
  • Power Supply: 1x regular 9V (Block) Battery (PM9)
  • Environmentally-friendly production, using a minimum of resources on materials and a minimum for enclosure size (small packaging), which is enabled by using the smallest electronic circuitry possible. Environmentally-optimized Enclosure.
  • Use of high-quality, modern components for a long lifetime and optimum functionality
  • Detailed ENGLISH operating instructions (32 pages!) with lots of background information regarding Electro-Smog.
  • Shipped with 9V (Block) Battery (PM9) and a special screwdriver for the "child-lock" security mechanism of the device.
Display / Measurement Ranges:

  • 11 coloured, fine-tuned steps according to the level of danger of the measurement value and indication of equivalent numerical value
  • Measurement of electrical fields in 4 extremely sensitive measuring ranges
    0,1 - 1 V/m
    1 - 10 V/m
    10 - 100 V/m
    100 - 1.000 V/m
  • Highest resolution: 0,1 V/m
  • Measuring of magnetic fields in 4 extremely sensitive measuring ranges:
    1 - 10 nT (0,01mG - 0,1mG)
    10 - 100 nT (0,1mG - 1mG)
    100 - 1.000 nT (1mG - 10mG)
    1.000 - 10.000 nT (10mG - 100mG)
  • Highest resolution:
    1 nT
  • Accuracy: Precision Calibration with 1% accuracy
  • Frequency Range 1:
    5 - 500 Hz

  • Frequency Range 2:
    500 - 400.000 Hz

  • Recognises Railway and Mains (Overhead) Lines - incl. (high-frequency) harmonics
  • Covers the full TCO andMPR II Frequency Spectrum and Exposure Limits
  • Works according approved Measuring Methods and the new SAGU Standard

    nT = Nano Tesla
    Hz = Hertz
    V/m = Volt per Meter

The Multidetector II Profi was developed specially for professional analysis of Electro-Smog by Government/Provincial/Municipal Departments, Industry, Building Biologists, Environmental Researchers, or the enthusiastic Private User. This device is also usable by the layman, without any problems.

The Multidetector II Profi offers the following additional features beyond the scope of Multidetector II Plus :
High-precision, externally switch able professional frequency filter
- Precision calibration with 1% accuracy

The high-precision, externally switch able frequency filter of the Multidetector II Profi enables the user to distinguish the interference source into a frequency range. The recommendations of the future SAGU Standard have been taken into consideration and the 500Hz frequency limit has been used.
The Multidetector II Profi therefor offers two frequency ranges:
In the LP (Low-Pass) Frequency Range the Multidetector II Profi only senses Electro-Smog with a frequency below 500Hz. In this frequency range mostly the mains-frequency fields (50/60Hz) are to be found, e.g.: House Wiring/installation, Halogen Lamps, Transformers but also Railway Overhead Lines.
In the HP (High-Pass) Frequency Range the Multidetector II Profi suppresses frequencies under 500Hz and allows measuring the Electro-Smog of the (high-frequency) harmonics (e.g.: PC-Monitore, TVs, PCs, etc.).

By using the Multidetector II Profi radiation/interference sources can be detected and identified with ease. In practice this will often show highly astonishing test results: Suddenly, measurements previous thought to be harmless, will standout like a sore thumb and indicate dangerous, high-frequency radiation. This test equipment will finally give you the confidence, which normally only extremely expensive professional equipment will be able to offer. Additionally the high accuracy of 1% and repeatability rate of measured results is an asset.

Armed in such a way, the Multidetector II Profi, is a comprehensive, highly sensitive precision measuring device, specially developed and suited for the use in Government/Provincial/Municipal Departments, the Industry, (Environmental) Research Institutions, Building-Biologists or the enthusiastic private user.
We recommend the use of the Multidetector II Profi especially when conducting comprehensive tests in offices, homes and bedrooms.
Please note, that this device cannot measure any high-frequency Electro-Smog exposure, (from e.g.: cordless telephones, cell phones, transmission towers (incl. of cell phone towers), etc.) (see: Frequency Overview, below). For such HF (high-frequency) problems/evaluations you would need our
For a comprehensive investigation/evaluation we recommend our
Detector-SET's, complete in Transport Case.
Frequency Overview:
Band/Range:Frequency:Examples:Measuring device to be used:
ULF3Hz - 30HzRailway Line Overhead Power (16.666 Hz)Multidetector II,
Multidetector II PLUS,
Multidetector II PROFI
(5Hz - 400kHz)
ELF30Hz - 300HzMains Power Distribution (50/60 Hz)
and all operational appliances
at home, office and workshop
and also High-tension (HT) Power Lines,
Transformer- & Substation, etc.
VF300Hz - 3kHz 
VLF3kHz - 30kHzPC-Monitors / TVs (from 15 kHz)
LF30kHz - 300kHzEnergy-Saving Lamps (ca. 50 kHz)
LW-Radio (153 - 279 kHz)
MF300kHz - 3MHzMW-Radio (531 - 1602 kHz)
HF3MHz - 30MHzCB-Communication (13 - 47 MHz)HF-Detector II ECO
HF-Detector II PROFI
(3MHz - 3GHz)
VHF30MHz - 300MHzBOS/Police (68 - 88 MHz)
FM-Radio (87.5 - 108 MHz
VHF Aircraft Communication (108 - 144 MHz)
UHF300MHz - 3GHzCellphone: C-Net (450 - 470 MHz)
Cellphone: D-Net (870 - 960 MHz)
Cellphone: E-Netz (1.710 - 1.800 GHz)
Cordless Phones: DECT (1.880 - 1.930 GHz)
Cellphone: UMTS (1.920 - 2.170 GHz)
Bluetooth (2.4 - 2.48 GHz)
Microwave (2.450 GHz)
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